Grace (Marie's Mom)

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Grace (Marie's Mom)

Unread post by Marie »

Dear ones, I would like to share with you the goodness of the Lord in the midst of very difficult times for our family.

Mom called me from Minnesota two weeks ago to tell me her cancer had aggressively returned. (Grace Peleaux, who some of you know, is Marie's mom and has been a huge MFW support. She actually printed and sent out First Grade Pilot Version while we were still in Russia. She is a faithful prayer warrior and encourager. She had breast cancer 3 years ago but has been cancer free until just now.) So I planned a trip to MN to visit her and enjoy some time with her at her summer cabin.

When I arrived I found her near death, lying on her couch alone in her cabin. (She hadn't realized how sick she was becoming.) She was severely dehydrated, could barely move, and barely speak. I rushed her to the ER. By God's grace, I arrived "just in the nick of time," to quote the ER doctor. One day later might have been too late. God provided dear friends to drive us 40 minutes to the ER so I didn't have to be alone...we were there until 4:00 A.M.! (They volunteered, I didn't even have to ask--thank you, God!)

God's provision was very evident in the ER. They had only a few patients all night so Mom was seen immediately and received nearly constant care from a very loving staff as Mom was tested, received IV fluids and medicines, etc. The doctor was so kind and spent much time with Mom. The cancer has spread to her liver (heavily involved already), spine, and sternum. This is a very aggressive cancer and her situation is extremely serious.

I spoke to the doctor privately and he said we had to get Mom back home to Missouri to be with us NOW while she could still travel (even though with great difficulty). We couldn't wait -- every day was crucial.

We had only 24 hours to pack up her cabin where she lives half of the year, sort through and gather all her most important belongings and paperwork (whatever would fit in luggage for the plane), and begin the trip back to Missouri. You can imagine how tough that was, with her so sick. Right after a particularly tearful stretch, when we were both emotionally beyond exhaustion, God sent a dear sister in the Lord to the cabin. She came to pray with and encourage Mom. This dear sister was sent home from Mayo Clinic with "incurable cancer" a few years ago. God completely healed her! As she spoke, I could see Mom's smile return and the peace that passes all understanding filled her spirit. God's timing is perfect--His care for His children in even the little details is awesome to see!

We drove to Minneapolis to then fly to MO. The same friends that had driven us to the ER drove us 5 hours to Mpls. so I wouldn't have to be alone. As we left, we stopped to pray with Mom's friends...a special time of hugs, prayers, and blessings. They prayed: "The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace." (Numbers 6:24-26)

What a special prayer. Afterwards, Mom was sad that she didn't have a photo of the group. Another Miracle -- that evening Mom received a gift from her daughter, a special plaque with the very same blessing prayer written on it. The plaque was her "photo" from God and will always remind her of her friends and the blessing they prayed for her! I am just awed by the tiny details God uses to let us know we are important to Him!!!

A flurry of constant phone calls, and we are now home in Missouri, where we were able to see a cancer specialist right away (also a miracle) and begin aggressively treating the cancer.

Mom is firmly planted in the Lord. She loves Him and is at peace. She wants to live -- we don't know the Lord's plans, but we see His guidance in the details, we trust Him, and know He is all powerful and able to work out His plan for her life. Even now, when she is so sick, she is still touching lives for Him everywhere she goes...
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Unread post by scmlg »

God is so very good. Thank you for sharing, Marie, and know that you will all be in my prayers. I'm so very thankful for your family already, and I'm glad to hear that God is allowing you to feel and know His presence during this time. Hugs to you all.
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Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Sending lots of love and appreciation. We are praying for health, strength and peace.
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Unread post by Lucy »

Thank you for letting us share in this diffucult time in your life. We share your burden with joy. Praying for God's very best to continue to be displayed and for his joy and peace to be your strength as well as Grace's

Much love,

Lucy(for all the Robertson's)
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Unread post by Suzq »

Thank - you for sharing during this difficult time. God is so good all the time. Know that we will be praying for all of you in the coming days and weeks.
"Lord Jesus we pray your hand of peace and comfort on the Hazel family and especially on Grace during this tough time. Thank-you for showing Your goodness in the past couple weeks as well. Thank-you for their good friends who were Your hands and feet too. You are our awesome God. Amen."
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Unread post by InfertilityMom »

Adding my prayers. Thank you for letting us share in this window into your life.
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Unread post by Kim Schroter »

May you be overwhelmed by His presence in the midst of this season.
All our love,
The Schroter Family
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Unread post by Heather (WI) »

Wow, Marie, you can certainly see God's Hand all over this. Thank you for sharing.

I will be praying for your dear mom.

(My sister-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer, at age 45, last summer, and had almost the same situation with the dehydration happen to her. My brother-in-law found her and rushed her to the hospital--she also didn't realize how sick she was becoming. Praise the Lord, she is getting close to remission.)

I am also hoping for a miracle for your mom, just like her special friend that came to visit and pray at just the right time!!

God bless you all...
Love in Christ,
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Unread post by 4Truth »

I just now saw this, but know that we'll be praying for you daily at our home.

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Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Hi Marie :) It is a privilege to pray for you and with you for your precious mother. Thank you for allowing us that. It is a joy to read of the care the Father is giving you in these days!

I will be praying specifically for the moments of your days - that you will find love and joy and peace there. Also, that you will have the strength you need from task to task to visiting to errands to family time to work...

Please give your family and your mom my love. Love to you! Q
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Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Thanks for putting this into words & sharing it with us. Our family will join all the others in praying for strength, healing, patience, joy & rest. And when those things are fleeting, a multitude of love to cover it all.

All our love to all the Peleaux/Hazell family ~

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Unread post by mamaofredheads »


Thanks for sharing so that we can know how to specifically pray for you, your mom and your family. May God's grace and peace surround you all. What a blessing to see how God has orchestrated so many things during this difficul time.

God's blessings to you all!!

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Unread post by donnagio »

Dear Marie, We will be praying for you and your mom and your family every day in school, and we will lift you up church this evening. Thank you for sharing your story, and how God's hand was upon you and your mother throughout all this time. How awesome it is that He works in and through so many people and situations, showing His love through their love and care. May you all continue to have His peace and grace. Donna
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