1850-MOD - Starting states/presidents in the middle?

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1850-MOD - Starting states/presidents in the middle?

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RPayne wrote:I have a 5th and 2nd grader and I have prayed and believe that the Lord has led me to this curriculum to give me the planning help I need and to help me continue with SOTW for my older child while meeting the needs of my younger child at the same time. So, I really praise God for this and can't wait to order! I do have a question, though.

I noticed this in the description for the curriculum:
• Learn about U.S. presidents and U.S geography with a brief trip through all 50 states (completing a two-year study that began in Exploration to 1850).

We didn't start this component of the plan last year. (I didn't know this curriculum existed last year!) I would really like for them to learn about the states and presidents this coming school year; how can I do this?
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it!
Hi Regina-

This is a good question. I jumped into 1850Mt in Jan this year and didn't give it much thought until we got into the curriculum.

There is some general review of the pre-1850 time period during the beginning weeks of the year. I chose not to do the prior Pres and state pages as I will be cycling back to this with the boys in a couple years. We have spent some time reviewing the earlier President cards and I have added general Pres. books to book basket for further familiarity.

If it were important for you to have the larger chronological picture with the states and pres. I am thinking you could lengthen the review at the beginning of the year and focus on these pages. The general instructions for completing the pages are included in the Year 5 TM. You wouldn't have Marie's book basket selections for each state, but could search for a few on your own...or get an inclusive book on all the pres or all the states.

Hope that helps!
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I think Molly's experience is just what you asked for. I only wanted to add that there is a lot of info about the states on the state sheets, themselves. I assume you will be purchasing them for 1850-MOD, so you could just spend some extra time on the first sheets at the beginning of the year.

By 1850, over half of the states have joined the union. You could just start with the first state sheet, read the info, fill out the rest of the sheet (according to the 1850-MOD explanation) & add some books as Molly said. You would insert them into your notebook until you get to 1850 & start the full curriculum. Would that work?
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Given that the State Sheets are ordered chronologically in the packet, it shouldn't be to hard to read through and fill in some information on the states up through and including California. And by the year 1850, there had been 12 presidents :)

Some elements of the state study are not started until year 5 (such as the memorizing all of the state names and capitals and learning their locations on a map, and memory work on the postal abbreviations) -- therefore you will not have to play catch up on that part.

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Thanks so much for all the replies! They are very helpful.
I'm glad to know that the memorization of the states portion didn't begin in the previous year, I really was concerned about that. And 12 presidents shouldn't be hard to catch up on! :) One good thing is that we did work some on learning some info on about half the states this past year, so maybe the catch up would not be too difficult on the first half of those state cards.

I guess once I get the TM in my hands I'll be able to plan my course of action, keeping in mind all these suggestions. It's great to know you all are there with answers to questions!!
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