EX1850 - Squanto details vary in different resources

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EX1850 - Squanto details vary in different resources

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Hi, I just wanted to mention something that my son and I noticed today while doing our unit on the Pilgrims. In Exploring American History, page 54-55, it says, "He had been stolen by some sailors and carried to England...".

While reading our read-aloud (Squanto), we could find nothing that said Squanto was stolen and carried to England. He was forced by Captain Hunt to board a ship, but that ship went to Spain. Captain Weymouth invited him to go on his first trip to England.

I looked up some other sources and they all said the same thing as the read-aloud. So I just wanted to mention it.

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EAH simplifies the story a bit. Basically they condense a good portion of his life. It seems to imply that he learned most of his English on one trip. Actually, he had more than one trip to England. If you keep reading in your read aloud you will find out more about that.

There is no agreement about whether his first trip was voluntary. The research hits I came up with had conflicting answers on it. Some say "invited and went," others say "kidnapped," some even say "bribed."

No one knows for 100% sure and that's something to help our students understand when reading history text. There is bias. You'll find that all history books have discrepancies and condensing of material and bias in the material.

At least with MFW I like that we get more than one history book to read to get a more full picture. The big thing is that he made more than one trip. :)

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Yes, it is a condensed version of his life. Understandable given how much history Expl. Am. History attempts to cover but also why the read-aloud is so important. Squanto's life is a real picture of God's Soverignty.
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