Quiet time / Rest time / Naps

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Quiet time / Rest time / Naps

Unread post by back40life »

Getting a routine going with a baby ??
Christine wrote:Hi - We just received our curriculum (K and Adventures) and I am excited to start! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a daily routine or pattern when there is a baby who doesn't sleep through the night? I have a hard time waking up before the kids since my sleep is interrupted. (A lot of times the 3-year-old is up between 6 and 7 :-/) And I do need to shower every morning, otherwise I will have an itchy scalp all day. If I don't get up before the baby, I usually shower during her morning nap, which would cut into the school time. My kids are 8, 5, 3 and 7 months. Thanks for your ideas!
The other day I saw a blog post from a mom who said starting at age 3, she trains her kids not to come out of their rooms until 7 AM - she puts a digital alarm clock in their bedroom and tapes over the minutes so only the hour number shows. Then on the masking tape, she writes a 7 - she then tells the kiddo that they need to stay in their room and play quietly, stay in bed, look at books, etc. until the two match. I thought it was a brilliant plan - that way she can get up between 6 & 7 each day but be guaranteed to have a little time to herself before hitting the ground running.

Best wishes!!
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Re: Getting a routine going with a baby ??

Unread post by Caryn »

That IS a great idea! My neighbor trained her kids to stay in their rooms until she went in to get them, so that is another option :)
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If you use Little Siblings naptime for MFW time..

Unread post by erin.kate »

Joyhomeschool wrote:If you use Little Siblings naptime for MFW time..
tell me about your schedule/routine.. Thanks.
We do. :) My girls, 2nd and K, do their necessaries in the morning after breakfast and chores and devotions ... PLL, SbSS, handwriting, math, Pathway readers, wbs (for K'er). I read from our read aloud during lunch (captive audience) and while I am putting the boys down for their nap my girls have book basket time. We do Adv, with ICDAT, while my two boys (4ish and 3 nap in the afternoon for two hours). It's lovely. When everyone is up and school is done it's music, picture study, and outside playtime!

I hope this helps.
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Re: If you use Little Siblings naptime for MFW time..

Unread post by asheslawson »

I run a small home daycare so I rely on naptime. We do reading and much of the independent work for my 11 yr old ds in the morning, given I get interruptions from 2 toddlers and a 3 month old. Then during naptime I do MFW 1st with my dd and focus on things my ds needs help with like math & spelling power. The 3 month old comes 3 days a week and when he's here - my goodness does my schedule get disrupted....phew - I forgot how much work these wee ones were!
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Re: If you use Little Siblings naptime for MFW time..

Unread post by Jami »

We also do school during naptime. My girls, ages 2 & 3 nap (or stay in their rooms anyway) from 1-4 and we just do EVERYTHING then, starting at about 1:30 so I can at least have a short break after putting the girls down. We do Bible and History first, then the boys get a small snack while I read science stuff and they are done eating by the time it's time for the hands on part. After that they do math, english, spelling, vocab, and writing (in any order) and they pretty much take turns with my attention during that time. They are pretty focused though and don't need a lot of help with math, vocab or writing. While one is doing math, I do spelling (Spelling Power) with the other, the same with English if it is a lesson that needs me. I'll fit Art in there also on art days, usually just saying, "okay find a stopping point" so we can do art together. My older son (5th grade) usually saves math for last and takes a lot longer than my 2nd grader to do it because he is in 6B and it just takes a longer time. So my 2nd grader will finish everything before my 5th grader and if my 5th grader doesn't neep help with math (usually just needs help for word problems) and it's not too late and I'm not too worn out, I'll call my kinder guy in to do his school, which only takes about 30 minutes and since he is already reading well, if I don't get to it, it's not a big deal and we just do it later in the evening or another day.

Sometimes we don't finish before the girls are allowed to come out of their rooms but they are usually pretty good about playing for a while, or they come in the school room with us and I give them paper to cut up or color or use some of the Lauri preschool stuff.

We don't have a designated book basket time because they are all pretty good about reading them on their own, or I'll just randomly grab a book from our basket during the morning or evening and tell everyone to come read with me. When there is a read aloud book scheduled, I read it right before the boys' bedtime, when the girls are already in bed. That's not to say that I don't randomly call out "READING TIME!!!" when they are getting too whiny/loud/crazy/fighting with each other and everyone has to find a book to read for at least 20 minutes. :)

I'm not sure how it will go once the girls are not napping anymore in a couple of years. I'm a little scared. ;)
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Rest time

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

afelton wrote:What age do you other moms stop doing a rest time and maybe even finish up school while the younger ones nap? I have a 7 yr old, 5 and a half yr old, 3 yr old and 1 yr old. I still have the younger two take naps and the older two rest in their rooms. What age do u start having them do any left over school work. I hesitate to give up rest time, but think it might be necessary this year to fit it all in???? Your advice would be so helpful.

I think it depends on Mom. Do you still need rest time? Does your 7 year old? I started doing school during naptime when My oldest two both no longer needed naps. Until then I still needed naps to cope.. :) Actually I *still* need rest time to cope.. ;)
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by kanderson »

I have an 8,6,4, and 1 year old. My 1 year old naps from 12:30-3:30pm. My 4 year old rests (occasionally naps) from 12:30-1:30. My 8 and 6 year olds do not have a "rest time" per say. They take short breaks while I do one on one work with the others. (maybe 15 mins or so). They have their "free time" in the morning. They are early risers and we don't start breakfast or school until 8am.

We do not do any schoolwork after 3pm except for the occasional science experiment which Dad likes to help with after he gets home from work. Of course that leaves the whole evening open for them to do whatever they want. They mostly play outside until it's time for bed LOL. Anyway, that's our routine. HTH
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

Hey -
I've been thinking about this too! My youngest is 3 and unlike her siblings at this age she stills needs a nap...not daily but maybe once/twice a week? Still trying to figure it out. Lately, she has been getting up in the middle of the night. :~ I don't think my dh or I have slept straight through the night in over two months. I think she is more sensitive to upheaval and mom/dad stress (building a garage, vbs, family visiting, etc.) which is why I am trying to figure out if one nap a week or two naps is going to help her get enough sleep.

Anyways. Looking ahead to the fall, I'm having a hard time grasping the reality that we have out grown our daily nap times! I loved that down time after lunch, cuddling with the littles and reading stories. Sigh. I'm thinking it might be time to work on establishing a quiet time, give everyone some space and down time. Anyone have suggestions for quiet times?
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by kw4blessings »

Mine are still little and I LOVE afternoon quiet time. The 2yo naps everyday for a couple of hours. The 3yo and 5yo (will be 4 & 6 in Aug) stay on their beds and color/play with quiet toys for at least an hour, sometimes more. The 3yo will fall asleep every third day or so, typically. He can still sleep 3 hours on those days! Previously, I would use that time to read my Bible, have time on the computer, while drinking my afternoon cup of coffee, yum. Right now, though, I'm expecting #4 and need to sleep when the children rest.

I hope to continue this pattern for years to come.... although, who knows? Things may change. With littles who are 6 and under, I know we all need this time to be quiet in the afternoon in order for our evenings to be more pleasant around here.
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by jessicaleslie »

I have a 6 and almost 8 year old. We still (most of the time) do a "quiet time" after lunch. They have to stay in their rooms but are allowed to play quietly or read. Gives me a break and helps everyone wind down after the busy morning. (it is not always quiet though with my sons 'diseal' trucks driving on his bed!). It is a nice break for us all!!!

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Re: Rest time

Unread post by carlamom2ansnm »

I have 10, 7 and 4. The 4 yr old still naps, though not nearly as long as she used to :(. She has about 90 minutes that she sleeps for. The older 2 have 30 min of reading time during this time. Then, if we don't have school work to get done, they play quietly together for another 30 min. If we have schoolwork to complete, then this is the perfect time to get an hour of uninterrupted learning accomplished.

I used to seriously live by my nap time silence. Last year was our first year of homeschooling, so before then I would get beautiful silence for a couple hours during school/nap time. I learned that I actually cherish it more now that it's more rare, so while I don't get it as much, I don't require it as much, but it's pure bliss when it occurs ;)
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by lea_lpz »

My 3 year old will nap from about 1 -3 and my 5 year old will nap at least an hour, though sometimes she'll nap as long as two. If I need a nap too I tell her to play in her room quietly and when nap us over I will come get her. She'll usually play quietly and listen to audio books.

When my stepson is over, he just turned 8, he'll also take a nap for about an hour and play quietly for another hour, usually with his Legos; good time since his brother won't mess them up! If have stuff to do, I will do it then but often I take an hour nap too :-)! I will keep quiet time going as long as I can! It's very nice.

I've tried keeping my dd up to work on school while the younger one naps and she is just not that productive that time of day so it's not worth it right now. But, I think when they're older, if I have younger ones, I would likely make that the time of day they did independent work while little ones (and probably me ;) ) nap.
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by cherona »

We have quiet time in our house. The youngest two actually sleep while the older three finish up whatever assignments they didn't get finished before lunch and do their math fact drilling with each other then they are free to either read/play quietly in the house or play outside. I love quiet time! Everyone loves and needs the down time, including me! :)
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by afelton »

Such great ideas. Keep them coming ladies! What kinds of things do your kids do during rest time if they aren't napping?
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Re: Rest time

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

When we do naps, I have the older kiddos play quietly in their rooms (or during hot summer days, ahem, they might watch a short movie). Legos, books, puzzles, etc.

My third child is a bundle of energy and at three didn't require a nap or she would be up till eleven! So I made her a small quiet basket of things she could sit in bed and do - lacing cards, small books, maybe a few toys. These things were only pulled out at nap time and I might change it up to keep her from getting bored. :-)

Oh, one thing that my monkeys love is magazines. The girls will look at cooking magazines or even BHG! For Christmas the grandmas gave them Highlights for the younger set and it is perfect for road trips, doctor's visits, quiet time. I also look for them at yard sales too - I found a box of Nick Jr. FREE this summer!!! My oldest is 8, he gets the Lego magazine free, but I don't really recommend it. I'm going to get him God's World soon, he loves news...Strange I know. Heehee.

Hope that helps and isn't too OT. :)
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