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Just a pointer on SP - something I did that I feel has been a timesaver for me in the long run. Each list is a specific group number. The rules for every list under the same group numbers are the same. I copied each group rule on a 3x5 notecard - and then my child only needs to grab the card from the box to copy it. I prefer this rather than trying to hand them the book to copy & cover the list. I did it as we went through the first time - & kept them in a note box. That way I wasn't copying all the rules at once.

As far as task cards...I use them sometimes. They really have other skills incorporated in besides just spelling. There are tons of ideas in them - but honestly - we usually just stick with the SP book. I tend to use an idea on the task card if the kids are having some trouble on a specific list. I'll have them use those words with one of the task card ideas.
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