History - Is the American history enough?

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History - Is the American history enough?

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civil wars/world war 1 war 2
pjssully wrote:I am just wondering how much these topics are covered in MFW-how in depth are they--is there enough "american history " in exploration to 1850's and 1850's to modern times.
They are appropriate depth for up to grade 8. It is not at high school level or college level, but nothing light about it either.

I thought we learned plenty on Civil War, WW I, and WW II. It certainly was more than I learned before high school. I'm sure that people who love Civil War (especially re-enactments) won't be happy, but they are going to add more and more all the time anyway. I remember in my 11th grade year of high school, we had a ONE Day Civil War Symposium for our "advanced" American History class. Our Trig/Physics teacher was the one who led the seminars and it was held off campus at the very small college in town. He was a Civil War geek who also loves trig and physics. So, there is a lot to learn about those 5 years of American history, but you can learn bits and pieces over your whole life. In fact, last week or two weeks ago on Focus on the Family they were talking about some Civil War stuff.

anyway. In 1850MOD, you get two full weeks of Civil War (again, remember this is for your children up to 8th grade), but one of the read alouds takes longer than that so you are still there in Civil War even though you move a little forward into reconstruction era. I was glad to move on after all of that teaching time.

Each of WW I and II also get a full 2 weeks. Again, we were ready to pack it up and learn more things.

Pam, there is a LOT of American history in 1850MOD (and EX1850 too). We even got into history that happened in my lifetime (the last 40 years). You can't spend a lot of time on any specific war and still expect to cover everything else. Other things happened. But there are about 150 timeline pieces in 1850MOD.
We learn all of the states/capitals. All of the Presidents. Yes, 1850MOD is US history in the context of World History. It is a lot (!) to cover for grades 4-8. It is certainly plenty for that grade level. They'll get a lot more in high school. and remember, even in high school you don't have to get bogged down in Civil War.

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Re: civil wars/world war 1 war 2

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pjssully wrote:is there enough "american history " in exploration to 1850's
Hi Pam,
We are just finishing up EX1850, so I can answer about that part. First of all, none of the wars you mention happened before 1850. However, the revolutionary war is thoroughly covered. We came to know all the significant figures and all of the events, from the first continental congress through the writing of the constitution, and on into figuring out what role our president would have in this new nation. Last week, we covered the first president to die in office, and our nation really had to figure out what role a vice president-turned-president would have.

As Crystal said, every tiny bit can't be covered in extreme depth, but it is all presented in an orderly, understandable fashion. Then you have room to delve deeper as you have an interest.

I remember Crystal saying once that you also need to study the rest of the world in order for the American events to make sense. The reverse is also true. After seeing the birth of our nation, we then studied the revolutions in France and several other countries. The contrasts were very enlightening. I think we learned that if you are going to have a revolution, it is wise to have a careful plan for what you will do *after* you have won :o)

I can't believe how much *I* understand now.
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How in-depth is the American History in Years 4/5

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far above rubies wrote:Just wondering how MFW tackles US History in the last two years of the cycle. I read that some chronological history programs don't do an in-depth US History, but still focus on a world history approach and touch on the US as needed.

So....is it the same with MFW? I'd like for my oldest to have a good grasp on US History at some point--something similar to what we had with ADV, but more suitable for older ages.
The easiest answer is that EX1850 and 1850MOD are more in depth than what was done in ADV for US history. EX1850 and 1850MOD also include all of that US history in the context of World History. ADV did not do that.

I think it is plenty in depth for logic stage learning, with one exception. I felt it important to slow down and add a little bit more on US Constitution than was included in EX1850. Not too much mind you because it will be covered very well in high school. But I think Julie in MN was spot on with her ideas for adding that information on Constitution as she presented in this thread

in EX1850,
Building a City on a Hill is in depth information on colonies. That will mean some world history to make sense of it all.
Exploring American History - is all US history. the book in ADV was called Story of the US... that book in ADV was taken from selections in the EAH book when it was in first edition (using public domain text)
In God We Trust - us history in biographical form.
Also, a study on US presidents is done. and state study and individual state history.

so it is not just SOTW, or even just the G. Foster book.

there are several logic stage enough in depth books for US history... Child. Encyl of Am. History (is just US stuff, with only a sprinkling of world events)
patriotic tunes
finish presidents study and state study
US history/geography through cooking

But, yes, I think MFW could have added the tiniest bit more on US Constitution in middle school. I thought that was lacking for my 7th grader, so I used the stuff Julie mentioned on that thread. We're talking about 5 days worth of lessons in 10 minute increments or play time on light and independent Fridays. I don't want it to sound like MFW didn't do anything at all.. I just thought it was too light for jr. high and added a bit more with games and making sure that the books in book basket were discussed and not just glossed over or read.

so. like Julie said. there was a book in basket. We outlined it.
unlike Julie... we didn't do the Preamble as copywork... we sang it from School House Rock and also sang "I'm just a Bill". Then we played the online matching games for Bill of Rights.

It was 5-10 minutes a day added.

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Re: How in-depth is the American History in Years 4/5

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What an awesome review, Crystal! Thanks!
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Re: How in-depth is the American History in Years 4/5

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Super helpful! I'll be checking out the link. Thank you.
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