My Plant

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My Plant

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When I woke up this morning, something caught my eye on our porch. I discovered that my favorite plant (New Guinea Impatiens) was horribly wilted and near death. The leaves had changed and were completely limp and curled. The stems, no longer rigid, hung down. I felt terrible – and guilty. It was my fault. I had forgotten to water it.

I felt particularly bad because this had already happened once before this summer. Then, the plant had looked completely dead. Instead of growing upwards, all of the stems drooped down, clinging to the sides of the pot. But I found that by giving it water, it sprang back to life and even bloomed. After that, I had been careful to give it water often. Once a week was not enough. It needed a lot of water - often. I thought I was doing so well.

But then it happened. I became complacent. The plant LOOKED okay, and so daily waterings became more sporadic. I skipped days here and there, thinking it wouldn’t really matter. The plant “seemed” to be surviving just fine. But I guess I skipped too many days this past week, and the proof is the wilted plant.

Immediately I thought of one of the Bible truths from kindergarten. (Yes, I need to learn these things as well as the children!) Jesus gives my spirit living water to drink.

Without that living water – time listening to Him as I read His Word and soak up His truths and His presence – my spirit will wilt. I may seem okay for a while and the outside may look fine, but I can’t live without regular, consistent water – Living Water.

Father, may we come to you like a thirsty child, knowing You will give us more than we can even imagine.

P.S. I gave my plant water, and within a few hours, the leaves sprung forth crisp and green. The plant was full of life again!
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Re: My Plant

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Beautiful post, Marie! What a great reminder!! ~Holly
Have a blessed day loving our Savior-Holly
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Re: My Plant

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What a fabulous reminder! Thanks Marie:)
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Re: My Plant

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Wow. He had me read this now for a reason. Thank you Marie.
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Re: My Plant

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Thanks Marie. I really needed to hear this today.
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