4-year-olds - Sibling in 1st

Using MFW Preschool & Pre-K Packages, as well as occupying babies and toddlers while teaching
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4-year-olds - Sibling in 1st

Unread post by LSH in MS »

I am considering using MFW for my two daughters (4 and 6 1/2) together next year. I have read through the archives and found helpful hints regarding teaching kindergarten and 1st grade children together...but I couldn't find any advice on teaching PK and 1st grade together. (I'm sure it's there I just couldn't find it)

Any advice on how the schedule would go for the next few years or so (until they can join together) ?
Teach to the oldest child. Do MFW 1st with her this year and let 4 year old listen in as much as he wants to. Use MFW preK toys with him.

When oldest is in 2nd grade, do Adventures with her and MFW K phonics and math with 5 yr old. Do some of the K activities as you have time.

The next year do ECC with oldest and MFW 1st phonics and math with 1st grader. Let 1st grader participate in geography, science and read alouds in ECC. Also ECC recommends tons of picture books that are perfect for younger children

Then they would be together in CTG.

I found by the time my 2nd born was in 1st he participated a lot in the older programs.

It really works well to do it this way. This has been the easiest curriculum to implement with multiple ages that I have ever used.

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Unread post by Lucy »

MFW really does not suggest trying to put your younger children together in the younger years unless they are a year or less apart so that is why you are not finding anything on that.

What would be suggested is to go ahead and do MFW 1 with your oldest child as Lori has suggested and allow the little one to join in on science and books that you will read from the library.

MFW has a preK package or you can order some of these items individually if you like to help develop early language arts skills, math skills as well as fine motor skills needed for K. If you do order the whole package it comes with more ideas on how to use each item and what you are developing. I would not wait to get this until the fall though. You could start using it even now so as to get your money's worth and if you have other children they will eventually benefit from these as well. The items in this package are meant to be the younger ones "school" as that is usually what they want so they are not really to be used outside of school time and are usually used with you for 10-20 minutes depending on the interest of the child.

MFW 1 only takes 1 1/2-2 hours a day so you will be able to spread this out as needed with your busy 4 year old. Many kids like to color when the older one is busy at school and this is a great hand muscle building activity. Let the 4 year old play and join with you when he is willing and can.

I hope this helps you as you are looking ahead.


Note: Your library may carry one of my favorites formerly in this package -- The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury of all time favorite children's books. Your first grader will enjoy this book too. My older kids still enjoy pulling this one out and reading it over and over again.
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Unread post by Fly2Peace »

Yes, to the previous. I think some reasons this is easy to implement even with multiple levels is;
1) it was designed to do that (the Hazell's obviously had this same challenge)
2) it builds a love for learning, making it fun, and less stressful. Many times we are "doing" school, without really thinking "this is school."
3) the expectations and levels of education are appropriate and achievable
4) it is flexible to meet each families unique situations, but still provide a strong academic core (provided we, as teachers, do our part!)
5) the TM's are the most organized, well thought out I have ever seen.
6) I think we are all surprised at what our youngers learn, almost by osmosis by watching, listening, being in the room, when the olders are doing school.
Just random thoughts that might help ease some concerns.
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Combining 1st and PreK

Unread post by cbollin »

Mumkins wrote:Does 1st grade and preK (3-4) work well together? My oldest will be doing 1st grade in the fall. My son will be 4 in Oct. and we have another DD who will be 2 in Dec., but a little young for any schooling I think. Is it worth buying a preK package? I'm trying to decide if I should just use what I have or sell it and buy the preK for 3-4. Or would I need anything? Could he just kind of copy what my oldest is doing?
No matter which preK materials you use with your not quite just yet 4 year old, you can include this child in the fun things that the older sibling does with first grade. But not all of them, of course. :) There are times where your 4 y.o will just want to sit in and enjoy it all and other times where a child that young will need to go play.

I thought you might want to know a bit more about MFW's Pre K packages since there isn't all that much on the main website just yet....
What is the PreK program like on an average day?

My Father’s World PreK is designed for teaching skills such as following directions, completing an assigned task, fine motor development, reading readiness, early math, and thinking skills in a relaxed, informal manner. Each "toy" in the package is actually developing important skills. MFW has designed their ideas to make the “toy” as useful and productive as possible. MFW uses a combination of toys with a similar theme to strengthen the important skill while keeping the activity varied for the child.

Number Puzzle Boards and Pegs (math)
Kids Puzzle (visual discrimination)
Lace & Link Lowercase Letters (reading readiness)
Lacing Shapes (pencil grip--you hold the lace similar to a pencil; fine motor)
Fit-A-Space (thinking skills--categories and sequence)
8" Pegboard (math)

The PreK Activity booklet [now Activity Cards], written by My Father’s World is jammed packed with ideas to use as a springboard for the toys. The ideas are arranged by toy, then by developmental area, and finally by difficulty. The activities can be used to educate, involve and occupy a younger child while you are working with an older child.

Families with special needs children have especially appreciated the booklet to help with implementing speech and occupational therapies at home.

You can make it as flexible as you want in your family. Here is one idea for a daily guide.

1. Start with a song.
2. Read a story. One recommendation is the 20th Century Treasury Story book, which has 40 stories. Do the same story for several days each week before moving on to a new story. Children enjoy repetition. Use the book only for “school time”.
3. Alternate between stories and the Child’s Book of Art to add variety to your week. Sit and enjoy looking through the art work in The Child’s Book of Art a few days a week during story time.
4. Select an activity to work with from the Lauri toys and accompanying PreK Activity Guide.

Spend about 15-30 minutes of focused learning time with your preK-ers and they are ready to play on their own for a while so that you can tend to the teaching needs of the older children, and tend to the needs of a younger child. Expand on the learning time together while playing throughout the day and watch your children’s imagination and learning soar.


Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Hi Mumkins :)

I had a 4 year-old when we started 1st grade with my son. An idea shared with me was to have a "school" box for my daughter. This box was filled with things she could do without much instruction. This allowed her to be in the room with us for 90% of the time. Some of the things in her box were: puzzles, coloring books (& fresh crayons, of course), lacing cards, books on tape (we made our own so it would be Mommy or Daddy's voice & we could control how fast the pauses were for page turning) w/headphones, an ABC wipeoff board for her own practice at her pace, etc. Adding the MFW preK things would fit in nicely (wish I'd done them!!).

When we began our K year, she was ready for table time. God really used that year to teach her how our "school" ran.

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Unread post by StarrMama »

Hi there! My 6yr old daughter is in MFW1 this year (and loving it I might add) and my 4.5yr old son will often join in (especially when we do the "fun" stuff).

I bought some wipe off books that he likes as well as the preK toys from MFW. I also have an almost 3yr old and an 8month old. The two middle kiddos (4.5 & 3) love the preK toys so much that I ordered more puzzles and some games from Lauri Toys.

We typically do most of the work after lunch when I can get one or two kids to bed. I just let my 4.5 yo son do whatever he wants. We had tried a preschool curriculum but he just wanted to play. I have noticed, however, how much he has picked up by just listening and hanging around. I am praying about next year with him. No rush in my opinion. Hope that helps.
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Including preK-er in 1st

Unread post by kellybell »

RachelT wrote:We are planning on beginning MFW 1st grade in August, after completing MFWK this May. My ds (6.5) will be doing the complete deluxe program and my younger dd (4.5) will participate in as much of it as possible, except for phonics and some math.

My main question is this, wouldn't the Bible notebook be part of the things that we will want to do all together as part of our core curriculum? My dd LOVES to draw and write, make crafts, help me with her scrapbooks, etc. I just know she will also want to make a Bible notebook! How have some of you handled this? She is not ready for the Bible reader, and I will want her to complete it later when she is ready for the 1st grade phonics/reading and I know the Bible notebook helps in narrating back what the student has read.

I guess I'm wondering, should I see if I can buy her an additional Bible notebook to make this year? Or make our own kind of Bible notebook with blank pages and do the MFW spiral bound one when she does the 1st grade phonics and reading? Or just do it both times? What have some of you done with a younger one who is participating in MFW1st grade activities?
Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 6:26 am
Just an inexpensive sketchbook would do the trick just right. Or you could always call MFW and ask about the possibility of purchasing just the Bible notebook.

Sounds like fun! What a neat family you have.

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 8:33 am

I agree with Kelly. Go the inexpensive route (plain paper notebook) for the 4 y.o and have fun with it. Let her give the pictures a title and you write the title. sounds like a nice way to involve a preschooler who likes to draw.

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Unread post by Lucy »

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:55 am

You can purchase the notebook separately directly from the MFW office, but I agree with the others that for her this year I would just do something a bit more simple. She will be so excited when she gets her own in 2 years. Let this be something special for your older one and have her look forward to getting her own. These are my thoughts on it.

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Unread post by Ariasarias »

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 2:13 pm
We are about to complete MFW 1st with my 6 year old dd. I also have a dd who just turned 4 tagging along.

I agree, I would go the cheaper route and just make it for her. My younger dd would sometimes draw her own picture for the Bible story and then I would just label it. You could also print out some pictures to color of the Bible story. I also used some info from a website called hubbardscupboard dot com. That three year curriculum uses Bible stories and she had some some great ideas to include my younger one. It's just an idea.

I also have a 19 month old dd running around the house, so I have a feeling you may get more accomplished at your house :).

My 4dd has mainly listened to the Bible stories and sort of memorized the verses with us. She draws pictures when she wants to or colors a picture I have printed out. The rest is sort of hit or miss.

She participated with us when we went through K and she can't wait to do that again, but I am trying to hold off until she is five. The "school" that I make her do is really a workbook page out of Rod & Staff preschool stuff. I do this mainly so that she practices sitting and obeying what I tell her to do. It's not much and she typically likes it once she starts.

I have just recently just started making her choose what I call educational toys to play with when she is done with the page. Some of these are the preK toys that MFW offers.

When she is finished with those things, she is free to play or sit in with us. Sometimes she sits in on science, sometimes she doesn't. The other thing that I make sure I do with her is read to her during the day, typically before rest time. During this time I may subtly work on phonics with her, but I am not ready to do anything formal. She typically resists that.

Finally (we are almost done with the year) with my older dd, I can get most of the teaching done in one sitting, then I let her go to finish her work she can do my herself. At the beginning of the year she needed me to sit by her side to help her with much of the work, but now I can send her to another room to do her work. This helps her not get so distracted with the caos :). Then when she finishes, we meet back up to work on math a little, then she has a little bit of practice on her own.

It's been a good year. It's still been relaxed, but we are slowly building up on our work and our ability to work through it. I say we because I am also on this learning curve on how to manage everything :).

I hope I answered your questions; please let me know if you have any more.
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Unread post by RachelT »

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:25 pm

Thank you so much for your replies! It sounds like keeping it simple and letting her participate, but waiting until she does 1st to actually do her own notebook is the consensus. I also appreciated the suggestions on how to do this.

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 1:00 am

When we did MFW1 with Max, Halle was just 4 and very much wanting to be a part of our day. She repeated the verses with us & listened to the Bible stories as well.

One thing though that was neat, since she was a 'color-er,' when Max would do the Bible notebook, he would often try to copy the picture from the reader. Well, Halle wanted to, too! :) Now, sometimes it looked like a page of scribbles, but she could tell you, "This is the donkey," or "that's the tower." In my mind, this was the beginning stages of narrating the story back to me, and great for early comprehension.

Oh, and speaking of towers, when we built the Tower of Babel with modeling clay, Halle & I worked on one together. Any of the hands-on stuff that you can do with your 3yo, I'd definitely go for it. Halle still talks about building that clay tower 2 years ago... :)
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4-year-olds - Sibling in 1st

Unread post by Julie in MN »

CaseyVG wrote:This year I did MFWK with my 5 year old and 3 year old. The 3 year old wanted to do everything with her brother, so she sat with us and did all the worksheets and activities too. She usually doesn't do the blend ladder work sheet, but she does sit with us while we do it most of the time, and is just starting to get some of the blends.

She's obviously not ready to move to MFW1 with her brother, but I don't really know what to do about her. I considered letting her do all the MFW1 activities with us and getting her another set of MFWK worksheets, but I don't know if she would want to do them again since she just did them. She obviously needs more of the phonics base. Is there another phonics program or curriculum that would be good for her age that I could do instead? It's technically only her preschool year too, she'll be 4 in early Sept, so then do we repeat MFWK the next year for K? Her official K year, her brother will be in Adventures, and I'd really like her to do a lot of that with him. Anyone have any thoughts? Here's a link to my blog if it helps to see what we've done this year: http://simplejoycrafting.blogspot.com/p ... links.html

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Casey,
I think Marie's post on how to combine preK and K might help. It also covers how to move up to the next years together, and make it fresh and new each year.

There's also this thread about making it fresh for younger siblings:
CaseyVG wrote:Thank you Julie. I have seen Marie's post before, and planned on following her recommendations, but they don't seem to apply to us anymore. I will definitely read more on that other post you linked to tomorrow when I have time. Most of the ideas are for kids that are only one year apart, but mine are two. I'll throw it out there that I am not trying to push my younger daughter, she just really loves school time with her big brother.
Sure, no rush.

But I'd just think that 2 years apart will make it even easier for you to "re-do" years. But meanwhile, I think Marie's suggestions will help you have a different flavor each year, by emphasizing different things each time.

Sounds like fun to me :)
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Re: Need help picking curriculum for a younger child

Unread post by CaseyVG »

After doing a lot of reading on past posts, I'm leaning towards finding another K curriculum for her and then redoing MFWK when she's actually in K. I'm not sure what I can do to keep everything fresh for 3 years in a row. I was thinking about the Primer Explode the Code workbooks, and letting her do some stuff from 1st with her brother. What are your thoughts? Does this sound like a bad idea?

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Re: Need help picking curriculum for a younger child

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I really like the idea of waiting until her 5th birthday to start MFWK. It works so much better then, IMHO. And it sounds like she already loves it, so that's cool! She'll love sitting in with big bro on the ADV stories and science and then getting her own Kindy time for worksheets.

I can see including her in almost everything in MFW1 except for the blue book. No need for her to sit in on 1st grade phonics, but the Bible stories would be great for her. If she loves to color, then keep a big supply of paper on hand! :-) If it were me (and I have an only child and no experience at this), I would check out Bob books and easy readers from the library for her; let her know that when big bro is working on his phonics, she needs to work on puzzles or color or count blocks or something - then let her know that it's "her" reading time when you read the other books to her. I read and read and read (I was such a lazy bum) to my dd when she was that age and she just kinda taught herself to read by following along with my finger as I read aloud. She still totally enjoyed MFWK after that because it has so much fun kid stuff in it. And I love all the spelling rules she learned in K and 1st.

So -- I may be completely ignorant in this situation, but that's what I would do and I felt like chatting. Your dd sounds adorable to me and I couldn't resist!
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Re: Need help picking curriculum for a younger child

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Yes, I think finding something else for her for next year and then doing MFW K is a good way to go. That is what I am doing. ;)

Mine are 4, turning 5 in Dec. So, slightly different in age. My older son did MFW K this year. The 4 year olds tagged along. I didn't get them their own worksheets. So, they have not done those. Instead, I used workbooks that I bought at Dollar Tree, Target, Costco, where ever. Academically, they are ready for K, know all letters and sounds and doing beginning phonics, also counting to 20 and recognizing numbers to 10 (maybe more). But, I want them to wait till they are 5 in Sept of the school year they do K (so like the PS system). I think maturity wise they will do better in the long run that way. So, this year, I'm going to get getting them the Rod and Staff pre-K workbooks. We'll be reinforcing what they already know to build a firm foundation and confidence and especially working on numbers because they are stronger in phonics than numbers. They will be tagging along again while my oldest does 1st. I won't require them to do it with us, but I imagine they will want to. In Sept of 2013, we will do MFW K specifically with them. And, they will be repeating a lot of it because they were involved in most of it with their older brother. I think putting a year between the will be good for both them and for me. ;) Plus, I do want to wait to start them on a formal K curriculum.

I also find it a big tough having them 2 years apart. They are picking things up earlier than my oldest did simply because they are tagging along with him. But, I don't think that makes them ready to start earlier based on age/maturity. It's tough finding the balance between allowing them to learn at their own pace and not hold them back without pushing them too far ahead either. It took me a while to come up with our plan. I'm thinking you may have read my post as to why I decided this way, but if not and you want to know, I can link you to it.

Good luck figuring out how to handle it. :-)
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Re: Need help picking curriculum for a younger child

Unread post by CaseyVG »

Thank you. I did read your post and looked up Rod and Staff Preschool, now I really like that program. I think she will like that better, especially since she will have her own bible story book and color pages.

Follow-up: Postby CaseyVG » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:32 am
I am currently doing first with my son, and my 4 year old dd sits with us.

Here is what we do (I also have a 1 year old, he usually naps during school). They both do a chore while we listen to hymns, then we do the bible story, proverb, and timeline together. Then ds gets out his 1st grade workbook/bible reader etc. and dd does the rod and staff work books. Then they both have a calendar book that includes the calendar, some money counting, and a 100 chart. The 1st grader also has his number of the day pages in there, and we do the bean cup and counting money with him only. Then 1st grader does his math, and dd goes to play or does a bible story from the B rod and staff book. She also joins us for all the science experiments and any art stuff or bible activities we do. In the beginning I tried to have separate time with each of them, but my 4 year old hated that and was always at the table anyway. This is what works for us.

When we do read alouds, she always joins us, even for the math and science books.

Hope that helps.

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First grader with 4 1/2 yo preschooler

Unread post by Julie in MN »

bethinga wrote:I'd love to hear your input! We used MFW K this year, and my preschooler (3-4yo) followed along with almost everything, except the reading, writing, and math. She loves doing school, and is asking for the "big kid" worksheets, but isn't really ready for them. She's *could* do K this fall, but I really feel she will get much more out of it if I wait until the year she's 5 turning 6.

She's very bright, loves stories, not too patient with crafts, but does enjoy them. She's interested in spending time with people and helping, but not much into toys. So, any manipulatives will be something she'll want to do together, probably not by herself. I plan to get her the 4-5 yr old Pre-K set, with the Hide 'Em in Your Heart cd. She loves music. I'll probably use the Honey For A Child's Heart suggestions for book ideas.

How much of the 1st grade curriculum do you think a 4 1/2 yr old would enjoy? Just curious how much of it she'll realistically follow. I would love to hear how you've schooled these ages together!
I'm just bumping you up. I haven't actually taught these ages together.

I do have a youngest child like you describe, though. It took me several years to realize that he didn't really play with his toys unless another child was playing with him. He also always responded well to music.

Just based on this, it might help to have this child check in with you more often than ordinary, and to give him more individual tasks. For example, have as many things as possible stored at her eye level so she can have the task to get certain things out and put them back, pass things out (papers, snacks), set the table for lunch, maybe even plan the lunch menu with you? Or, I've heard of folks (at home or in a group setting) having a task jar that students draw slips of paper (with pictures in her case) for the day's "responsibilities" -- check the weather, X out the day on the calendar, be teacher's helper for the day...

Hope this bumps you up for more real experiences. Also, maybe this thread will have some ideas:
Combining preK & 1st http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1336

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Re: First grader with 4 1/2 yo preschooler

Unread post by bethinga »

Thank you! Those are great suggestions for my little helper! She does love for me to whisper the new spelling words to her, so she can call them out for ds. ;) She'd love having more to help with. I'd love more suggestions, too. I know sometimes, her "helping" will be a distraction to ds, so I need some more ideas under my belt.
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Re: First grader with 4 1/2 yo preschooler

Unread post by proud2bmykswife »

If she really wants worksheets, what about some Kumon workbooks or Rod and Staff ABC series. I usually start the Kumon ones at age 3 or 3 1/2 and the ABC series at age 4 1/2. My littles would see the bigger ones doing school and insist on their own. They weren't happy with toys or manipulatives for long. I just followed their lead in how much they wanted to do.
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Re: First grader with 4 1/2 yo preschooler

Unread post by CaseyVG »

I just wanted to second the Rod and Staff ABC series. They are real school for preschoolers, but they are very gentle.

I had a 4 year old this year while teaching 1st. She did the Rod and Staff books while her brother was doing his phonics workbook/sheets/reader or math. Sometimes it got tricky juggling time to explain their sheets to them, but overall it worked out good.

She would not just "play" with educational toys, she wanted to do real school. She listened to all the bible stories, memorized the Proverb with us, any fun activities, listened to all the books we read, all the science, and the pattern animal blocks with us. That sounds like she did a lot, but I never made her do anything, she thought it was fun, and it was just our routine. We had a great year. Now were on to Adventures and K again! I'm sure you'll have a great year too!

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Re: First grader with 4 1/2 yo preschooler

Unread post by Poohbee »

Along with the hands-on activities and games for preschoolers, I used the Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade P, for my girls when they were about 4 for some preschool work. It's a 500-page workbook with tons of preschool skills in it. It sells for $19.99, but I always buy it at Sam's Club for around $8 or $8.50. It worked really well to help my girls get ready for school before they started kindergarten. I purchased a copy of this workbook for both of my girls when they were preschool-aged, and I just recently purchased one for my son, who is turning 4 next week, so I can start easing him into some preschool work, too. Just thought I'd throw that idea out there for you.
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Re: First grader with 4 1/2 yo preschooler

Unread post by lea_lpz »

We are are in the last stretch for mfw k and preK with my soon to be 4 year old. This year we did BFIAR with him but kept the activities we did very simple, so it didn't take too long, and then we did the About Three series from rod and staff, as well the mfw preK package.

He joined us for Bible, read alouds, activities and the multisensory alphabet activities, games and songs. He had a break or could quietly color or play with one of his preK toys while I did mfw k math and Lang with dd, then we would do the preK time one on one, while dd had a break. It started out at about 15 minutes but the past couple months is closer to 30 minutes as his attention spam and interest is longer, so the workbook pages have been more detailed, and I have began doing more advanced activities with the preK cards and BFIAR discussion questions.

We just started the Rod and Staff A-I series and so lately he's been doing the workbook and practicing printing his name when we do math / Lang. I think we'll do something like this for pre-k 4:

R & S workbook, name printing practice (free online printable), mfw preK activity, while dd does math / Lang, but might have to be one on one. We'll see. We'll also be doing the HWOT get ready for school book plus some multisensory activities.

Together-Devotions and Bible (except Bible Reader, unless he'd like to listen to her read), prayer, read alouds, science, art and music appreciation, nature walk, Bible reader related activities, pretty much everything buts the math and language instruction, and the Drawing with Children, but we'll likely let him do some of the math, such as 100 jar, calendar, and weather, but simplified for his level.

I also had another idea, I thought we could do some of the mfw k easier language activities since I have the tm and he's been doing it, so for example, all of day 1, using a HWOT multisensory activity or an mfw k suggestion, on day 2 activity 3 + HWOT workbook, practicing on chalkboard first, on day 3 activities 1-2+6, on day 4 activity 1+5-6 (again, 6 likely an HWOT activity), and on day 5 no activities would be appropriate but he'll do the mfw1st fun stuff, like pattern blocks and math and language games. My thought is if we do this and he thoroughly gets all these activities we will skip them next year when we do mfw k or repeat them again if need be, but it would streamline things either way I think.

For picture cards, I'm not sure if we'll buy mfw k student sheets now and make copies of just the picture cards, for him to try this year but have the option of doing it again as an official k'er, or if I'll just get some images online for him to cut out. We also have an ABC chart with pockets and cardboard pieces of things starting with each alphabet letter we could just use as easily. His skills in cutting and coloring aren't so great so it might frustrate him and he'll get that practice in the Rod and Staff books.

I don't know if any of that helped.
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