The Blessings That Are Hard to Accept

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The Blessings That Are Hard to Accept

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God's blessings -- We all love to receive them! He showers HIs goodness down on us and sends us good things.

But some blessings are tied to pain. Those sometimes aren't so welcome!

Today I listened to a brilliant geneticist. He had been an atheist until, as a doctor, he encountered patients who trusted God in the midst of their pain. They had something he didn't have -- something solid -- and this revelation caused the doctor to reevaluate his life and become a believer.

Did the patients WANT to be in pain? Of course not. Did they view their suffering as a blessing? Probably not. And yet, their pain was used by God to bring another precious brother into the kingdom. Their pain resulted in a huge blessing to the doctor -- and to themselves. What a privilege to be trusted by God to help someone come to faith! That is an eternal blessing!

Moms, we all went through intense pain to birth our dear children. Would any of us say it wasn't worth it? NO! The joy of seeing our precious baby far outweighs the pain we endured. The pain was temporary -- it did end -- but the blessing, the precious child, is forever.

If we see things from an eternal perspective, we can:
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds..." (James 1:2) and
"fix our eyes on Jesus ... who for the joy set before him [US!] endured the that you will not grow weary and lose heart." (Hebrews 12:2-3)

Trials and pain change us and make us mature and complete. I think that sometimes our trials and pain are also for others. God uses our pain and trials (as we cling to Him) to show other people the beauty of a life that trusts God. He does this to bring others to Himself.

Some of you may feel overwhelmed, in the midst of a huge storm that seems to never end. I, too, often share that with you. I am writing from times of prolonged pain and troubles. But let's encourage each other to cling all the more tightly to God. Let's not waste our trials. As we endure the trials holding tight to his hand, may He show us how to consider them pure joy because of the blessings -- in our lives and in others -- that will come as we hold tight to Him.

For His Kingdom!
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Blessings amidst pain

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Oh Marie, you cannot imagine how you speak to my heart on this particular day. Thank you for listening to God and sharing these thoughts with us.
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Thank you so much for sharing this in the midst of your own struggles and pains. You and your work to bring a God focused curriculum to us all is such a rich blessing .

Thank you for that reminder of having an eternal perspective about the pain and struggles that come our way. I needed to be reminded that it is those very things that can be used to bring blessing to others and glory to Him.

I am continuing to pray for you. May you know His joy in the midst of all your "trails".


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Our family is struggling with a wayward teen who is rejecting Christ and it doesn't make any sense at all to the flesh. In my weakness, I sometimes find myself crying out "WHY?" But we have clung to our faith in God and know that His plan is in place and is perfect.

Romans 8:28, "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.

Your words are so encouraging Marie. Thank you so much for sharing. No doubt they are inspired by your faith in Him.

In Christ,
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Thank you for the amazing ways you and your family allow God to use you (through even pain) to make such a profound impact in us and our children. You are such a blessing!
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Unread post by Leeanne »

Thank you Marie for these words of encouragement. It really fits in very well with a Bible study I'm teaching at the moment - on praising and worshipping God just because of Who He is, despite the situation and circumstances we find ourselves in. Hannah, David, Job, Jeremiah, Mary, Paul and others made the choice to praise Him regardless of the trial they were faced with.

A resource I've used in preparing this study is, "Blessed Be Your Name: Worshipping God on the Road Marked with Suffering" by Matt and Beth Redman. The Redman's wrote the contemporary worship song, "Blessed Be Your Name".

The book is currently available through CBD at an excellent sale price. The Description from the website reads: "Our God is incredibly beautiful, good and true. Therefore it is fitting for us to praise Him both when the sun is shining on our lives and when the storm clouds of suffering have obscured our horizons. In Blessed Be Your Name Matt and Beth Redman draw upon the Psalms as well as their own experience as they teach us how to praise God even in the midst of suffering and pain. If you are committed to praising God in every circumstance you will find this volume indispensable."

Again, Thanks for your words of encouragement. Praying for you as you rely upon His strength in your weakness.

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