Phonics - Older kids who didn't have phonics

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Phonics - Older kids who didn't have phonics

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4th grade phonics boost
Just Clay wrote:I have two children in 4th grade and and two in 1st. My older two were in a private school for K and 1st, thus I did not have the privilege of learning phonics along side of them. As I am teaching my 1st graders phonics from MFW1, I am realizing how many phonics "holes" my older two have. Both are reading, but both struggle with decoding, spelling, and "attacking" unfamiliar words. Much to my dismay, reading is not a favorite activity. I am seeking suggestions in how to do a "crash catch up phonics course" with 4th graders. Possible resources to order or ideas to implement???

Huge thanks
What if they just used the 1st grade phonics materials at a faster pace since you already have those materials, but tell them it is more about a foundation for spelling lessons? Have them write on a dry erase board to practice. Make letter tiles for them - some people like to color code the tiles so that vowels are one color, consonants are another, and then vowel teams can be vowel colors too. I'm not sure that sentence made sense. But tell them you just need more practice in teaching this stuff and ask if they will help?

looking forward to other ideas
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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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You know how MFW 1st grade uses The Complete Book of Math? Well, there are "Complete books" of everything. There is a Complete Book of Phonics, sold by Carson-Dellosa for $14.95. You could use that to supplement in the areas you feel are weak. I have this book and used it with my dd when she was in 2nd grade to supplement a bit and give her extra practice on phonics skills that were difficult for her. I like the book. Just a suggestion for you.
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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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The Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading is wonderful in my opinion! It is published by Peace Hill Press.

We began with ADV when we started using MFW, so I don't know how it compares to MFW phonics. The OPGTTR is very thorough, has short lessons, and would be very easy to pick up/skip wherever needed for your 4th graders. I don't think it's babish either-- and no worksheets. You just pick up the book and do it. You would need a package of 3 x 5 cards if you choose to follow some of the directed activities--easy!

ds(14) 8) and dd(14) ;)
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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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I wish I would have had MFW-1 for my son when I brought him home to school in 3rd grade. I did get ECC for him, so I'm happy about that :) But my youngest had already taught himself to read (before kindergarten), and when I brought him home in 3rd grade I realized what he had missed by not sitting in the classroom lessons on phonics (if they used phonics?) and just on general early reading things like memorizing the alphabet (for alphabetizing).

Some things we did over the next few years (by a mom who had only homeschooled high school at that point and knew very little about reading instruction) --

- Made index cards of all the English sounds and did different reviews with those, especially all of the vowel sounds
- Also used cards for words & separate cards for suffixes, to talk about any spelling changes (ing, s/es, etc.)
- Kept a skinny little binder where he copied down English rules every once in a while, with examples of words, such as the 5 ways to spell /er/ with examples of words with each spelling
- Read through different lists of early words (I think I had "Why Johnny Can't Read" and a McGuffy reader? maybe lists on the web?), and talked about the patterns we saw; this continued with spelling word lists and later science vocab, with discussion rather than worksheets, since I find it helpful to discuss both why the child probably made the choice he did, as well as why another choice (in sounds or spellings) is the correct one
- Played with the alphabet a lot, jumping to different letters that were in alphabetical order on the floor, etc.

I think MFW-1 might be easier to use and better at not leaving anything out, but I haven't used it. I read a lot of books on teaching phonics and just came up with these types of things that looked like they worked on my particular ds's gaps. I didn't feel he would respond to a workbook, textbook, or large "program" at his age and with his (memorized) reading abilities?

Also, the Greek & Latin roots in CTG and RTR help understand a large chunk of words.
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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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Hi Annette,

Why not give All About Spelling a try? It's a very thorough Orton-Gillingham researched program that helps with all the issues you mentioned, and it's perfect for the ages of the kids you're talking about. The whole shebang will cost about $250 but you don't have to buy it all at once.

If their troubles seem to be centered on more of the multisyllabic words, you can give Megawords a try from EPS. That was the way we went for more remediation because the upper levels of AAS weren't available at the time we needed it.

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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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It seems to me it would be easier to use what you already have than having to purchase anything new or add a whole other system that you will have to learn as well.

On the day you introduce a sound to your first grader why not review/introduce the same sound with your older kids using a white board. You may even find using some of the games listed in the 1st grader manual could be an easy and painless way to review these. You may even start the day the same as you would with the first grader calling out words from the day before, but have them do that on their own paper. I would not spend more than about 10 minutes on this each day.

Just an idea!
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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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Lucy wrote:It seems to me it would be easier to use what you already have than having to purchase anything new or add a whole other system that you will have to learn as well.
That's what I was thinking too. Nothing against the spelling program mentioned (I like it too and used levels 1-4), but start with stuff you have before purchasing new things.

but really, and honestly, I think the MFW 1st grade program has very similar approach to AAS especially when you use the notes in the 1st grade manual that Marie Hazell has about using ck after short vowel, and when to do "es" vs. "s", and vowel teams and all of that. MFW does the phonogram approach and all of that. reading chart, etc.

Just do it on dry erase board for older kiddos. The older children don't "need" the mfw workbook really. Just call it spelling practice for them. Tell them it can be easy words to help you get use to teaching the subject.

just an idea.

Just Clay
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Re: 4th grade phonics boost

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Thank you for your responses. I have ordered a book via the library and hope to find a way to share MFW1 phonics with my 4th graders. I'll use what I have, or can easily borrow. I am definitely tempted to try All About Spelling, but I'll hold off for now. I am thankful for this board.

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