1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

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1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Literature for 8th grader
I have made a complete turnaround in my curriculum decisions this summer - God works in mysterious ways - and have decided that my dd, who will be in 8th grade this year, will work through the 1850s to Modern program this year.

I'm trying to get a feel for the amount of reading/literature that would be required. I see that it is recommended that they work through 2 Progeny Press guides in the year. If I didn't do that but instead worked through Hewitt's Lightning Lit (7th grade), would it be too much? Also, are there a lot of writing assignments or will I be fine working through a different writing program? Her weaknesses are in evaluating the reading/literature and in writing. I want to be sure that I don't burn her out and turn her off to learning! She is excited about the program because it has some hands-on assignments which is what she enjoys best versus the textbook approach. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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My son did the first half of 1850MOD in 7th grade.

As far as the writing, the notebooking from previous MFW years is mostly converted to outlining via the SOTW Activity Book. I hear that later in the year, you do some writing based on outlines, but you won't have to worry about that the first half of the year. I did have my 7th grader also write an occasional notebook page on some of the "extra American history" that MFW adds along side SOTW, but it was totally my choice.

Writing Strands is also suggested about twice a week. If you decide to use another program, then you may want to substitute rather than add. They are all very different programs. But as you said, you don't want to burn her out. As far as the reading, my ds read a lot more books than just the 2 he used for Progeny. I don't think LL7 would be too heavy to sub for Progeny & general reading, depending on your child. (LL8 has a little more reading, so it might be harder.)

If she loves hands-on, then be sure to do some of the "optional" SOTW Activity Book suggestions. My 7th grader enjoyed those a lot.
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Academics - Is it enough for 7th/8th?

Unread post by cbollin »

heartnseoul wrote:My children are: dd (13, in 8th next year), ds (13, with cerebral palsy and Asperger's syndrome, working at about 3rd/4th level), ds (11, 6th grade next year), and dd (7, 2nd grade next year.)

I'm considering using MFW next year but can't quite figure out what the best scenario would be. Initially, I intended to do Adv with my youngest. I have also had my eye on the high school program for my oldest daughter. Next year she'll just be in 8th grade, so that leaves me with a year to fill in before she's high school age.

I've considered doing 1850-MOD with everyone (this is the history my dd needs before high school.) In years past, I combined my 3 oldest. However, it was not meeting the needs of my dd because she was ready for much more of a challenge, and it ended up not really being a fit for anyone. So I'm wondering if 1850-MOD would be appropriate for her. Would it be enough of a challenge? Would it prepare her for high school?

Or, could she do the first year of high school in 8th grade? From what I can see on the samples, it's a better fit for her academically. The biggest drawback is that then I would probably combine my youngers in ECC....if I waited a year they'd be in CTC which would be more on the same page with AHL.

I guess another option is that I could do everyone in ECC, but give my dd a separate crash course in American history, then do CTC and AHL next year....

Sorry this got so long :) Just trying to weigh out my options and would love your input!
I'm glad I didn't put my oldest in AHL in 8th grade. Academically, I'm sure she would have been fine. Topic wise, it just meant more when she was another year older. And now seeing her in 10th in WHL, it's about waiting for life experiences and all of it.

1850MOD with younger supplement - this would be good for everyone. Oldest would get to work a lot on writing with outlines, which will be a big help in high school to organize thoughts. Oldest gets the history. Youngest has a supplement of readers and "fun facts" and US geography for times when the world history isn't needed for that age. Oldest will do language arts (MFW suggests Progeny Press and Writing Strands.) It will be plenty in the year. And I remember thinking the "young person's guide to knowing God" would be "too babyish for my advanced oldest... I was wrong. She loved it and it touched her heart.

ECC for everyone! and oldest does the jr. high package with readings and research. You could simply use "reading time" for oldest to skim/scan some US history from options such as Story of the World vol. 4, and/or the American history encyclopedia in 1850MOD and finish lightly in the summer. I think with this being an election year in the US, that will help with current events/current "history". I wouldn't worry too much if you don't cover everything in modern history with oldest. Just a few things here and there and keep an eye on the news. There really isn't anything quite like ECC in high school, and it's a good year for doing geography, culture, and "go into the world".

I don't think it is needed to do ADV alongside one of the older programs. In 1850MOD there are supplemental plans for youngers to do American history/facts (nice grammar stage stuff) for when world history stuff is too much. Youngers still do the state study and presidents study and book basket, enjoy read alouds etc....
heartnseoul wrote:Crystal, Thanks so much for your input! I think for sure I'll take AHL off the table for next year, and look forward to doing it her 9th grade year.

I forgot that there was more for 7th and 8th graders doing ECC. I'll have to go and look at that. The advantage of that is that my oldest dd would get geography (which we LOVE here :) ) and also American history on the side. Then my youngers could start the cycle with CTC the year after, and she'd be doing AHL.

Would there be much writing for her in ECC? What type of assignments? She's a great writer in some ways, but needs practice organizing her thoughts, presenting an argument, etc. You mentioned outlining in 1850-MOD....that really appeals to me as she's weak in that area. Is that something that is scheduled in?

Either ECC or 1850-MOD would be a fit for my youngest...I would only do Adv with her if none of my older kids were using MFW next year. Thanks again for your reply...you've given me a lot of food for thought!
writing in ECC in jr. high

a bi weekly Country Summary Sheet. That will focus on skill of researching, then writing organized paragraphs.
a "big" Country Report - 5-10 pages kind of thing? Or at least that's how much my daughter ended up doing.
and in progeny press guides - time to reflect and opinions and thoughts and such. can be written or oral.

the 1850MOD outlining - is scheduled and done from activity book in SOTW vol. 4.

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Re: Academics - Is it enough for 7th/8th?

Unread post by heartnseoul »

So if we go with 1850-MOD, what writing will my oldest dd be doing? Independent assignments? Challenging work?

She started the year with HOD's Revival to Revolution and it was just not enough...even she admitted she wasn't learning a lot. We switched to textbooks to finish the year. This made me realize some weaknesses in reading for information, answering essay questions, etc. because we haven't done much of that. She's getting used to it, however, textbooks are not our top choice for long-term use.

I'm positive that 1850-MOD would be a great fit for my three youngest next year. However, I haven't seen it in real life and I'm concerned that it won't be challenging enough for my oldest.


Thanks :)

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Re: Academics - Is it enough for 7th/8th?

Unread post by mandolin »

My ninth grader did Apologia Biology and Notgrass World History for his eighth grade year, and now he is ahead in the cycle. He was up for a challenge, although perhaps not as much as your daughter because he is dyslexic. I think you could beef up 1850 to MoD and do the higher level sciences, math, and foreign languages with it. She could even take some other electives she is interested in for high school credit.

I took French and Algebra in Eighth grade to get credit for high school which is why I did it with my son as well.

Just some ideas.....
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Re: Academics - Is it enough for 7th/8th?

Unread post by cbollin »

There is a mix of independent and challenge. and it can look different in different families.

In the big picture of 1850MOD in jr, high, it’s not just Bible and History. In MFW way of doing it, jr. high students work more independently in Science (apologia General or Physical), Math (Saxon), and Language Arts (Writing Strands, Progeny Press, Applications of Grammar). MFW encourages parents to still help process history and Bible in these years with more direct instruction, and some independent assignments.

My oldest is strong student. Not always motivated (except during archery season... hmmm) Like Mandi mentioned, there are plenty of ways to kick up for some children. When my oldest was in 8th grade, she took Algebra I and that was counted for credit. And her foreign language was counted for credit. The umbrella school we use limits what can be counted in jr. high for high school credit. Not everyone has that limit but we did. So we were glad to keep history at "jr high". big picture in her needs.

In 1850MOD, the writing instruction over the year in the history will come from notebooking. Student outline the chapters of Story of the World. And after some time, move into writing multiple paragraph summaries from those outlines. It’s all scheduled and samples of 5th and 8th grade works are given. Review and processing questions are given. Those are intended for out loud discussion.

So, challenge comes with more responsibility – stay on syllabus, clean up the science experiment, turn in your lab report.
But in some ways, history can be still part of family time. Book basket will vary. My oldest reads everything. And in mfw she has never felt lacking of books.

I should log off for a bit. Got sleepy fast tonight. Probably worn out from birthday and box day.

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Re: Academics - Is it enough for 7th/8th?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

heartnseoul wrote:So if we go with 1850-MOD, what writing will my oldest dd be doing? Independent assignments? Challenging work?
I'm probably repeating, but just to be sure...
A lot of the writing that year is from SOTW-4. That Activity Book has students answer oral questions and then outline from the chapter for the first half of the year. For the second half of the year, students write from the outline. A more advanced student could expand the outlining to include the whole chapter, and do it on her own, if she wanted to. It's good writing practice for organized writing in high school.

She would also be doing writing in Writing Strands, some writing in Progeny Press, and "writing skills" in the grammar book.
heartnseoul wrote:I'm positive that 1850-MOD would be a great fit for my three youngest next year. However, I haven't seen it in real life and I'm concerned that it won't be challenging enough for my oldest.
Like the others said, the challenge is especially in the science, math, and language arts.

The history is still, as Crystal mentioned, a family affair guided by a parent. I think it's especially important to have a parent involved in teaching modern history, at least at my house. So many issues there, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the reestablishment of Israel. However, after the family reading, there are a lot of directions to delve into, if you have a student who wants to do that. Story of the World topics not only include the chapter, but there are additional topics to learn about in the Activity Book, if you want to pursue those. For instance, I remember reading the SOTW chapter about the Crimean War, and then the Activity Book section about Florence Nightingale.

We also took time in middle school to fit in a few stray things before high school. Typically at our local public schools, kids do a sewing project, a shop project, etc. So we had a sort-of "shop class with dad," they did a couple of books together on manhood types of things, we did an Advent family story, and other things we wanted to enjoy with our son before he moved on. There was also time for a little service when it came up, like helping a neighbor and such. I'm sure you don't want your son to feel school is beneath her, but I'd encourage her to think of history and Bible as family time this last year, and build up her academic muscles in little tangents off of those history topics, or in her science and such.

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Supplies - 1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by TriciaMR »

annaz wrote:If I did this with my only, dd, who is going into 8th grade, what out of this package is not needed to buy for her age or could be a bit too young for her?

If she knows her states & capitals, then the States & Capitals Songs isn't necessary - or if you use something else like Stack the States or something.

We enjoyed America's Favorite Patriotic Songs, but it is probably optional.

She should be doing Apologia Science, so you won't need The World of Science or 100 Science Experiments. Wired! and Fun with Magnets is for the 2nd/3rd grade supplement.

You might call since this is an only - they may credit The World of Science & 100 Science Experiments since you won't use those at all for sure.
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Re: Supplies - 1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by asheslawson »

I agree with Tricia to see if you could save a bit on the science items and maybe the states & capitals songs. There are also some books you'll need if you did not do EX-1850.

You'll need:
Trial & Triumph
In God We Trust, Exploring American History (2nd edition)
The Last 500 Years
US Wall Map
Wall Map of the World
US Presidents Flashcards
Map of US (placemat size) (might be able to skip if you use US wall map, but mine love these)

I would consider getting the basic set and adding the read-alouds that come with the deluxe & the other items listed above. (And of course you can add the composer study if you want & US History cookbook looks fun - but they are not essential if you are trying to avoid cost. If you want both of those items, you might do just as well ordering the deluxe - the Wired & Fun w/magnets still look enjoyable.

Wired says 8 & up, and just looking at it - I may pick up 2 more for my 2 8th grade boys next year - it really looks fairly interesting for an older student (to me). It has 3 experiments: Test insulators & Conductors, Take the Steady Hand Test, & Build a Quiz Board.

Fun w/Magnets says ages 4+. I could see my 8th graders still enjoying it - or if this is the only item that you didn't need from deluxe - it would make a great gift for a slightly younger child.
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Re: Supplies - 1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by Julie in MN »

My son did 1850MOD in late 7th/early 8th. He's my youngest, so the only one doing MFW. I'm thinking back on what we used.

1. We didn't do the 1850MOD science, but I had the 2 books in book basket.
2. He did the Wired kit but not the magnets.
3. We never really used the wall maps, as we get out the placemat map constantly.
4. The flashcards are needed for the notebook pages on presidents, if you didn't know that already.
5. He did all the songs, he still liked them & needed them, although he didn't probably sing along so much. Girls might be more mature than boys, though ;)
6. You don't need many map sheets for one student, but the tablet is nice when you do some of the activities.
7. My son did the cooking book with another homeschooler who came over weekly to do science labs and cooking.
8. We adored the audiobook for Sgt. York by Little Bear Wheeler (the same guy who published the book in 1850MOD), because Sgt. York has quite a local way of talking. We would have adored the audio Trish mentioned of Across 5 Aprils, because that was also not a Minnesotan talking :)

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Re: Supplies - 1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by annaz »

Thank you, ladies!

That "Wired" kit appears to be popular! ;) LOL... I never thought to look at it, but it does look fun. :)

I still have the magnets from doing ADV.

Thanks also for the audio recommendations.
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Re: Supplies - 1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by Kelly1730 »

I wish I had known about the audio book for Sgt. York, I read that entire book aloud!
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Re: Supplies - 1850-MOD for 7-8th grade

Unread post by 4Truth »

I never did buy the Wired kit. Maybe I should! :)

I'll have to remember Sgt York on audio for next time. We watched a video of it, which at first we didn't think we were going to like, but we really got into it after a bit. Of course dh enjoyed it, but even the girls ended up liking it. ;) My oldest did read the book, too.
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