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Re: Spelling in 2nd grade

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One of the great things about homeschooling for me is that I'm not bound by a school year schedule. When a child is finished with a book or level, s/he just keeps going. Same thing if it's taking a while to get through something. I don't rush, but let them go at their own pace until everything is mastered.

My eldest girl flew through Sing Math 1A/B, and so we just kept on going. She is now in 5B and could "technically" be a 3rd grader (late Sept birthday) in some states, 4th grader in others. However, I have her in a writing program (Classical Academic Press' Writing & Rhetoric) that is aimed at 3rd grade... and she's 9 1/2. I say to go at your child's pace, and don't hold him/her back just because of the calendar.

My kids really enjoy getting new level books. We usually make a big deal of it, and have ice cream sundaes or something else special to celebrate the accomplishment.
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Re: Spelling in 2nd grade

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I think it depends on her attitude toward the subject. My third grader finished Singapore 3B in February and immediately asked for 4A (in fact, she did a few weeks worth of 3B and then of 4A while we were technically on break for the Olympics). However, there are subjects my kids are far less fond of. If we finish early, I will NOT have them begin the next level. They'd just get to take a break (unless it was more than a couple of months to the end of the year).
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Re: Spelling in 2nd grade

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I think you should throw a "done with ______ (subject) party" as you complete them for the year! :-) Sounds fun!

Yep - I agree with all the others, when you're done for the year, you're done for the year!
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