Combining with older grades - More help

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Combining with older grades - More help

Unread post by jasntas »

6munchkins wrote:Hi. This is my 2nd year homeschooling and my first year using MFW. I went with this curriculum because I thought it had more structure to ensure we got all our subjects in. Now I feel completely overwhelmed that I will not be able to spend the recommended times with each child and still keep school to 4 hours.

My kindergartner does not read and my 1st grader does not read enough to work completely independently. Spelling Power will be 15 minutes times 2 kids, Language Arts will be 15 minutes times 2 kids, and Singapore math has me practically in tears!!! All the while I have 2 1/2 year old twins making noise in the background. Any help on how to best apply my time or streamline things would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed and as though this isn't going to work this year. Thank you in advance for any suggestions and/or encouragement. :)

I don't have a lot of advice for you but I would say that if you just started you may have to give it a little time to get into a groove that works for you. Don't give up yet. I'm sure that when others get the time you will get lots of good, experienced advice.

MFW is great. I only have 2 kids but others with lots more have been successful with this program and it works great for them as well. Hang in there.

I'm going to pray for wisdom and peace for you now.

Take care.
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Re: How to teach a K, 1st, 3rd & 4th grader AND 2 1/2 y.o. t

Unread post by cbollin »

I wouldn't worry if it goes over 4 hours unless you mean a lot lot lot over 4 hours of teaching. That 4 hours is an ideal but not a standard. That would be for the 3rd and 4th grader done. Then you need to also teach some phonics/math to K and 1st. ((hugs))

I have found that we do read alouds in evening and I don't usually try to do those in the day.

I found ways to do Spelling with both kids so that it's only about 5-7 minutes of my time per student. Then the rest of the time they are doing their stuff. I've also seen a mom I know locally with 6 kids do Spelling Power with her crew while at archery for older kids. She does the calling out time on list and that's it.

Language Arts: are you using PLL and ILL? I have ideas for that to help with time stuff.

What's up with math? (maybe others have ideas to help?

And also remember you might want to call MFW office for some ideas too. The authors of MFW had 6 kids. They know what you're going through. Some of the other staff have large families too. Sometimes on the phone help can help with specifics where typing can't. Give them a call.

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Re: How to teach a K, 1st, 3rd & 4th grader AND 2 1/2 y.o. t

Unread post by MelissaM »

I'm probably in no position to post about this since this has definitely been a less than stellar week for us, and I don't have as many kids as you do...but a couple of thoughts.

With a 3rd and 4th grader...I would just not worry about the spelling right now. Just wait till you are more in the zone, and then you can add that in. I've yet to do any formal spelling with my 4th grader - I just am faithful with copywork and dictation, and I point out spelling errors in notebook pages or narrations. She'll be okay. When you do do there any reason (I haven't used Spelling Power, so I don't know?) you can't have them both working from the same level or the same list? So you only have to teach it once, haven one lesson.

Can you be a little more specific about the math? (((HUGS))) Tears over math are no fun - for mom or kiddos.

Another thing you could do is have your 3rd and 4th graders each take a 30-minute turn with the younger kids. While the 4th grader is with the K and twins, for ex, you could work with the 1st grader. Then the 3d grader could play with the twins and the 4th grader could read a story to the 1st while you work with the Ker.

You might want to take a look at Manager of Their Homes which is a book all about scheduling the family - it has some great ideas, even if you can't make a completely detailed schedule work for you. (I can't, but I've gleaned lots of good stuff anyway.)

HUGS, it'll all be okay. Really. It will.
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Re: How to teach a K, 1st, 3rd & 4th grader AND 2 1/2 y.o. t

Unread post by momofsix »

I hear your pain! I get overwhelmed each year, but then somehow it all comes together.

Last year I had to have my olders watch my little ones while I helped the other students with the non-independent subjects. This year I don't know how everything will come together yet either, because I'm also doing K, 1st, 3rd, 5th & 7th, with a 2 /2 yo & 1 yo.

HTH & you'll get it figured out eventually ;)
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Re: How to teach a K, 1st, 3rd & 4th grader AND 2 1/2 y.o. t

Unread post by gratitude »


I have a 1st (2nd in January), K, 3 y.o., and 1 1/2 y.o. so it is your situation without the 3rd & 4th. I can see why you would feel overwhelmed. I think I spent all year last year wondering if I could really do this. Somehow this summer (without school) was fabulous for building my confidence and getting me more organized. Right now we have been 'easing' back into school, but tomorrow is the official first day. I still though thought I would give a few of my ideas.

Last September the LA program we used had my ds and I in tears. Worst of all he was learning nothing. After 3 weeks I sold the program, and switched to another. After we finished that K in January we started MFW Grade 1. The switch was one of the best decisions I made last school year. He is READING now!! If I had stayed where we were, he may never have learned to read. So I guess I am saying it is more important to use what works than stay with a program that brings tears. I love Singapore but there are other great math programs.

What works for me for the younger two at 3 & 1 is the home being organized in a way that encourages them to have things to work on during school time. I used to teach in the school room last September. When I moved to the kitchen table mid-year it solved 1/2 my toddler challenges since the family room off the kitchen happens to be the toy room. So now the kids not doing school have toys to play with, and I can teach at the table for math and phonics and spelling. The other thing I did is the cupboard next to the table has all the Lauri toys, play-doh, drawing, coloring, etc. so the 3 year old can join school at the table. The puzzles she like to do are also close by. There is also a couch in the toy room for me to sit on and read books while the kids can do legos. For Bible, science & hands on activities all my kids join in, and I think this too is helpful. So I start the day with Bible, and I am sure this year it will have to include a few stories my 3 picks out for her to be full enough emotionally to move into the math & phonics part of the day.

I hope this helps even a little.

Prayers for your home schooling. ((Hugs!))

P.S. I am not sure what the office or others would say, but it seems in your situation that you might be doing the activities for ECC (?) and not doing the activities for MFW K or MFW Grade 1 in order to make it manageable for you.
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Re: How to teach a K, 1st, 3rd & 4th grader AND 2 1/2 y.o. t

Unread post by Crystallea »

give yourself time to find the rhythm of the program. My littles last year (4, 5,5) went to Camp RunAmok each morning. Not recommending it, but it is what happened and we all survived. Well, some dishes didn't, but for the most part ...... 8[]
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Question about length of time each day

Unread post by erin.kate »

inHisstrength wrote:I know that it varies depending on each family, and probably which program you are using, how many children, etc. However, I'm looking for a general guideline for how long the reading and any teacher time takes each day. We can do math, english, and other instruction when the little ones are awake but the reading aloud (at least until they are a bit older) would need to be done during nap time. So, I'm trying to figure out if that would work for us. How long does it take you each day?
I am only teaching two right now ... MFW1 and PreK ... but I have a 2-yo tagging along. We spend about 2 hours in the morning on Bible, math, reading/phonics, memory work, and copywork. We stop for snacks and little games here and there. Also, generally two days per week my first grader illustrates her Bible notebook while the two youngers experiment with messy art, as well. We have lunch and I read from our read-aloud at that time ... since my 2yo is eating, he is generally happy to listen in on our read-aloud. ;)

Then my littlest goes down for a nap and my girls and I turn on some music that we are studying, such as, Carnival of the Animals right now, and we do the lessons with which my littlest isn't always the most helpful. :-)

We study one per day: an Art lesson, picture study, drawing lesson, nature lesson/notebook on Pagoo. At this time I also do household chores and prep dinner. One afternoon I keep free for rest and errands.

After naptime, the house is normally tidy and dinner is working, laundry is done, and we go OuTsIdE for fresh air (as long as it's above 40 degrees ... haha).

So, I used to try to finish school before lunch, but I found that we all had much better days and learning just became a fluid part of our everyday that we enjoy it throughout the day. We are technically finished before we go outside in the afternoons, but sometimes we finish up something from our morning work around 4ish. I try to keep the day flowing between lessons, housework, and life, while at this point letting my children's attention and needs drive the day (they are still young so our lessons are very short and guided).

At bedtime, I read from The Child's Story Bible and my 2yo is mostly content, but we roll with it.
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Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by TriciaMR »

mnmomof3 wrote:I'm looking for advice and encouragement from those who may have some wisdom to share. I have a 10 yo ds in 5th grade, a 3 yo dd and a 1 yo dd. I am having an impossible time balancing homeschool with my oldest and keeping the other 2 busy and engaged. My 3 yo is acting out terribly because I feel that she is lacking the attention she needs. I have a very difficult time keeping my 5th grader on task. What should take him 15 minutes, ends up taking him at least 30 minutes because he is so distractable and.... well... pokey. There is very little sense of urgency to get things accomplished. For example, today we should have been done with school by 10:30 am. It is not after 12 pm and we are still at least 1/2 hour from being finished and I have to squeeze lunch in there somewhere.

I get a sense that part of the problem is that I spend so much time and energy working with my 5th grader (who should probably be more independent) that I get very little focused time with my girls. I am really feeling discouraged and that maybe homeschooling isn't the best choice for our family. We have been working at it for 2 years and I still feel like a chicken with my head cut off. How do you all balance the kids when the age gap is so big? How do you keep your older children on task or hold them accountable to keeping themselves on task? How on earth will I find time to start preschool with my 3 yo daughter next year? Help! TIA!
Start your day with your younger crowd. Do a little circle time - sing a song, do a weather chart, read them a story (the 5th grader may want to join in), then act it out.

Another idea: toys that are just for "school time." I know one mom that has 5 different boxes, and each day she gets a different one down for her kids to play with.

If the younger two nap, use nap time for some stuff.

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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by kjknits »

Trish had some great ideas for helping your littles stay occupied. I would add some ideas for the pokey one. :) My son is almost 8 and very easily distractible. Some would say pokey, even. Another homeschooling friend of mine recommended using a timer, set for a somewhat generous but reasonable amount of time, and give him that much time for the current subject. Our trouble is math. He CAN do it easily, but he drags his feet (looks out the window, scratches his foot, inspects the table, rolls his pencil around, you name it) until I want to pull my hair out, and we can't move on to other things. So I use the timer: he has to finish his lesson before it goes off. If he doesn't, we move on and the unfinished work becomes "homework". Then, when my daughter and the rest of us are playing outside, playing with legos, watching a DVD or whatever, he has to sit and do his "homework". That helps a bit. Sometimes, though, we are extra stubborn and it still doesn't motivate enough. For those times I have to restrict privileges. So, if you don't finish within the timer, you will lose a privilege. Because some days we are more hard-headed than usual. :)

Another thing that helps move him along is to do all of the fun subjects first...for us, that's science, history, LA, etc. He and his 6 yo sister do those subjects together with me. After that, I sit him down with his math and it's up to him to finish, before he can get up and do anything else. I know that seems backwards, because common sense would dictate doing the least-liked thing first, but when he gets left alone (while we get to go do something fun), he tends to work more efficiently.

I think it's just a matter of him learning (and me teaching) self-discipline. I don't like to clean house, so I get it done early so I can MOVE ON. I give him gentle reminders that some of school will be like that for him. Just DO it, and you can MOVE ON. :) Hope this helps!
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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by kacairo1 »

Yes, we often have the same challenges in our household at times. Great advice from the other ladies.

Another MFW suggestion that we have recently begun is the white board list. I put each child's name on the board and list the items to complete--sometimes I give them two choices on the board and other times they can freely choose the order. That seems to help the pokey-ness. I also have used the timer system--it works great for my daughter's competitive nature. Also, little rewards are sometimes helpful (not all the time, but occassionally) like 15 mins of free time when you complete "X".

As far as the littles go, it has taken some time, but we have most of our "toys" in large plastic bins. When I begin sit-down school work with my oldest, I ask the younger ones which "one" bin they want to play with--it takes some negotiation at times. Other times I "assign" what bins we will play with--just depends. Sometimes after 30 minutes it's time to clean up and get out another bin. I've been trying to work on adding to those bins to make them substantial during birthday and Christmas times. For example, more "Mr. Potato" pieces for that bin, additional Tinker Toys for that bin, combining all the Little People and Dollhouse items into another bin, etc. Plus, we have "Peg Set" bins which include the MFW preschool and preK sets.

Ultimately, though, it's an obedience issue...sometimes you can be super organized and yet still need to take the morning off from schooling in order to prune the thorns.
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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by momtogc »

My disclaimer - I don't have young ones...but here are some thoughts that popped into my head when I read your post.

Does your fifth grader have his own written schedule to work off of? His own "grid", something to take ownership of? I made up a small grid like chart for my dd (fourth grade) so she can see what still needs to be done. It helps for her to see the big picture of the day - to know that she needs to finish up math because there is other subjects still to be done.

Teaching him to be more independent is key. If you work toward that end it will probably help. Have you considered Work Boxes? Some people have success with them. I think it helps the child to know there is more to be done.

We love using timers here. Works especially if you have prescribed times i.e. math is always 40 minutes, language arts 20 minutes, etc. Routines help us, too. For instance we have a written weekly spelling schedule that tells her what to do each day of the week and it never varies from one week to the next.

I love the idea about starting with the youngers. And if there are things that all the children can do together that would give your ds a break from table work and everyone gets to interact with Mom - nature walks for instance, right after math?
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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

Hi, I hope you're having a better day today! :)

I just wanted to add that it can be challenging when there is a big gap in ages. I would suggest doing your main one on one teaching when the 1 year old is napping. If you don't have a set schedule for when the 1 y o takes a nap, that might be your first step. :) Then you only have the 3 yo to keep busy with some school only toys or crayons at the table near you while you teach the 10 yo. As to the pokiness, I would just say that a certain subject takes place from 9-9:15, for example, if you're not done, you get to do it later during your "free time." This has always stopped the pokiness around here. If he just flat out refuses to do something, well then, you've got some child training to do, I suspect, and that is more important than the school work anyway, IMHO. :) Also, try to make sure his work space is as distraction free as possible. Is the TV on? Is it just plain too LOUD for him to think? Are there toys all over his workspace? Is there something really interesting outside that he can't help looking at? Etc...

As to preschool next year...I wouldn't worry too much about having a formal schedule for that. But, you could always have the 10/11 year old entertain the baby for a few minutes while you work with your preschooler.


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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I'm not sure a 5th grader will be done by noon, unless he is starting right at 8 a.m. and works straight through (i.e. working while he snacks etc.). So if you have a half hour to finish after lunch, that doesn't seem unreasonable for 5th grade.

However, you could organize it so that "mom time" is done by noon and you are free. Or, that "mom time" is only from 10 to 2, or whatever hours work best in your house. I'd pay attention to what things he could do on his own. Things like book basket and reading a chapter and doing his math problems should be pretty independent in 5th. I'd not do those things during "mom hours."

If he's dawdling in some areas with you, then I'd give him a reasonable amount of time and then put that work away, to be done as "homework" after his school hours. Kids in ps have to do the same thing. It only took my ds a couple of times to realize he didn't want homework, but if he had decided to continue dawdling and doing homework, I don't think it's out-of-line as long as he accepts the natural consequence of having more homework.

And I think now is the time to try to train your littles. They need to see that there are times they "do" get mommy (make sure that happens) and times they "do not." I think kids know this just from regular life, and my experience is that if it's "visible" it helps them get it. If you are standing or "doing" or otherwise don't appear to just be relaxing on the couch, kids are more likely to "understand" that you can't play with them just then. I have a little 4yo grandson here quite a bit some weeks, and he gets pretty loud when ds is just doing math problems or something sedentary, but will sit quietly beside me if we're listening to an audiobook or song or reading aloud. He also is very responsive to "after this" -- as in, "after this book, nanna will play a game with you" -- but that took some training (and some growing up, too). I think it's valuable, though, to first train him to wait "after this" for something short, and gradually stretch that out until he sees the framework of the entire school day.

More ideas:

As you can see, it's a big challenge for many during certain stages of life!
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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by mnmomof3 »

Thanks for all of the great ideas ladies! I normally don't expect him to be done at 10:30, but it was Friday so we had a VERY light day planned that included only Bible, letter writing, math and reading. I think that placing a time limit on lessons and assigning homework for whatever isn't finished might be a good way to go with him. He can get things done very quickly and thoroughly if he is motivated to do so!
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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by Calicokat7 »

I actually start with my older kids first, early in the a.m. while the littles are still sleeping. 6-8 a.m. is the best times to get the independent kids pushed in the right direction. Then breakfast with the little folks and after we start the prek & K lessons while the big kids work on their check lists for the day.

I found that if I didn't spend time with the big kids first it was harder for them to get themselves going in the right direction independently. My prayer is that when they get older their self-starter will kick in.
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Re: Staying on task/balancing act

Unread post by meljen »

I start out our day with family activities - smaller ones - like songs, music, and weather chart. We eat breakfast together and sometimes I will cuddle with them in my bed for a morning story. Our youngest is doing MFW-K so I have him do his school lessons after that, saving the hands-on activities we can do as a family for after lunch. Then he plays legos or whatever in the front room (or whatever else) while our Daughter starts doing her school. She does reading and math, and any other technical lessons, and then we do lunch. They get time to play outside, we go for a walk, etc. and sometimes we'll watch a movie. Then we do the science experiments, art, and fun hands-on activities after that as a family.

This seems to really work out for us, and our son doesn't feel left out. He does school though, so that might be what balances that for us. But starting the day with family activities seems to really help, because then the time he has to play quietly feels like his 'break time' to him. And he enjoys it more thoroughly. :-)

Hope this helps!
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Teaching multiple grades!!

Unread post by Poohbee »

hsmom5 wrote:
Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:38 pm
Had a question.. I will start teaching adventures 2nd grade along with Gods creation A-Z kinder. I purchased the preschool animal train in hopes that I can do some activities with my 3 yr old. I already have an idea on how to teach the older 2 together but I was looking for some ideas on how I can squeeze in the preschool teachings into the day?? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!!
I had read and heard from many other homeschooling veterans when I was just starting to teach multiple ages that it works well to try to work with your youngest child(ren) early in the day, and I have found that to be true.

I start school in the morning by doing Bible time with my older two. It is just a great way to start our day by reading and discussing the Bible together. Then, my older two work on independent work while I work with my youngest on his kindergarten (or whatever level he's doing at the time). After I have worked with my youngest, he goes off to play on his own, and I am free to work with my older kids.

Your older two are only in 2nd and K, so it's a bit more challenging to find independent work for them when they are that young, but you can have them do copywork, Book Basket (basically reading or looking at books about the topics you are studying), or independent reading during that time. Even for a child who is not reading independently yet, they can look at picture books on their own. Or, your oldest could read to your middle child. Or, you could create a "center" or "station" that has a variety of activities, and the kids can choose something out of various things to do. The key is finding a few things the older two can do independently while you work with your preschooler.

Another good time I've found to work with littles is right after lunch. Your littlest one can play during the morning while you work with your older kids. Break for lunch. Then, right after lunch, have the older ones work on independent work while you work with your preschooler.

It will take some time at the beginning of the year to train your 2 older kids how to do independent work, what they should work on, and what you expect of them during that time. So, take 2-3 weeks to train them. Perhaps don't start in with your preschooler until you've had a chance to train your older ones how to do their independent work.

Just a few ideas for you. :-) Sometimes it will be challenging, and there are times you'll feel like a bouncy ball, bouncing from one child to another to help them, and you may not sit down a whole lot throughout the day. It will be busy for you. But, it is so worth it! And, really, the years do pass so quickly, and before you know it, you'll have teenagers and you won't be able to remember how you did it when they were all little. :-)
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Re: Teaching multiple grades!!

Unread post by hsmom5 »

Thank you for your reply. Yes you're right in trying to work with my youngest early in the day, I think that will be best, I did put some quiet play activities together so I'm hoping that helps!! I'm definitely trying to teach the older ones to do independent work now also.. But I know it all takes time!! Thank you for the ideas and encouragement!!
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Re: Teaching multiple grades!!

Unread post by lea_lpz »

I have a k'er and 3rd grader. Things are hectic because we have an 18 month old baby in the mix.

My goal in the AM is to do like PoohBee and read a Bible Story to both kids and then do k time with my ds and have dd do her independent work. When baby goes down for nap, we do our Adv core and any math and Lang instruction my oldest might need. DS has quiet time or can join us as long as he's not disruptive.

I like the advice of starting with the youngest.

I'm not sure if you'll realistically be able to do all 3 programs. An hour with the 3 year old, another with the 5 year old, and then another 3 hours of active teaching for ADV might be too much.

You might want to consider allowing the 3 year old to tag along for k read alouds, activity, and Bible. Then maybe do k math and Lang arts while your 3 year old plays or what not and the 2nd grader starts independent work. The toys without the guide might be a good fit for your family. You could do a 15 min "preschool time" with the toys to work on pre-reading, early math skills and combined with tagging along for a bit if k, that would be a full program for a 3 year old. Then you could let both littler kids play while you do ADV with the oldest. Or save ADV for after lunch while the littles nap and do quiet time. Maybe saving any hands on project that the 5 & 3 year old might enjoy for after nap.

Another bit if advice. You might not get to do all of k or all of All Aboard. That's ok. Do what you can. My priority for k is to do Bible, math, Lang and Read Alouds. We don't always get to the activities every day, but he still enjoys our time together and gleams a lot from tagging along for some of the history, science and crafts & cooking with big sis.
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Re: Teaching multiple grades!!

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Hi lea_lpz,

Thanks for the reply! It's so helpful hearing other ideas of what other homeschool moms are doing with their kids! So far were trucking along.. Thank God! There's the ups and downs of course which I try my best to get through, but overall I think it's going well. We have a schedule that's been working for us!! ...Yayyyy!! I am definitely enjoying having them both do a lot of the subjects together, I believe they are learning a lot doing it this way!!

I started doing the all aboard with my youngest but I think she's not quite ready for it.. So instead I am doing other things with her in between independent time with the older 2. Hopefully later in the year I can get back to doing "all aboard"..

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Preschool Packages, ECC, and AHL (too much?)

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far above rubies wrote:
Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:50 pm
I'm planning for next year.

My 9th grader is doing AHL.
My three 2nd-7th graders are doing ECC.

I'm planning to do the Pre-K program with my will have just turned 5 year old.
And the 2's and 3's program with my will be then 2 1/2 year old.

Plus, I'll have a 5 month old. :)

Thoughts? I don't want to overdo it. :) This is our 2nd time through the cycle, and I'm SO excited about re-starting ECC next year. :)
The first thought I have is to take it slowly with the child who will be 2 1/2, meaning I think at that age it will be okay if you don't get to do everything in the lesson plans every day. And it could be a good tool for you to have handy, for ideas on what to do with your little one :) Incidentally the appendix in the teacher's manual has brief a list of great activities that can be done with your child if he/she isn't totally interested yet in the daily plans, so there isn't anything to lose. The second thought I had was combining the two little ones in one program, but I can't think of how that would work-just get Pre-K for the 5 year old and let the 2 and a half year old tag along? Maybe someone else has other thoughts :)
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Re: Preschool Packages, ECC, and AHL (too much?)

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Well, if you are able to get all the programs, then they won't go to waste since likely you will use them eventually, even if you end up setting one aside for a while -- your 2.5 is still on the young side, and then there's the 5mo coming up :) You could get them in your hands, look everything over, and perhaps find you could fit them both in by doing story time at bedtime or by having older siblings do some of the teaching.

However, if the extra programs will be a difficult expense for you, then I agree with ManyBlessings about folding the little one in with pre-K and ECC when she shows an interest. That could be easier on mom, too. Plus it can be fun for kids to do things together, especially the fun stuff.

There isn't an "official" recommendation about combining the preschool and preK (yet), like there is for combining preK and K, but you might get some ideas from reading those recommendations:

P.S. I loved ECC the second time thru, as well!
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Re: Preschool Packages, ECC, and AHL (too much?)

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I didn't do anything formal with my boys until they were 4 (they are twins). I did get Before Five in a Row, and spent some time each day reading a book from there and maybe do one fun little activity, but activities were optional.
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