SP - Does anyone use extras? Activity Cards, Student Record Book?

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Re: spelling power

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We use a white board. They write the word, then spell it out loud to me. If it's right they erase it, if it's wrong they rewrite it correctly in the corner and we move on. At the end they have the words they need to study written in the corner of the white board, and the space to study it out.

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Re: spelling power

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I print off the pages needed and copy them and have a stack for the year ready to go.
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Re: spelling power

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We like the sheets printed from the cd. Especially the 10 step study sheet. It reminds them to do each step for each word.

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Re: spelling power

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We use the printed off sheets as well. I also like the 10-step Study sheet.
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Re: spelling power

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We use a spiral notebook. I posted a copy of the How to Study a Spelling Word sheet on the wall.
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Re: spelling power

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We also use the 10 step spelling page, I just copied a whole stack, and also an ordinary notebook. I figured if I first tried a cheaper spiral notebook and it didn't work, then I could try the companies one, but it is really not essential. We use a thick piece of colored paper and a paperclip to ensure there is no peeking back to previous days words. The whole system works perfectly fine without the SP student notebook. I am so impressed with how SP works, a very well thought out program.

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Re: spelling power

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I agree the program is great! We got the book provided by the company.i like that she can check the steps off for each word as we go. She us easily distracted though so it helps to gave it in front of her.
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Re: spelling power

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I've tried them all. I liked the workbooks best.

*in the end I switched back to Rod and Staff Spelling. ;)
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Spelling Power Activity Task Cards

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erin.kate wrote:Does anyone use these? Would you recommend them for a very poor speller (3rd grade, ECC) for something extra and fun to boost confidence with multisensory activities?

I also have a 6yo (7 in a couple of months) who is a fluent reader but whom I held back from MFW 1 this year to let her grow a little more in maturity, and I thought maybe the activity cards might supplement her reading simply and without using a the actual program until 3rd grade.

I'd love any advice. Thank you!
Hi, Erin,

I like that idea. !?

Also, if it helps, I just found this yesterday(!): There are Skill-building activities listed on p. 213-214 specifically for ages 5 to 7 yrs. old (activities #1 - #25).
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Re: Spelling Power Activity Task Cards

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Ooh, that does help. Thank you so much!

I'd still love to hear from anyone else who might use the cards.
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Re: Spelling Power Activity Task Cards

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I just saw this post...so I'm late jumping on here. I have them & use them. Probably not as much as I should, but it's largely because I juggle home school with care of 3 two & three year olds that I babysit & my 10 month old grandaughter I have some days, an after-schooler I watch, and then of course church & co-op activities. I think I would be better with the fun "xtras" if I had more time - but our school day gets pretty interrupted & most days we just get the bulk of our guide done. Often art & music fall by the wayside, which disappoints me - but it's just how life is.

I use the cards - but a lot of the activities I like best are in the skill building section p. 213-222 that Melissa already mentioned. There are some others we have done & enjoyed...

Creating a state abreviation concentration game
Creating words from 'supercalifragilisticexpealidocious' and then some vowel hunting activities
Some of the writing activities...a different perspective, think ahead, state facts

I'm fairly happy with them...but I don't think they are essential. I actually like the writing prompts best!

Also...I keep a 'word bank' for each child in the box. Any words I know they have mis-spelled get written on a notecard & kept in their word bank. I use these words for some of the activities from the task cards or from the book.
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SP Activity task cards organization

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hsm wrote:I feel really silly asking this question, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to organize these cards. I am confused. I have looked at the booklet that comes with the cards and it indicates that the colors of the cards correspond with age/difficulty level. I don't know how to separate the cards by the index files of activity type. Am I making this harder than it really is? Can someone please help me with this?
Hi Lori,

I can see why you would be a little confused. In the booklet it does not tell you which numbers go behind which tab in the "How They Are Organized" section in the front. But in the Answer Key starting on page 13 you will find the division of the activities. So for instance cards 1-80 are Drill Activities, 81-160 are Skill Building, etc. When you are ready to choose an activity you can decide what kind of activity and choose one from the appropriate color based on the child's age or Level they are working at in Spelling Power.

If you have more questions, let us know and we will try out best to help you.

hsm wrote:Lucy- thank you so much for answering my question. I now have an organized activity card box! :)
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ECC 3rd grade spelling power ?'s

Unread post by Julie in MN »

hsmom5 wrote:
Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:59 pm
Had a question regarding ECC 3rd grade spelling power. Were just starting this manual, and I am using a spiral notebook for all our work per what it said in the teachers manual.

I did not purchase the activity card set because I thought it was for 4th grade & up. But after watching the instructional dvd, it says about using the cards for the daily activities starting at 3rd grade.

First I wanted to know if anyone preferred using the booklets that are offered through the S.P. program, if someone did it make a difference using that compared to plain notebook? Also should I have purchased the activity card box?

Any info greatly appreciated!!!!
Just to answer the 3rd grade part of your question... It is nice to have lots of activity ideas for students to work with their Spelling Power words. However, during your first year with the program, there are plenty of ideas already in the Spelling Power manual that will keep your student(s) plenty busy. The activity cards will be a nice addition in year 2 of using the program.

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Re: ECC 3rd grade spelling power ?'s

Unread post by hsmom5 »

Thanks Julie, appreciate your response. I think I need to go back & look over that portion of the manual to better understand how to do the activities..
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Re: ECC 3rd grade spelling power ?'s

Unread post by TriciaMR »

My daughter wanted a "Spelling Workbook" so having the special Spelling Power notebooks helped her have a better attitude about Spelling. Otherwise, a spiral notebook is just fine.
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