Spelling - Is it okay to do this orally?

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Spelling - Is it okay to do this orally?

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DS4home wrote:I'm working with my 3rd grade ds who hates to write. We have been doing spelling all orally so far, and he's doing pretty good. But I'm wondering if this is really OK or at some point should I make him start to write them out?

Thanks, Dawn
My ds is also not big on writing thing out, however, he has progressed so much in this area this past year. I use the R&S sound and structure (2) with him and I have him do the pages (written of course) and when we "test" I have him write them out.

Maybe start by having him write them as you quiz him? it doesn't have to be on paper either. What about starting on a magna-doodle or white board? We use those alot.

hope this helps you.
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Spelling power has a great activity pack you can purchase separate for the ideas to help in spelling. When your child is ready for the next level in spelling, you would then purchase the spelling power book. This book will be used all the way through high school.
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You asked about doing spelling orally. I think you should start to get him to write them out. We do a lot of spelling orally as well and you aren't going to ruin your child from it. But, move to paper or a dry erase board. I think both techniques are needed. If he hates a pencil, then try sidewalk chalk, dry erase markers, foam letters, or magnetic letter or some manipulative. It will help with spelling as well.

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Thank you for all your replies. I do have SP for my other kids, but I haven't officially started using those lists for my 3rd grader. Probably next year.

Thanks for helping me talk through some of this. I love the support I always feel from everyone here!
Blessing on you all,

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For my kids, sometimes I had to make posters or word strips (found some blank ones at the dollar store) of the different words. If you can make little pictures, all the better.

Then, mount the strips or posters somewhere where the kids will see them, such as opposite the toilet. For a long time, we had "eet" and "eat" words in the upstairs bathroom.

I have a really tough time teaching spelling because spelling comes so easily for me (can't say that for everything though) so I cannot "get into the brains" of my kids when they can't spell. I want to say, "Just spell the word right!!!!" No, I don't say it, but it's frustrating not understanding what isn't clicking. None of my kids are exceptional spellers.
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