Non-USA - Canadians studying modern history

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Non-USA - Canadians studying modern history

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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:08 am

I just found a Canadian resource that looks like it would go well with the US history levels of MFW. It is called 'Modern History through Canadian Eyes' by Heather Penner ( It is a literature based guide and has suggestions for each level (so differing ages can follow along together).

The best thing is that it is written to follow SOTW 3 and 4. [used in MFW Years 3 & 4]

I also wanted to mention also that most of the recommended resources for Canadian history are at my library (and it's not a very big library). I would think that most Canadian libraries are well stocked for Canadian history books - you may not have to buy many.

The curriculum could be used for grades 1 through 12, so I would think you could use it alongside Adventures in some way. I'm not sure what the scope and sequence of Adventures is though as we are just starting MFW. My little guys are in K now.

Singapore teaches both the metric and imperial systems, so I don't feel the need to look for a Canadian math curriculum.
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Canadians using MFW

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my3boys wrote:I'm still undecided as to whether I will use the last two years of the MFW cycle as I'm not sure I want to do that much American history/geography. I don't think there are too many Canadians on this board.
Of course you have time to decide, but 1850MOD I think can very easily be adapted for non-US users. I was just answering a question on another board, so I thought about our current year in detail, and it seems very possible to me. The main spine of 1850MOD all year is SOTW, which has a definite world focus. (As do the Hazells.) Whenever MFW switches gears to the US, that could be your signal to switch to Canadian history. And some of that will overlap, anyways.

I haven't thought through EX1850, but probably it would be a little more tricky. Though of course nothing is impossible :)

Posted Fri May 15, 2009 8:34 am by Julie in MN
I am currently using year 5 and that most definitely is not centered on America. SOTW-4 is completely world history. Then Marie adds specifics for America -- those would be your cues to get out your Canadian history stuff. I typed it out in more detail for someone with older kids, but for your ages, I just think you want to know that it can be done and I don't think year 5 will be a problem for you.

More ideas may be here:
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Canadians using Exploration to 1850

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ChristineG wrote:I am a homeschooling mom to 8 children (one married and in University). We use a mostly CM approach in our homeschool. Our very best year ever of homeschooling was the year that we did ECC, but other than that, I have not done any MFW.

I would like to do another year with the kids this year and would prefer to do more modern history -- probably Exploration to 1850. I know that other Canadians have done this. I am not opposed to doing some US history, but would like to do a bit of swapping out for Canadian History and would also bypass memorizing US Presidents.

I know that MFW curriculum is worth every penny, particularly at this stage when I just want an entire year all planned out for me. I am wondering, though, if I have to tweak, how much tweaking will I have to do to make it work for us and, will it still be worth it? As Canadians, what books/activities did you bypass, if any, in this year?

Thanks for your help!
Hi, Christine,

We just finished that year. :)

Skip the presidents and U.S. states, and you'll have a wonderful year of history from around the world. The time you save not doing states & presidents can be spent studying Canada's history. I think it would work out great.

If you take a look on pp.3-4 in the TM sample, you'll find an overview of the history subjects taught that year. Here's a link: Look at the column on the left side of the page (the center column is science).

Just a thought... During Weeks 18-21, the focus is on the U.S.'s Revolutionary War. You'll want to skip a lot of it, but you might want to do a brief overview because (I didn't know this until we studied it this year) it set off a domino effect in countries in other parts of the world.

Things you might look at purchasing:
The Last 500 Years - It covers World History - not just U.S. Good illustrations.
Exploring American History (for the beginning parts about American settlement, and information on Rev. War) This book also does a good job combining both the Christian and secular reasonings for separating from Britain/France.

Things you'll definitely want:
George Washington's world (full of wonderful world history, and a very interesting read.)
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