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Copywork, Cursive, Dictation, Grammar, Handwriting, Letter Writing, Memory Work, Narration, Read-Alouds, Spelling, Vocabulary, & Writing (many of these topics apply to other subjects such as Bible, History, and Science)
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Unread post by lovehomeschooling » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:12 am

Thanks for all of the great suggestions. Sorry I haven't replied. I haven't signed on in several days.

I have told him a sentence is a complete thought. If I give him a phrase and a sentence, he can tell me which is a sentence, but he has difficulty changing a phrase to a sentence himself. For example, when we did the frost lesson, he was answering many of the questions with one or two words. I had to work hard to get him to change the phrase into a sentence. I think modeling more will help with this. I really like the baby talk vs. big kid talk comparison. I think that will help as well.

Maybe that would help having the copywork on the line right above. He does not struggle with his handwriting, which has the writing above and line to copy underneath, with several sentences and words/phrases, but he shuts down if I give him the Bible verse to copy or any other page with several sentences.

I think we will be shortening the dictation/copywork to 3 sentences or less and using it as copywork when we come back from break in January.

This conversation was really helpful. It showed me areas what he is missing. I think he would tell me no with each question too, but he would have difficulty explaining why it wasn't a sentence. I will try having him create sentences out of his spelling words more often. He does this quite often on his own, but we don't discuss it much. When he is listening in history, he can tell me exactly what the story is about, but he includes ALL the details. We have to work more on shortening it to a summary. We can do this orally, but he really struggles when it comes time to writing it down.

Blessedbyfive wrote:So, those of you that do AAS, do you also do the dictation there? Next year when we do PLL, will he be expected to do the dictation from AAS 3, AND the dictation in PLL? This topic is interesting to me, as I try to decide what LA to put with Adventures. It would bother me to ask him to spell words he hasn't learned the rules for.
When we do AAS, I do not have him do all six sentences in one day. I split the words, phrases, and sentences up into a couple days. It is taking us longer this way, but it is much more manageable for him. I think we are going to stick with the dictation in AAS and make the dictation in PLL copywork. Some days, we don't follow exactly what is suggested for LA. I try to make sure he is writing every day. If he is going to be writing a lot in two different subjects, I eliminate the writing in one of those subjects. So, if AAS and PLL both called for writing, I either skip PLL, shorten the amount we do from AAS, or do a different lesson that day in PLL and just do the AAS writing. Does that make sense?
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