ILL - Are there different versions? Extra guides?

Copywork, Cursive, Dictation, Grammar, Handwriting, Letter Writing, Memory Work, Narration, Read-Alouds, Spelling, Vocabulary, & Writing (many of these topics apply to other subjects such as Bible, History, and Science)
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ILL - Are there different versions? Extra guides?

Unread postby six meadows » Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:56 pm

I actually emailed Hillside about this a year or so ago. They have only changed a few lessons (like maybe 3) to be Catholic in nature. I don't think I would have a problem using it as Protestant, based on what I was told. But I have not seen it in full.


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PLL Hillside Version

Unread postby bethben » Sat Aug 16, 2008 9:57 pm

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:44 pm
Here's the differences according to the author (I don't have the classics version, so I really don't know about anything else):

    "While keeping the flavor of the original book, we have made some changes to make the language more in keeping with today's English usage. We also changed some of the pictures and poems in hopes of making the book more interesting to young readers."
The book (8x11) also lays flat due to the spiral binding, the print is easily readable, and there are some colored pictures. There are some Catholic adaptions: A poem about Joan of Arc (which you wouldn't know is possibly a Catholic added poem unless you were looking for it), a lesson on St. George (once again, not specifically Catholic unless you're looking for it),and a quote from St. Dominic Savio (a good Christian quote for any Christian denomination).

Hope that helps! I can't talk about the ILL Hillside version.


Hillside vs. Lost Classics

Unread postby cbollin » Tue Aug 19, 2008 11:16 pm

Posted Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:58 am by cbollin
Among differences from Hillside's PLL to Lost Classics:
Hillside is a Catholic publisher, so they've rewritten some of the lessons to reflect that. I've heard many non-catholics are using it with no problem.
Hillside changed some of the conversation topics from general social studies topics to other topics (usually again, this reflect faith topics)
Hillside added in some color pictures, however, it is not always a color version of the pictures used in the actual picture study lessons. Instead, it is a color picture of something to look at here and there in another lesson.
Hillside uses spiral binding instead of regular binding.
other lessons were changed for various reasons so the online answer key that Hillside publishes does not always match the Lost Classics PLL.

Then in ILL, that is when the books really begin to stop being the same book. Hillside's ILL isn't really the same Charlotte Mason influence that Lost Classics ILL is. That's when the Hillside online answer key almost stops making sense for the Lost Classics edition. The 6th grade edition is specifically designed to transition students into a specific curriculum in jr. high called Mother of Divine Grace. (I think that's the name of it.)


Hillside Answer Key for ILL

Unread postby cbollin » Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:09 pm

For the differences in the free answer key for HS's ILL and the ILL that MFW sells...
June 2008

Here is what I found in the Hillside Answer Key for ILL that doesn’t match the Lost Classics edition of ILL.

LC –means Lost Classics and is the edition sold by MFW.
HS – Hillside edition, which costs more, and has the online answer key.
Link here to HS answer key.

Refer to the HS answer key and then substitute as indicated.

Part 1 (aka the 4th grade section)
Lesson 21: Not the same lesson 21 in both. Therefore you’ll need to be flexible a bit on lessons 21, 22, 23 in the LC version.

Lesson 26:
The LC version Q1 is same as Q1 on HS answer key
LC Q2 same as HS answer
LC Q3 not part of HS answer key
LC Q5 is the same as HS Q3
LC Q6 = HS Q4
My printing of LC ILL for lesson 26 is just 1, 2, 3, 5, 6. They don’t have a Q4.

LC Lessons 32, and 33 are not the same lessons as HS Lesson 32, 33

Lesson 34: In the sentences in the LC edition, none of them should have capital letters, but the words are right.

Lesson 40 is different

Lesson 51 is different

Lesson 56, HS’s answer to Q1 has a typo in it. It should say Someone is at the door.

Lessons 75 and 76 are different

Lesson 95: In LC edition there is a break in the numbering of questions. The 2nd time Q1 is there is the same as HS Q4.

Lesson 96 – LC edition has no quote to discuss. Just have the topical conversation.

Part 2, 5th grade
Lesson 108 in LC is different from HS

Lesson 115 differs slightly in LC.
Q1 – there is a typo. It should be Which of the words ends in the letter F? Wolf Shelf Wife Calf (or the singular words, the ones that mean just one)
Q2 Wolves, Shelves, Wives, Calves (or the plural words, words that mean more than one)
Q3 -6–same as HS answer

Lesson 116:
Q6 – refer back to lesson 94 for help if needed

Lesson 130: Your children will have other opportunities to learn these abbreviations

Lesson 143 in LC edition, student writes a story. There is no picture study.

Lesson 153 in LC is very different.

Part 3, 6th grade. This is where Hillside and Lost Classics editions seem to differ the most. Answer key is still usable for most of the LC edition.

Lesson 206 in LC is different

Lesson 207 is different

Lesson 212 is different

Lesson 214:
HS’s answer for Q1 is fine
Q2 fine
Q3 the answer should be MichaelAngelo or “the artist”
The HS answer for Q4 makes no sense for LC edition
LC edition some teacher might want answers for Q5 and Q6

Lesson 222 HS’s answers don’t match LC’s lesson

Lesson 223 HS’s answers don’t match LC lesson

Lesson 225: I guess HS doesn’t like debate lessons.

Lesson 226: Q3 in LC --- IT. And the antecedent will vary.

Lessons 227: In LC, just have conversations

Lesson 228: Options for LC edition:
Check out Amtrak’s website and see if that helps.
Or, think about how you would travel by road or airline and plan that way

Lesson 230: LC edition is different. HS’s answer will not apply

Lesson 231: have student compare ad’s in the local paper for something to model

Lessons 233-235: Check out
for help if needed. Or if you have the Birds, Nests and Eggs book from Adventures.

Lesson 243: You can have a conversation or a debate style with the topic Refer back to lesson 108 for help with debate

Lesson 254 HS answers do not apply to LC edition

Lesson 255 HS answers do not apply to LC edition

Lesson 261: LC edition could use some helps/hints. For this lesson, we picked up a library copy of What Your 6th Grader Should Know and just used some of those quotes. You could use the quotes in lesson 296. It’s ok to study them again.

This will get a little confusing for lessons 268-270
Lesson 268 --- the Hillside answer for 268 belongs to the LC Lesson 270.

Lesson 268 in Lost Classics --- my daughter and I enjoyed do this lesson. We did it two ways. One – as text message or IM code. Then we played around with trying to write the idea in ten words or less.

Lesson 269 in HS is same as LC

Lesson 270 in HS answer –ignore it.

Lesson 270 in LC – see Hillside’s answer for 268

Also, for LC’s lessons 270 and 273, check out Julie in MN and cbollin’s thread on the mfw board for help

Lesson 274 HS’s answer applies to LC’s 275
Lesson 274 in LC --- please use Hillside’s answer for Lesson 275

Lesson 276: HS answer do not apply to LC edition

Lesson 279: Might need a reference for flag information if you haven’t learned this

Lesson 280: HS answer does not apply to LC edition answers will vary

Lesson 291: HS answer does not apply to LC

Lesson 293: HS answer does not apply to LC. If you have done WS level 4, exercises 9-11, you can skip this exercise in ILL.

Lesson 294: HS answer does not apply

Lesson 295: HS answer does not apply

Lesson 296: HS answer does not apply.

Lesson 297: Content of the answers is right, but numbers might not match LC printing edition due to typos

Lesson 299: If you’ve done a lot of these lessons in Writing Strands, you can skip them here or take the time to go back and revise one of those Writing Strands lessons.

Lesson 300: HS answer does not apply.



Intermediate Language Lessons

Unread postby cbollin » Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:38 pm

pjssully wrote:I am wondering if there is a difference between the ILL that MFW sells or the newer version by Hillside? I am just not sure which one to use.

The quickest answer is that the Hillside edition costs a lot more.

I haven’t used the Hillside edition. But from the online answer key they have, it is clear that the 6th grade portion of their ILL is very different from the ILL that MFW sells (and published by Lost Classics) The 6th grade version from Hillside is supposed to help transition more for Lingua Mater in 7th grade. (whatever that means, right?) Some parts of the 4th and 5th grade sections are different too.

For some families it will make a difference to them to know that Hillside rewrote and edited the lessons to be compatible with the Mother of Divine Grace syllabus. Hillside is a Catholic publisher.

Some (not all) pictures were printed in color and some were updated. And the conversation style of lessons were updated. I’m not sure that makes it worth that much extra money in the two versions.

Not sure if that helps or not, but it at least is a start.

Posted Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:21 pm by cbollin
the workbook version is yet a different publisher (livingbooks) and I think they are the only sellers of that version. from my understanding the "workbook edition" is a worktext (so it's the text and workbook).

each grade level is separate. So over 3 years in ILL you'd pay about $66 for that version (per child) instead of $16-22 per family for all 3 years (between RR and MFW price) and using your own regular paper.

and because there is probably someone out there wondering, well, then what' the hillside edition? by the 6th grade portion it is changed around a lot to help those who will transition to in 7th grade to the a curriculum out there called something like Mother of Divine Grace, and to help fit for those curriculum's jr. high needs.



ILL - new edition by Kessinger?

Unread postby cbollin » Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:39 am

s_duguid wrote:I was just noticing on amazon there is a 2008 edition by Kessinger Publishing. Does anyone have any information about this? It is a lot pricier than the previous edition by Lost Classics.

That's all I noticed too (a lot pricier than LC). It just looks like one more company decided to reprint the book. I have a feeling it doesn't have *any* updates or anything for homeschooling mom. This Kessinger publishing isn't a homeschool company or only educational publishing. Looks more like a company that focuses on rare book reprints or something like that. I can be totally wrong, but that's my feeling from the little bit I looked at this yesterday.

I also noticed a teacher's guide by Lost Classics Book Company, 2008, available at amazon and rainbow. Hmmm . . . looks interesting.

Well, I haven't used the Lost Classics teacher's guide. You can preview a sample of the teacher's edition on Lost Classics's website. You do not have to do any of the extended activities in the L.C. ILL teacher's guide in order to have a good program.

There are a few additional notes about the picture studies. They include black line masters for handwriting worksheets (I just use paper). Answer key is there. I'm not sure if it has a lot of teaching notes. From the sample, it doesn't quite appear that way. Maybe others have found it has more than the sample shows. The MFW teacher's manual include a little bit of help for the style of lessons in ILL. Several of us over here are willing to help with the specific lessons. I have a lot of notes for helps and hints for doing the 4th grade part of ILL. So if you get stuck on a lesson, ask out loud on the board to get some ideas from a range of teachers.

Question: Do you think that the teacher's guide was meant more for a classroom setting vs. a homeschooling setting?

hmm.... I wondered that too but haven't reached an opinion.

Let me add here . . . I am loving all the MFW LA and math suggestions. They are practical, topnotch, cost effective, etc. As I have been getting my bearings with homeschooling, I have added other programs to supplement, but not next year. We are using MFW suggestions exclusively. They are enough and work well together.

yep. I know what you mean :)


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Re: ILL - new edition by Kessinger?

Unread postby baileymom » Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:44 am


...getting our bearings over here too. We have been adding to, taking away...we even sold our PLL/ILLs, only to find the grass is not greener on the other side. We are going to rebuy ILL and purchase the 7th grade English from MFW in Sept.

Oh well, I'm guessing a lot of 1st yr homeschooling parents go through the same thing, and I'm going to stop beating myself up over it &)
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Re: ILL - new edition?

Unread postby kstedl » Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:37 pm

I just wanted to chime in that I use the Teacher's Guides and I LOVE them! They are very helpful to me. I love having the "extras", like short biographies on the artists for when doing picture studies, little quizzes & exams, all the answers, extended lessons on certain topics if the student needs additional practice, neat little ideas to go along with lessons, etc. I feel it was well worth my money - especially considering I will be using ILL for 3 years for each child! I use it with the original book though (not the reprinted one you were referring to just being made). That's just my 2 cents! :-)
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Unread postby my3boys » Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:11 am

sandi wrote:Just thought you would like to know that Lost Classics Books has written teacher manuals for these books. The samples on their website looks really neat! I love these little books and I think these teacher manuals will help make them easier to use. Have a great night.

I bought the ILL teacher's manual as well. It has been very helpful in helping me understand how to use the program - I'm not sure that I could have effectively done so without it as I am not very strong in LA or writing.
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ILL in workbook form? opinions?

Unread postby mom2h » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:38 am

Brenda Y Swing wrote:My son has been asking if he could do a workbook for language lessons. He says it is hard to keep the ILL book open and copy from it and he isn't big into writing (we do some orally to help with that, though). I have used Queens Language Lessons in the past, but dislike the copywork (which seems to be only poetry...not the best thing to copy for learning good sentence structure and the punctuation can be unusual ) and I have found some errors. I heard that ILL is in workbook form and was wondering if any of you have used this (the one from Living Books) or have seen it online and what you think of doing ILL in a workbook type format and if any of it has been changed from the hardback book. I thought this might appeal to my son, though I know a lot of ILL will still need to be done with me (he wants more independence). Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

2nd yr MFW user

7 yr old ds had the same problem with the PLL book, but I found a clear plastic recipe book stand at the thrift store, and now we use it for EVERYTHING copy- related. He dictates his summaries to me and we wheedle it down to the basics (he is a big talker, but not so much a writer) then we stick the final draft into the stand and he copies it for his notebook. It was meant to hold a recipe book up and prevent food splatters, but it works great for school. We keep our calendar tucked into it, too. We just put whatever subject we are working on in the stand in front of the calendar.

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Re: ILL in workbook form? opinions?

Unread postby momtogc » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:08 pm


We are using the ILL Workbook (Part I) with great success. My dd had been wanting a workbook, too. After completing PLL I let her try another curriculum that had a workbook. Neither of us liked that one. When I found out about the ILL workbook I was very happy. I love the way PLL and ILL teach language arts so the workbook is the best of both for us.

I would imagine that the workbook is exactly the same wording as the original book since the author's name is on the cover. However, I did notice that in one lesson (picture study) the picture is different than the one in the ILL book. The questions were still the same though and this did not affect the lesson in a negative way. I've not noticed any other "discrepancies".

The price is definitely higher because each workbook covers only one grade. You'll have to buy a new workbook each year in Grades 4-6. Inside the front of the book it says that you can photocopy the workbook for use by your immediate family members. So I guess you can buy just one level and use it for multiple children if needed.

I hope this helps! :)

Postby momtogc » Sat May 01, 2010 12:42 am
I spoke to the lady at Living Books today and she told me they changed a couple of pictures when making the ILL workbook. She also said they changed about three words in ILL that might be unfamiliar to children (not three in each workbook, but within the three workbooks that make up ILL there are a total of three changed words). Another thing they have done is to add little symbols with each lesson to make it easier to determine if the lesson should be written, copied, narrated, etc.

They have just finished making a PLL workbook and it is now available. You can view samples of both the PLL and ILL workbooks on their site.
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Re: ILL in workbook form? opinions?

Unread postby tiffany » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:32 pm

As far as price goes for these workbooks, they are comparable in price to the Queen's workbooks. So the price seems pretty on target to me. We have been using the Queen's books because we like the workbook style also, as well as the colored pictures. There are some things I like better about PLL/ILL though. So it is interesting to know there are workbooks available, in case I get an itch to switch back in the future. I also think the recipe book holder sounds like a great idea!
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Re: ILL in workbook form? opinions?

Unread postby Brenda Y Swing » Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:07 pm


We used Queen's off and on for several years and my son liked them. Be on the look-out though...I have found spelling errors in the copybooks and two in the LLEC.

The good thing about PLL and ILL is that I have yet to find any errors in them concerning material to be learned or incorrect information/rules. I feel I can rely on them and not worry, so I am hoping that if we use the ILL workbook for next year, it is still the same lessons from the hardback and I can trust it.

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Re: ILL in workbook form? opinions?

Unread postby faithmom » Sat May 01, 2010 12:18 pm

Just wanted to quickly let you know that I used ILL workbooks for Part 1 and Part 3 this year. The kids really enjoyed it. All their work stayed together (unlike sometimes in the past) and it was easy because everything is written out and there are lined pages for any writing you do. They were a plus for us. I already have Part 2 and the new PLL (which is all in one book) for my next dd. This was easier for me because (even though it might not have been necessary) I had taken to typing up a worksheet of my own for the fill-in-the-blank stuff (PLL). That didn't take too long, but this is still easier for us.
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Re: ILL in workbook form? opinions?

Unread postby RachelT » Sat May 08, 2010 6:26 pm

These samples look very interesting to me! My son is dysgraphic (handwriting disability) so we have completed PLL over the last two years, but we've done lots of it orally or modified lessons. I think if I had a workbook version of it I would be able to get him to write some of the assignments out more easily, even if I modified them a bit. I have looked at Queen's workbooks, but I thought that workbook would be too confusing for him because it uses two lines with the dotted line in between for writing and he is very accustomed to using the HWT double lined paper. The PLL and ILL workbooks look like the writing portions just have an underline. I like that better! I also really like the short, simple lessons of PLL and ILL. I just might order these for next year when my daughter (who writes easily) begins PLL and my son begins ILL.
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Intermediate Language Lessons - Workbook version

Unread postby jasntas » Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:17 pm

I have both the PLL and Part 1 of ILL in the workbook format from living books curriculum dot com. I have compared the workbook and textbook versions of PLL and they are almost exactly the same so you would not need both the textbook and the workbook. The only differences are a few small changes such as the letters that are written in cursive in the textbook are written in a script writing and one or two pictures have been changed. A few pictures have been added as well but just more for aesthetics I think. Still not in color though. (I don’t have the textbook of ILL but I am assuming it is the same as PLL.) The workbook version just takes the text portion and adds fill in the blanks, lines, etc. to be filled in. So it is a consumable book. You don't need the workbook to go with the textbook.

In the front of the workbook from living books, it says something about how you can copy for immediate family members only but I think it would not be worth it once you paid for ink and spent your own time. (Unless you have a dyslexic child who is sensitive to bright white paper and you are going to have to copy it onto light blue paper b/c you ds constantly complains that the paper hurts his eyes. Oh, wait, that's me. I always thought he was just being difficult. Well at least I can use the unused workbook with my dd.)

My ds does much better copying from the same page rather than another page, book or other source so it‘s actually better for me to purchase the workbook. If that’s not an issue you can use the textbook alone with your own paper and the workbook is not at all necessary. The textbook is reusable year after year with different dc which is more cost effective.

Hope that helps at least a little and doesn't cause any confusion. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have posted. :~
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PLL or ILL for my 4th Grader

Unread postby doubleportion » Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:18 am

pbt1294 wrote: I guess I can just order it and see. :)

You could look at the contents pages on Amazon and maybe be able to decide from there if you need to do PLL with your 4th grader or move on to ILL. You can also view the contents page of ILL there.

But just be forewarned, what Amazon actually sells is not what you view, so buy your ILL from MFW. I had to return the one from Amazon (it was not the same book, horrible, horrible).


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Pll/Ill work books

Unread postby MelissaM » Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:49 am

momsflowergarden wrote:Could I hear from those of you that have chosen to use the workbook format of these programs? My two really do well with that format. Those of you who know of the workbooks but chose to not go with them, why, other than expense. :-)

My 4th grader is using the workbook sold by Living Books Curriculum. I chose it for the ease of use factor.

However, I would not choose it again, because many of the lessons can be done orally, so a lot of those work spaces are being left blank anyway.

I am going to get the hardcover book for next year, and just have her do the written exercises on separate paper. It's just not worth the money for us.

(I think there is another version of the workbook out there though, for much less $ - I can't remember where I saw it. Maybe Lulu? Or Google Books? If you wanted to give it a try but not spend so much up front...)



Re: Pll/Ill work books

Unread postby cbollin » Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:45 am

Melissa's right that there is the living books publishers and then a homeschooling mom out there... Linda (homeschooling6)'s sister, Cynthia. it was ILL on that. I've never used those. She's done 4th and 5th grade parts. uhm... I'm not sure i should give the link, but if you write out as one word, what ILL stands for and add dot com at the end, I think you'll find that out. ILL of course in this context stands for Intermediate language lessons
from what I can tell, it is a pdf file that you print. so I'm not sure how many pages and how much ink. etc.... But you can see her sample and get an idea of what Melissa is saying at how ILL in workbook format goes.

I'm laughing hysterically -- the only thing she updated really was Postal Codes and letter format. yep. I totally get that. ;)

I'm in the Yep, I know workbook format exists. Yes, I'm tempted for it for my youngest child. No, I'm not going to get it most likely. Why?
cost (I know, we all have different budgets)
and how much of it will not be used in writing time
will I begin to turn myself into the "worksheet gestapo" over it?

I just can't see me using PLL in workbook with the other writing that my child will have to do. It doesn't fit my goals overall of all English/Language arts to do another workbook with her.

with my middle gal: I didn't switch from hardcopy and regular paper because it was working good enough.

momsflowergarden wrote:Thanks Melissa and Crystal, I guess I am having difficulty in my mind with the idea of no writing or very little writing in English. 8| I am not sure why as even with our current English program I don't make my ds do all the writing. :-)


Just to clarify (as things get easily muddled on forums).... I still have them write things in PLL and ILL. I just don't have any pressing need that it can't be done on regular paper, or dry erase boards. Some of the lessons are intended as oral lessons (we need both written and oral communication skills in life). So it isn't that PLL/ILL in hardback means no writing ever, or little writing. It just means it can be on regular cheap paper or a composition notebook.

Postby cbollin » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:37 am
I know a while back David Hazell reminded us all that MFW will probably not consider selling the workbook version due to cost per child per year.


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Re: Pll/Ill work books

Unread postby momsflowergarden » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:26 am

Well, I think I will go ahead and get PLL for my ds. He struggles with reading and writing so to start it might be a better fit. He also is EXTREMELY competitive with his sister so most of the time it goes better if they are in a little different curr. It seems like we do ok with Hist./Science/Bible being the same but when it comes to doing LA or Math together he goes to the extreme!
Thanks again for helping me work through some of this.
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PLL/ILL - Duffy review

Unread postby cbollin » Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:22 pm

momofsix wrote:I read yesterday in a Cathy Duffy Review that said:
    One exception I noted was that addresses for envelopes and letter writing are mostly (but not all) updated to our present post-office-approved state abbreviations.
Has this been updated? Anything else? (This review was for the same version that MFW sells)
I would likely get the H/C MFW version. Do you any of you use the TM that goes along with the MFW version?

I'll have to look at the C. Duffy review. I don't know the last printing of PLL from Lost Classics.

The version I have of PLL that is not always the case with envelopes. and in the PLL user guide that I wrote, I suggest the following about envelopes:

    If the formatting style doesn’t seem familiar to you, you have several options. You can look at a real piece of mail in your house. You can purchase a reference book. Or try taking a look online on different examples of business and personal letters. One possible source is
    Internet sites do change frequently. This one was available at the time of this writing.

    viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10066&p=67941&#p67941 the review.

I don't agree with "city kids" will have a hard time with this book. Just how hard is it to change a noun question from Name four parts of a harness to Name four parts of your iPod? (screen, charger, buttons, ear piece) or to ask them to observe current weather outside the window if there isn't frost?

oh well... ;)

You can get the teacher's guide from Lost Classics and give yourself permission to not do it exactly as that book suggests with multiple extras either, or adjust and do one well written paragraph instead of where the Lost Classics book suggests for ILL that it "must" be 4 paragraphs. ;) for the price, either of those resources (mine, or LC) is worth it.


Cyndi (AZ)
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FWIW - dd's ILL format preference

Unread postby Cyndi (AZ) » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:07 pm

My dd is nearing completion of PLL and will be starting ILL before the end of the school year, unless I decide to supplement with something else for the last few months. I've been intrigued by people discussing the workbook format of the books, so I took a good look at them online and thought, "Oh, how nice!" Since I have an only child, I figured getting the workbook is cost effective enough for me.

I brought my dd in to look at the sample on the computer screen and told her that we could either get a book just like PLL or order this workbook where she could write her answers right in the book. She said, "I would rather get another book like we already have." Really? Why? "Because I like having a notebook. And I think it just looks more comfortable to write on notebook paper than in a book." Oh. OK. Cool. It's cheaper that way, anyway. And I can get it from My Father's World. "Good - let's do that then, Mom."

Hmmm. Just thought I'd share. So we will be supporting MFW with our purchase - after all, they are the one's that recommended it. How silly of me!!

Julie in MN wrote:Aw, Cyndi, I'm with you dd. I liked the ILL book so much that I put it in my son's "keeping box" for something special we did together :) Somehow, I don't think a workbook would end up in there! (His writing was typed & it's in his notebook -- so cute to look back on.)

And, yes Julie -- dd has already declared that she gets to keep the PLL book when we're finished!
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