2nd/3rd Supplement - 1850MOD, Can you tell me more?

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2nd/3rd Supplement - 1850MOD, Can you tell me more?

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Melissa5 wrote:Can you tell me more about the 2nd/3rd grade supplement..... for 1850-mod?
How does this work for a child who didn't do EX-1850?
Can you explain the two U.S. books?

My K'er is an older K'er and we want to add in some US history next year w/ 1st grade. I've done MFW 1st 2x so I know what I'm getting into. :) I wish I would have done some of the US history for EX-1850 w/ her.
I'm guessing it works much the same way for a child who did not sit in on EX1850 as it does for one who did.

For 2nd & 3rd graders
The biggest difference will be whether or not the child does all of the State Sheets and Presidents. They could do them as extra stuff if they wanted to. But it’s also ok if they don’t get around to it.

Basically in 1850-MOD, the world and US history begins to get a little tougher in content. (lots of wars and heavy stuff in modern times). The author of SOTW doesn’t recommend SOTW vol 4 for younger than 4th graders. So, on the lesson plan grid when you are reading from SOTW (and other heavier content books), the younger siblings get a change to not be required to sit around and listen to it. Instead they will get a chance to learn some American geography, history and cultural tidbits of knowledge. And they will get a set of read alouds that will be a bit more fun to enjoy. My oldest enjoyed listening to both sets of read alouds. My 3rd grader didn’t seem interested in the older read alouds except for Brother Andrew. That was ok because she had her own set of read alouds to listen to.

The two workbooks in the supplement are designed to integrate reading comprehension skills, with fun facts/information, and basic geography and even some thinking skills in the See the USA book. I’ll be honest. At first I thought why is MFW using this??? I could hear it in my head as "twaddle." But, I changed my mind quickly in the year. My daughter has really liked using these simple workbooks. I liked how she was able to learn just some fun stuff about the US. It worked over here better than I thought it would. It was gentle, but that’s ok with me. It wasn't the only thing she was doing for history/geography/social studies. It was just to replace having to listen to SOTW vol 4. cool

So basically, the two workbooks (US Facts & Fun, and See the USA) are there to replace the heavier out loud world history/us history readings from SOTW, Children’s Encyclopedia of American History that the older siblings are getting, and to not have to do the SOTW activity book student pages that were mostly maps and writing assignments. We found that the 3rd grader enjoyed some of the non map and non outlining student pages from her sister’s SOTW activity book to do for coloring pages, and or hands on project.

Keep in mind that the supplement is to replace that one aspect of the program, but that younger kids still do the rest of the program too. (I said that already, didn't I??? supper time I guess)

Younger kids will still have a great list of book basket books. Younger kids can help with the timeline too. My 3rd grader would color the flags on the timeline when needed or help to tape timeline pieces in the sketch book. Younger kids will still do the President’s card notebooking. Younger kids still do the State Sheets. Younger kids still learn the location of all of the states, and learn the capital cities too. I still think my 3rd grader learned it better than the 6th grader on those state capitals.

Other things we did to combine them. There were cooking activities in the SOTW activity book as well as cooking projects from the US History Cookbook. Everyone helped with that. There were other little activities in the SOTW activity book that 3rd grader could participate in. Even if it was just a little something – she was receiving exposure to some of the more gentle information out there.

oh , the US history cookbook --- arranged chronologically. it was fun.

and of course, my girls were in the same science, Bible. Each one in her own language arts and math.

For 1st graders
some ideas to toss in and out and about for you to think about:
*What about using American Pioneer and Patriots with her? (that was from EX1850)
*definitely let her listen in on the states and capitals songs. (it'll just happen)
*maybe let her play along with the Bordering States/capitals game (that's all made from the MFW student sheets and included)
*the Jumbo Pad of US maps -- there are plenty to share in that one pack
*if she's first grade, I'd hold off on the See the USA book. And the state sheets can wait :)

We really enjoyed using 1850-MOD this year with a 6th and 3rd grader. You'll do fine to add in those bits and pieces that you need.

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cbollin wrote:*What about using American Pioneer and Patriots with her? (that was from EX1850)
My daughter, who was 5 and in MFWK when we did ADV, thoroughly enjoyed listening to these stories. Well, we all did ~ it was our favorite resource that year! Just adding two more cents... :)
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1850-Modern times supplement

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Michele in WA wrote:With the students who are in 2-3rd grade, did you only use the supplement things for them for this year? I added my younger kids into the history reading for ex-1850 this past year, but of course didn't expect them to understand or remember as much as my older ones. (as well as doing the supplement with them, too)

However, this next year seems like it is going to be WAY over their heads, even the science is looking a bit more difficult. What did some of you do in this situation? Just do the supplement part with them and not have them listen to the rest? I know the web site says SOW is not for younger than I think 4th grade. And what about science... did you feel that the younger ones were able to follow along? I don't have the TM yet, so I'm just kind of thinking ahead of myself here!! Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
Hi Michele,
I just wanted to say that the SOTW Activity Guide has TONS of activities that younger ones would love. Often the activity also has a history narrative about something "extra" that wasn't even in the SOTW chapter, and your young ones would probably get something out of most of these. If I was a busy mom of many, I might spend some summer time planning those activities & having the supplies on hand. They haven't been difficult, and sometimes they require nothing at all, but "choosing" always takes my brain a while :~ You'll see they are "optional" on the grid.

We have:
- made a crystal palace out of plain white cardstock
- loaded "rifles" using flour & tinfoil balls
- made a bell telephone with plastic cups, dental floss, and buttons (optional for tying)
- kept track of pulse before & after doing 20 jumping jacks for a week (Florence Nightingale)

Oh, and the cooking book has a little history narrative. So potentially your youngers could get in their history in places like that.

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Re: 1850-Modern times supplement

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Hi Michele,
the year I did 1850MOD, I had 6th and 3rd graders. and the youngest kid, I had, but she was in preschool.

Bible - the only part that was hard for my 3rd grader was a few sections in the Witnesses to the World book at the very end of the year. Rest was fine especially the THUMB prayer together.

History: they do all of the other stuff, President's, State Sheets, learning capitals, cooking projects, etc. But instead of having them have to sit in on SOTW vol 4, they do reading comprehension workbooks on US facts, history, fun, and US geography. The geography one was the one she needed help on. But it was fun. I wasn't sure at first with the Facts and Fun book, but she liked it and it served dual role of reading comprehension and a few facts here and there.
There were lots of book baskets for all ages. Middle gal did history activities with us from SOTW. She had fun with us. So, they don't have to listen to SOTW or do outlining or all the map work. That's all. I know that during hardest part of history, my Middle gal (average learner with a touch of blonde) would do picture books about the people and places. Example: oldest was learning communism post WWII, middle gal got a Bobbie Kalman book on China the People. Middle gal kept coming back in the room while I was reading SOTW and I asked her how book basket was going. She answered "China is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I want to go there and tell them that Jesus loves them."

so, that was good enough for me for history. oh yeah, she learned the states and capitals too.and she enjoyed her very own chapter books for read aloud. We did Oldest read alouds in day, and younger at night.

Science: She loved the book 100 Science Experiments and loved using the extras on the internet links. For World of Science, she was only required to listen to the first paragraph in the topic. That was plenty for 3rd grade, then my 6th grader needed the rest of the page. It was fine. We added in book basket for science. I remember when the topic was electricity in World of Science, we just got a magic school bus DVD on electricity. it worked.

I took her that year to her first homeschool convention. We ended up in the MFW booth of course. David Hazell asked her "so, what was your favorite subject this year?" My middle gal (then age 9) said "Science! And wow! There's the book we used and that one too! It was so cool when we made the foaming monster and the acrobats balance on clay. and we made a quiz board with that kit."

there you go. my 9 y.o liked it just fine. Don't worry too much on the World of Science. Read the main info paragraph in larger font and bolded. Dont' worry about the first few weeks where it seems like too much. They'll remember the fun they had with the experiments. Grab more experiments from the internet link in the 100 Science experiment book if needed.

1850MOD was probably my favorite year so far.
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Re: 1850-Modern times supplement

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Julie and Crystal ~ Thanks so much for your quick and wonderful responses.

You both gave me great ideas and things to think about over the summer. Julie, I think as soon as I can get my order in and in my hands, I'll do exactly what you suggested and go through the activity guide and plan and organize! Sounds like the younger ones will be absolutely full of history this year with all that you mentioned. Crystal, thanks for sharing your great stories and all the little details (well actually to me they are BIG details!) You gave me some good ideas. I'm going to have to print this post out and save it for when I actually get to celebrate "box day", so I don't forget all that you both shared.

Thanks again~ I love getting these ideas and thoughts from those of you who have gone before me!!
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1850-MOD suppliment for 3rd doing 4th gr work?

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JoyfulDancer wrote:We are about to start 1850-MOD (yay, then we will have made it all the way through the curriculum!), and I am trying to decide what to do about my son. He is turning 9 at the end of Oct, so if he were in school he would be in 3rd gr. Socially he is at his age level. However, he is doing mostly 4th gr. work. Should I have him use the 2nd-3rd grade supplement, part of it, or skip it? I think he would enjoy the read-aloud books, but it looks like the U.S. Facts and Fun book might be a little too easy for him. Has anyone else had to deal with this, and what did you do? I also have an 8th grader, so I have to do all the supplimental stuff with her, so anything less to make my life easier is good.

Hi Laurie!

ok... I'd go for the supplement. Here's why. The US facts and fun might be very easy for him. But it will fill in those missing little pieces here and there for the age range. It won't take long to do each day and I don't think it will feel like a waste even if easy. you could think of it as book basket instead of supplement. Mark the pages for the weeks, let him do them.
The Geography book in the supplement will be fine. Some of that is geography mixed with critical thinking skills. I had to help my middle gal on it when she was in 3rd.

and then, if it is too easy and turns out to be twaddle for him - instead of "oh I learned something cool today about this fun thing in American history", then he could do a bit more from SOTW if you want. But if you do it the other way around "make" him do SOTW and the outlining, and world history and that doesn't go as planned, then, you'd end up at least wanting to try it.

whaddya think? He can do 4th grade level work in his math, writing, reading time, book basket. science - have him make a notebook summary and lab reports.

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Re: 1850-MOD suppliment for 3rd doing 4th gr work?

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Agreeing with Crystal. I even had my 4th graders read them because they were great books and I didn't want them to miss out.
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Re: 1850-MOD suppliment for 3rd doing 4th gr work?

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I think normally a 2nd-3rd grader is skipping a lot of history in 1850MOD, but if your ds is working at a 4th grade level then maybe he can do a little more with older sibling. If you're really pressed for time, I think you could try doing a lot together. Each family is going to be a tad different on this.

As for the 8th grader, it usually helps that they start doing a few things on their own in 7-8th, such as most of the math and science and some of the English. Not sure how it went last year, but in 8th usually there's another step in maturity there.

I so love the Bible in 1850MOD and it will be a blessing to do that as a family,
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Re: 1850-MOD suppliment for 3rd doing 4th gr work?

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Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I really appreciate it.

We had a really busy year, so I haven't been on here or the yahoo group at all. My oldest (8th grader) just had her Bat Mitzvah, which is a really big deal in Jewish families. She did amazing, reading from Deut. 6:4-9 and all of Isaiah 53 in the original Hebrew, then giving a speech about what she read and sharing her testamony before our whole congregation and family. Afterwards we partied! So, it was a LOT of work getting ready for that.

Anyway, what you suggested was exactly what I was leaning towards, I just wanted to know if I was leaning in the right direction. :)

I will also have a 6th grader in there. Last year ds would hang out and color or something while I read some of the harder history, then the girls would go do their individual work while I read ds' stuff. I suspect they may want to hang around to hear some of his read-alouds this year. I pulled out an Encyclopedia Brown book we happen to have and the 8th grader went off with it and wouldn't put it down! Yes, she does a lot on her own, and likes it that way.

I've been wondering about the Bible. So it's really good? I don't have the books yet, so its hard to tell.

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US facts and fun?

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Joyhomeschool wrote:If I plan to have my first grader join with my second grader (next year) with the 2 and 3 supplement for 1850 to Mod will she be bale to use the us facts and fun book or will it be above her level?
I think it would be above their level. I used those with my then 3rd graders, and I still had to help quite a bit. There are a few puzzles that are fun, but most of it would be too much.
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Re: US facts and fun?

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Joyhomeschool wrote:What about my 4th next year? Or would it just be one extra thing for him to do? And thanks!
My 4th grader (9 y/0) is doing the US Facts and Fun. He enjoys it. He actually asks to do it. However, he may not be a good example since he has a July birthday and is about a year or so delayed in various areas. I would not consider him a 4th grader if he was in public school. Each child's maturity level, ability, and interests will vary but my 9 y/o likes it.

Amy C.
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