SP - Does it matter which version I have?

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SP - Does it matter which version I have?

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Winni wrote:Will the directions in ECC match up with any/all of the versions of Spelling Power? Thanks.
I would say that if your version of SP has a Quick Start section, then you should be okay. The older versions without the Quick Start will work, but you may not have a "quick start" KWIM!

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Compare Spelling Power CD resources

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 3:13 pm
I got this off the faq of the company that publishes Spelling Power.

Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM

* Every form and resource printable from home computer.
* Searchable List selecting words to review from writing.
* Charts provided for all 47 Group Rules.
* Printable Activity Task Cards.
* New bonus skill-building activities aid learning.
* Students love the included Spelling Power Digital Tutor.

Spelling Power Digital Tutor

* Allows parent to create custom lists for each child.
* Offers learn, drill, and test activities for each word list..
* Tracks multiple children’s progress as they master words.
* Provides printable progress reports.
* Use during skill-building activity time for drill.
* 21st Century tool that makes spelling drill fun.

Quick Start DVD Seminar

* Step-by-step guide to using the Spelling Power program.
* Shows real home school families using the program.
* Reflects changes made in the New 4th Edition.
* DVDs chapter feature makes reviewing steps easy.
* Features author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon.
* High Quality Photography & Graphics


Compare Spelling Power 3rd and 4th editions

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Sat May 05, 2007 7:49 am
Most of the CD contains the forms that you otherwise find in the back of 3rd edition. There are a few other little things on the CD as well.

The other thing with 4th edition is a quick start DVD. It helps to walk you through the process of how to do the initial placement test and the daily lessons. And overall the book is just organized better. It is a seminar on teaching spelling and the spelling lessons. I'm finally "with" spelling power. Spelling Power plus the instruction that MFW provides --- ok, finally I can do this :)

4th edition book is organized a lot better than 3rd edition. I have them both. I had the extra funds to spend and wanted to know the differences. Don't spend money you don't have just to upgrade. But if anyone else is reading this and trying to decided whether to get a 3rd edition versus 4th edition ---- go with the 4th!!!! I think I would have done better with SP if I had the 4th edition back all those years ago when I first tried it.

castlemoyle.com does sell the Quick Start DVD and Teachers resource CD rom separately. But I don't think it is critical to using SP because you can just use a spiral notebook for it.

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Bound version?

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Kim Schroter wrote:Does MFW send the binder ready edition or the bound version? Any thoughts on which is better and easier to use?
Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 9:35 pm by JenniferF
They have the bound version. The pages in the bound version are three hole punched, so I guess someone could also take it apart if desired?

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:00 pm by mamaofredheads
I took mine to Kinko to get the binding cut off. They didn't charge me anything to do it. I prefer to have mine unbound because it opens flat & is easier to work from.

I personally would rather support MFW (& know that I'm supporting missions as well) & take it somewhere & have the binding cut off than buy it from someone else unbound. (I hope that comes across nicely! I meant it to :)

I have the binding cut off of a lot of my books just because that's what I prefer. It's really very easy. Most office supply stores can do it. Just be sure it's not some inexperienced kid doing the cutting or it will end up crooked - don't ask me how I know this!! I always nicely ask them if they can offer that service & tell them the book costs $___ and that I want to make sure they can cut it evenly. That works well. I've only had a problem 1 time, and I've been doing books that way for about 4 years.

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:25 pm by cbollin
It's the best of both worlds by buying it in the regular binding. Those who want a regular binding book, have it. Those who want to put it in a 3 ring binder can do that in about 1 minute or less time. seriously....

SP is printed with the holes already in there, just like Jennifer said. It is quick and easy to convert this to a binder if that is your perference. Take the cover off, bend the book backwards a few times in a few places, put it in the binder and bend apart the pages as you come to them if you need to break it more. I kept my 3rd edition of Spelling Power as a book for 4 years until 5 minutes ago when I tested to see how easy it was to put it in a binder. It really only took me bout 1 minute. Most of which was finding a binder :) Or as Glenna said, take it to a shop and let them get the glue off for you.

It really is user preference. hth
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3rd vs. 10th Anniversary Edition?

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Guest wrote:Does anyone know if there is a difference between the spelling power 3 edition and the 10th Anniversary edition? I have no problem spending the money if it's worth it!
Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:57 pm by Colleen
This is from http://www.castlemoyle.com under the FAQ link.
  • Q. I have the "3rd Edition" of Spelling Power. What is the difference between my book and the "10th Anniversary Edition?

    A. We have not changed the way that the Spelling Power program works. The only difference between the older "3rd Edition" and the newer "10th Anniversary Edition" of the Spelling Power program is that the 10th Anniversary Edition comes with a Spelling Power Teacher Resource CD-ROM that contains copies of the forms (pages 304-322) from the Spelling Power manual and the Discovery Activities (starting on page 269) formatted to print out and have a core set of Activity Task cards. We also include some handwriting practice sheets and crossword puzzles for the lower levels.

    You can easily "upgrade" your copy of Spelling Power by adding a copy of the Teacher Resource CD-ROM for only $4.95 (including 1st Class Postage). Just visit the CD-ROM order page.
Posted Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:25 am by cbollin
useless trivia moment....
10th anniversary edition is not the 4th edition. It was a special printing of 3rd edition.

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3rd vs. 4th editions

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Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:04 pm
I BELIEVE that the main difference is just the layout. Such as what order the sections are in. It's the same lists, it's the same program, you just have to copy the study sheet out of the book--which by the way I have seen many on the internet that resemble the study sheet or have improved on it.

The disk you can purchase for $10 I think?? on the spelling power website. You don't need the DVD--don't bother, but the CD for the printable sheets may be worth it. I've used it many times. The one thing I found the most helpful for my kids is the spelling rules signs. I have printed them out with 4 per page. So they are a lot smaller than the actual poster. Then i cut them apart, laminated them and put them on a ring. I don't have them copy the rule down on their paper, but I do have them read it several times to make sure they understand it.


Re: 3rd vs. 4th editions

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Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:22 am
Patty's description is right. The main difference is that 4th edition is organized a lot better. But the content is the same. Personally the 3rd edition/ aka 10th anniversary edition --- was hard on my eyes for the intro section. I like 4th edition better, but it is not necessary if you already have the one you do.

4th edition includes the Quick Start DVD (it can be purchased separately from the publisher on their website). If you struggle trying to follow the manual to understand the 10 Step Study rules --- the DVD is good to help with that.

I don't use the Teacher Resource CD because we just use a spiral notebook for our stuff instead of the printed sheets.

Also, the 10th anniversary edition originally was sold with the "Spelling Power Teacher Resource CD-ROM that contains copies of the forms (pages 304-322) from the Spelling Power manual and the Discovery Activities (starting on page 269) formatted to print out " (copied from the castlemoyle dot com website FAQ) and they do sell it separately for about $5.

There are some SP instructions in your MFW manual.

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spelling power CD

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karlafoisy wrote:Hello, can someone tell me what is on the CD for Spelling Power? I have a friend who will sell me the Spelling Power Workbook for$30, but I wondered how much the CD has on it and if it is worth the extra money.
According to the Christian Book Distributor website, "The CD-ROM contains forms used in the program, including printable skill-building activities, a searchable word list and even more helpful tools and hints." Hope this helps!
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Re: spelling power CD

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Good question. I didn't have the opportunity to purchase this second hand but really wanted to as I thought this was really expensive. But now I see what SP entails and am happy that we got it, with all the "bits". For one thing, the searchable word list. It wasn't obvious to me what this was.

You can type in any word your child has mis-spells in their work and the program will tell you at what level and list SP teaches this word, what grade level this word is (average) and such. I found that really helpful and was finally able to realise that my son actually had no issues with spelling. I also discovered that I had previously used words in my "home made" program that were way above his grade level. This extra on the cd has been very helpful to us.

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