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Re: Is this giving my little daughter a complex?

Unread post by CaseyVG » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:22 pm

I had the same situation this year with my two. My daughter sat in on K and thought she was a kindergartner when she was 3.

For this year, I bought her the Rod and Staff A through I series. She loves having her own workbooks, and there is even a bible story book with a coloring book. While her brother is doing his 1st grade, she does her workbooks. They are very gentle, but fun for her. There is a lot of coloring, cutting, tracing, etc. My 1st grader sometimes gets upset because hers looks like more fun!

I started out the year thinking I'd have separate time with each kid, but she would have none of that! She has to be sitting at the table doing her workbooks at the same time! Now I am planning on doing MFWK with her this next year as she also sits in with her brother for Adventures. I'm glad I waited for a year to start K, I think she's going to do great this next year!

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Re: Is this giving my little daughter a complex?

Unread post by momma2sevenblessings » Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:54 pm

I guess I get to answer this as a "been-there-done-that" homeschool mom, which feels weird to me as I still feel like I'm new to this and always struggling with something myself(even though I've homeschooled from the begining and was homeschooled myself!:)

My oldest 2 are 26 months apart, both with late in the year birthdays(October & December), which I love! My oldest always enjoyed books and educational videos, asked loads of questions, loved the library etc.....so I was hopeful that his "learning" would continue in this fashion and we wouldn't even need to label it "school" (I struggled with "schoolwork", and thought I wanted nothing to do with academics, even being homeschooled in a very loving Christian family. It wasn't until my year in Bible College that I discovered that I loved "learning" I just didn't like "school"......)I really wanted his love of learning to continue and not be squelched!

However, my second born, first daughter wanted to do everything big brother was doing and WOULD NOT be left behind! When she was 10months old she would watch me teaching him to count the peas on his plate at lunch etc....and she would move her peas over, one by one, watching us! She walked at 11mo where as all my others kiddos where 14 or 15 mo before walking..... So oldest was 5 and would be almost 6 before we would start a "curriculum or program", I had been researching curriculum since oldest was 4 and had decided to use MFW for oldest K year (still hoping to not call it "school" it was to just be fun stuff!!!), and it was her at 3 who said one day, "mom, don't you think we need to start our school?"

We did [another preschool] with the both of them together. When we finished that the time came to start Kindergarten with our oldest (we didn't have the $ to buy the MFW "K" program then my sister in law offered her program so even though I really knew MFW was for us we tried the Sonlight). Then we had the $ and bought MFW from A to Z and began in December (with a 6 and 4 y.o.).

At first they did everything together-nothing was too difficult for her and she wanted to do it all (didn't want to "go and play"!!!) so I just kept doing it with them both. I tried following MFW's recommendations for how to use the program with one child ready for K and a 4 y.o. but she just would not be left out!!! So I tried letting her do everything.

Until my son was struggling with the reading, and it was really hard for him that she had a better memory than he did. I really felt like something wasn't right so I sent an email to MFW and they told me to stop all the reading lessons with my daughter and focus on my son! At first I thought they were crazy, as I didn't see how I could do this (and I wondered if it was "right" to "make" her "stop" learning!) But I knew I wanted her to be a little girl and play and I knew that it would get harder later, and even though I didn't want to "stop" her learning I didn't want her to go too far too fast and then get burned out right at the age where she would have to be doing schoolwork! So, I made her stop. I just wouldn't do the reading/writing/math with her (though she just taught herself to write during that time! And her favorite game to play in the car was to have me ask her math questions!:)

In our house everyone under 6 took an afternoon nap (if they didn't fall asleep/need a nap then they had "quiet-time") and that time became our major school time (as with a baby and toddler plus the preschooler and K'er, mornings didn't work well for us to do reading/writing which my oldest struggled with).

She didn't like it one bit! BUT I was right in my thinking and this particular child (smart as she is!) quit liking school at 3rd grade. And whereas as a Kindergartener her fav thing about being homeschooled was that "my mom just walks away" (she could do it herself!), though at that time her older brothers fav thing about being homeschooled was that "my mom is right there with me", now, as a 4th grader my daughter (still very smart, super memory just gets stuff most of the time) doesn't want me to go to far away when she's doing schoolwork.

I know this was alot more info than just giving a suggestion,(and probably a bit choppy as I came and went so much-7 kids make it hard to finish in one sitting!) and I've lost alot of posts by waiting to send them too long so I'm sending this without doing much editing.

My experience says it's best to wait! Even when they're smart, when they just get it, when they don't want to be left out! There are always exceptions to the rule, and my experience is just that-my experience. Your mileage may vary as they say...... The important thing, I think, is remembering that even if they "can" do it now, and even if they really "want" to do it now, they are only young once. They will have years of "having" to do schoolwork and you don't get these little years of learning/playing etc back (now I think I sound like an "older" homeschool mom;)

Many blessings to you on your journey and as you find out the unique way things work in your family!

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Re: Is this giving my little daughter a complex?

Unread post by lea_lpz » Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:11 pm

CaseyVG wrote:I had the same situation this year with my two. My daughter sat in on K and thought she was a kindergartner when she was 3. For this year, I bought her the Rod and Staff A through I series.
We are going to be doing the Rod and Staff series A-I series and I am really excited that it also has Bible stories and a color book so he can be doing something that compliments mfw1st :)! We just almost finished up with R&S About Three and it's been great.

I am going to wait until he is 5 to start k. I think the year break will make it fresh again for both of us and also since he's only been doing the simplest Lang activities, all the math, worksheets, blend ladder, reading, etc will be new to him.
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Re: Is this giving my little daughter a complex?

Unread post by bethinga » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:50 am

I think I've made a decision. I so appreciate all of your input! I, too, have worried that doing too much too soon will cause her not to like school by about 3rd grade. So, I've decided to purchase the preK activites for her. Hopefully this will give her something of her own to feel good about. Only time will tell, I guess.
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