Student sheets - Storage?

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Student sheets - Storage?

Unread post by LSH in MS »

tiffany wrote:As I have been pondering how to better organize my notebook pages for next year (next year will always be better right!), I was trying to think of a way to make the pages more accessible to the kids, so we are not hunting around for them at lesson time, and so the older kids can get started on things they can do independently.

And, I was wondering...would it work to put a spiral binder on these at Kinko's and just forget the whole 3 ring binder thing. Somehow we get bogged down in the finding of pages, hole-punching, finding our notebooks and then getting those pages in our notebooks. I could even stick the SOTW pages in the back.

I guess science might still need to be done separately, but seems more manageable to me. Please tell me this will work! ;) If so, I'm guessing it would work for other years too. Maybe some of you have already been doing this for years already! Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on!
This would work I guess. There are a lot of SOTW pages. We didn't use all of the activity pages. Maybe you could decide ahead of time which ones you were going to do? The only downside I see is that you wouldn't be able to put the Write from outline assignments in the notebook unless you left a blank page next to those pages.

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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by cbollin »

given the small changes this year, I don't know if anything I did applies anymore. But I'll say it anyway..... then someone good at record keeping like dawn or someone will do a better job....

When I did 1850MOD, I got the pre made SOTW sheets that Peace Hill Press makes (at that time, MFW was able to sell them and all of that). They were THICK!. and pre drilled for holes.
so, I put them in a huge 3 ring binder the day they arrived. about 3 inches big -- well, ok, hold on it was a photo album. I kept the non-sotw sheets in a pocket folder (you know, the 10 cent kind) next to the photo album. Then, as those other pages needed to be added, I just punched and added them in the same place we were in the program.

So, if you flip through my oldest kid's book, you'll see president's sheets and state sheets when we used them. the sotw sheets are filed when we used them. There are page numbers of the SOTW sheets, so there were times that I had to go find a specific page because something like p. 150 was used before page 145 in the TM. For the most part, things were already in order, but they had page numbers so when it wasn't in order, it was easy to find it right away.

middle gal was in 2nd grade -- i just kept the pages (no sotw pages then) in a pocket folder, punched when needed and placed in a regular binder.

why is it so complicated to type how simple it was? that was my one year in mfw where I felt organized.

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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

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I keep all my student pages in a hanging file folder. I just pull out the next page. Then, when we put them in the notebook, I put them in a page protector.

So, what if you just got a bunch of page protectors (Sam's Club sells huge boxes) and put them in page protectors in the 3 ring binder. That way, if you add SOTW pages, you can still put them in the "right place" by putting them in page protectors and filing them. No 3 hole punch to deal with. Pages usually already say "Week xx" on them, so easy to find.

Just a random thought.

I don't know enough about 1850-Mod to know if that would work.

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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I'll add our ways, though they might not apply.

(1) State sheets I kept in a 10cent folder, along with stickers, black pen, highlighter, etc. -- everything we used when we did the state sheets was in that folder.

(2) President pages my son did on the computer, so during the summer I created a folder in my Word files and made a page for each president with the name/dates. He just went there to type up his part.

(3) SOTW pages I started by using a 3-ring binder, and I just took out one week at a time and put the pages into whatever I was using for the current week's materials. I used to use a clipboard with storage inside. For 2nd semester, this was a "drawer" for the current week's history. (And soon after that, I just put the whole pile into the drawer.) Note that you don't use these exactly in order. MFW groups them slightly differently, so that you might do two different chapters on China together. Therefore, having them bound together could be confusing at first to find the page you're working on. But binding them in SOTW order will make sense in the end, too.

I piled up finished pages for my one student in an "in basket" and I put them in the binder when I had time. I wasn't happy with the way my ds did his notebook on his own, so I took over that job :~ His job is to *review* his notebook ;)
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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by LSH in MS »

I forgot about integrating the presidents and state sheets in order. That would take some time if you wanted to spiralbound everything. At the beginning of the year we put everything except the SOTW sheets in page protectors in their notebook. We put all of the SOTW sheets in the back of the notebook. The dc just grabbed their notebook when it was time to do history and found the pages that they needed for that day.

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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by DS4home »

I guess I'm more of a control freek at our house :~ We have book shelves and each kid gets there own shelf to store binders, markers, etc. We call it their "cubby". I have my own cubby too for all the teacher books (actually I have 2 cubbies). Anyway, I keep all the binder sheets in my cubbie and pull out the day's sheet(s) and hand them to the kids after I've read and we are ready to do the worksheets. They don't have to "find" anything! We do the worksheet together, then they put them in their binders, which are always in their cubby and easy to grab. I'm a bit impatient when it comes to waiting for someone to find things. When I keep them in my possesion I know nothing will be lost, and school goes a bit more smoothly. The state and president sheets always get put in the time order of everything else this way too.

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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by sixtimemom »

This was my first year with MFW and we're finishing up ECC.

To keep the papers organized I bought a small hanging file plastic tub with locking lid at Wal-mart. I then labeled 36 file folders with numbers 1 - 36 and placed them in the hanging file folder tub. I sorted ALL the papers out before the year started and any papers that needed to be copied were copied and filed according to the week being used.

Doing it this way has made my prep time so much easier and since it's all contained in one tub it's easy to find. Once that week is over I move the file folder to the back so that the current week is the first folder.

There is enough room in the tub to file other subjects too. Another nice thing is that I can reuse this year after year.
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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by tiffany »

Thanks for everyone's ideas. I'm still thinking this one over. I'm sure it will be easier once I have all the pages in hand to figure it out.

How about this- I'm thinking about getting each set of MFW pages hole punched (have Kinko's do the hole punching) and placing them all in their binder at the beginning of the year. That way each child's is in one place but still allows inserting additional pages if necessary. Also they can take a page out of the binder to work on if it makes it easier. I really want a system where each child's sheets are in a separate notebook of some kind where they are not loose. I just know we end up with loose papers all over the place that don't get put in the binder without a lot of effort from Mom. I will have 4 kids in this unit next year, and I would like to be as organized as possible. Can you hear the panic in my cyber voice! :-)
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Re: question about notebook pages 1850-Mod.

Unread post by dhudson »


I put each child's pages in a large (2.5 or 3 in) binder and the state and president sheets in a separate Teacher's binder. They just worked through the student pages and then added in the state and president sheets when appropriate. The first day of school each child decorated a front sheet for their history binder and then we will put their test scores, grades and evaluation pages and sample writing, narration and dictations in the front of the binder at the end of year. I then put the binder in each child school storage box and I have a great sampling of what they have learned each year. I also put all the SM wkbks or Math notebook in the boxes. This system keeps all their pages together, it's quick and easy to pull out each day and makes a wonderful record of their school year.
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