Babies - How do you home school with them in the picture?

Using MFW Preschool & Pre-K Packages, as well as occupying babies and toddlers while teaching
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Re: Overwhelemed:(

Unread post by Fenni »

My experience:
When I used MFW 1st w/ my oldest child at age 6, I also had a 4 yo, 2yo, and baby born that fall.
Then, we used ADV and MFW K w/ 7 yo, 5 yo, 3 yo, 1 yo.
Now we're using ECC and MFW 1st, and I have a 8yo, 6 yo, 4 yo, 2 yo, and baby (born in the summer.)

I love, love, love MFW's grids and book lists. They help me so much, and make school do-able. I say stick w/ MFW! especially if you have been using MFW. You and your child already know their style then, and won't have to learn that of a different company. When I learn I'm expecting a new baby, I also kind of panic and feel overwhelmed. I think the concerns you have are normal. Hang in there! everything will fall into place!! Praying God's peace for you. Congratulations on the new babies, Amanda and Teresa!!!!
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Re: Overwhelemed:(

Unread post by Ariasarias »

I'm in that situation right now. I have a 4th grader, 1st grader, a 4 yo and baby that was born in June.
I too was overwhelmed at the thought and still am at times.
I have considered switching too so that less of my time will be required. I always come back to the fact that if I switch, there will be a learning curve on my part on how to implement the program, even if most of it is on the computer and it will be taking away what I really love about HSing. I felt like I was really looking for a program in which I had no work to do. I don't think that program exists :).

We have really enjoyed this year together and have really been enjoying the baby. I'm glad we stuck with MFW. My attitude is much more relaxed than in the past. I realize that this year is extra special in watching the baby grow together and really enjoying that "together." From the beginning it has been good for me to not even expect school to get done everyday. I realized from the beginning we would probably be behind. That has helped me not feel overwhelmed when we have lots of doctor's appointments, or the baby was up a lot last night and I need some more rest or it just takes me a long time to get ready for school. It is getting easier (except for the fact we are struggling in recovering from vacation :)).

I agree that if you are already doing MFW, you will be fine in keeping with it. Just be aware that at first especially, you will be busy with baby and you just need to have a plan for your children when you have to break to take care of baby. My older two have really helped me a lot. I don't have a great schedule that I go by every day, but I try to be ready with ideas in how to let them help. Sometimes that means playing with the 4 yo or reading to her before her nap(she doesn't know that my 1st grader is not a great reader yet :)), or they can sit with the baby while I work with someone else -- singing with him or reading to him or just talking to him. Now that he is older they can play with him a little more. I also just send them to play, yet they know when I call them back they have to come. For my fourth grader, when the baby was tiny and needed my attention more, I would try to save some of her work she could do by herself for those times that I had to break.

You will do great!! Call on God daily for his strength and his guidance!! He is so faithful.
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Re: Overwhelemed:(

Unread post by TriciaMR »

My oldest is 4th grade, and I have 5 yo twins doing a K program. No babies now, but that feeling of "overwhelmed" certainly was there before.

1. Pray. Ask God to show you what to do.

2. This year, what I do is go through the day the night before and pick out things for my dd to do on her own. We're in CTG this year, so she does her Greek Roots on her own most days (looking up words in the dictionary we do together, and I make multiple choice quizzes for her to do on "Fridays"). Then math drill and math (most days), book basket (must be saved for last), any copy work, notebooking pages, and studying her AWANA verses. I put all the papers, books, etc. in a multi-pocket expandable file folder with a list in the first pocket.

3. Give yourself plenty of room to just do the 3 R's. It's okay. Your 4th grader won't fall behind. She/he is learning that family and relationships are the most important.

4. School year-round to give yourself plenty of padding in your schedule.

5. Once baby is on a more regular routine (or schedule), use those nap times.

6. Allow yourself to take a 1/2 hour nap right after lunch. Have oldest do the lunch dishes, you feed the baby, put the 2 yo down and then take a 1/2 hour nap. (Set the timer - any longer and you might wake-up sleepier than you started.) 4th grader can read quietly to the 1st grader.

7. Can dad do read-alouds in the evening? Science on Saturdays? Bible at breakfast or the night before?

8. Have the 4th grader and 1st grader entertain the 2 yo as necessary to get 1-on-1 time with them. Same thing with the baby.

9. Have that 4th grader helping more around the house (home economics class, anyone?) - cleaning mirrors, wiping out sinks with disinfecting wipes, vacuuming. Even the 1st grader can help with some of those things. If you don't feel comfortable having the 4th grader start the laundry (we have a front loader, and have to be careful with the soap and such), at least teach her/him how to shift the laundry and start the dryer. (My dh starts a load in the morning as he leaves for work. I LOVE him for this.) 4th and 1st grader should be able to help sort and fold laundry.

A friend used to tell me, God always gives us grace, but never until the moment we need it. Have faith that God will show you how to be a good teacher with a new born.

Enjoy that baby.

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Re: Overwhelemed:(

Unread post by Ariasarias »

Thank you for your encouraging words!!
God is so faithful to give the grace we need for the moment!!
What a blessing that we get to experience that daily!! :-)
Until we need it, we just need to trust him!!!
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Re: Overwhelemed:(

Unread post by Mommie25 »

wow thank you so much ladies, I have tears in my eyes as God truly spoke to my heart through you all and reassured me that He is always in control and He is the one that called me to homeschool and led me to this wonderful curriculum and He will always be faithful to get me through any of life's situations and to teach me how to embrace them!! God is so good and thank you ladies so much for sharing your hearts it truly meant alot to me!!!:)
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Re: New and need hand holding

Unread post by BHelf »

MuzzaBunny wrote:I am in need of a tiny bit of encouragement. :) We are new to homeschooling and MFW. My daughter will be starting MFW K next month. We will be starting slow, and we may proceed for 2 years, depending. We have MFW's blessing on this. :) I am fully committed to homeschooling her.

The hand-holding I need comes in here: my husband and I are considering trying to have our second child this Fall. I need some veterans to tell me that it's very possible to hs with an infant. I need to know that the age gap won't be impossible. DD would be in 4th grade when the next child would be in K...) When the busy baby season begins, she will be in 1st and 2nd. This is doable, right? I'm just a little fearful because hsing my first is a top priority for me. Thanks so much!
Yes it's more than doable to have an infant and homeschool. I know tons of people who do it and I get to find out first hand this fall. :) But I do have an 8-year-old, 4-year-old and a 3-year-old. And we started HSing 2 years ago when the 2 little ones were tiny toddlers. You can do a lot during naptimes, especially with as much as an infant sleeps. And you can wear your baby in a carrier during school times so they are next to you and being comforted while you teach. As far as the age difference goes, I wouldn't worry too much about that. You just have to see how things progress as time goes on but lots of people have children with larger differences in age and it's just fine.

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Re: New and need hand holding

Unread post by erikdeb »

Quite possible! I have to confess, though, I don't remember much of what is was like, but I know it's possible, as I've done it twice. I currently have 8yo (as of today), 5yo, 3.5yo, 2yo, and 1mo. We've done MFWK, 1st, and ADV, the first 2 of which were done with an infant right along-side. It must not've been too terrible, because we'll be doing it soon again with ECC.

Just plan to take a nice break when baby comes while everyone gets used to it. I try to take my "summer break" when we have baby (no matter when it is).
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Re: New and need hand holding

Unread post by Kim in MI »

HSing with babies is definitely possible! My kids are 13, 11, 9, 8, 6, 4, 18 mos. so we have pretty much always had a baby and/or a toddler while schooling. I just found that sometimes I had to think outside the box as far as scheduling. Instead of trying to get everything done in the morning, sometimes it's afternoons during a nap that works best or doing things in smaller chunks with breaks rather than trying to do it all in a row. Be flexible and ask for God's guidance, wisdom, and strength.
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Re: New and need hand holding

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I did K (a different program) with 1 yo twins, so it is definitely possible. And 1st, and 2nd... We're now up to 5th grade. (My, has it really been that long?) K and 1st shouldn't take *that* long (unless you have twins!!) I utilized nap time, swings, pack-n-plays - and sometimes they just had to go up to their cribs for a little while so I could have focus with the older one. The boys learned to play quietly with books and other quiet toys in their pack-n-plays while I did some things with my oldest. And at about 4, they start to want to do some of the things the older one is doing. My boys often joined in on Geography and Science in ECC, and they loved joining in on Science in CTG, and even some of the History.

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Re: New and need hand holding

Unread post by bellaboys&girlmom »

Don't worry. You can do it. I have an 8yo, 6 yo and almost 2 yo. I have very difficult pregnancies so the year I was pregnant with the baby was tough but we got through it. You may have to make adjustments to your schedule as you go along to fit the baby but you will have to do that with everything you do. ;) It is all worth it and your oldest will thrive. MFW is great and gives you a lot of flexibility to make it work for you and your child. Do not fret. Rest in the Lord's assurances.
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Re: New and need hand holding

Unread post by MuzzaBunny »

You know, not only is MFW a blessing and an answer to prayer, but this little community is too!! Thank you all so much. I feel much less overwhelmed.
DD is so excited to start school! (1st of September) I think a lot of that is due to the deluxe kit I bought and her seeing the Ant Hill...
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Having a hard time knowing if MFW is still for us?

Unread post by Wendy B. »

melissamomof3girls wrote:Please help me sort out my thoughts. I feel like a failure with this curriculum this year as I've just done the bare bones. I haven't done much of the fun science experiments or any supplemental activities. Part of it is because our new son has been so needy of my time and a more difficult baby. I have been running on a few hours broken sleep each night since his birth. I know my exhaustion is partly to blame.
My youngest was like this.... we used to say that she demanded a very high standard of care. As a word of encouragement, she is an absolute delight now that she is older and not quite so needy! She is still very interesting and quirky though. Ha!

Sounds like you have had a very productive year with a high needs baby and little sleep! Don't second guess yourself and curriculum choices under such circumstances. You are in the middle of a difficult season.....a season that will soon pass.

Kudos for getting the basics done! Is there anyway you can delegate science or the supplemental activities? Can dad do science with the kids for the year or so? He may not follow the schedule but if he has the books and you gather the supplies in a box then it may just be something enjoyable they get to do on a Saturday afternoon.
Honestly we haven't done a lot of the supplemental activities and we don't have a baby in the house.
melissamomof3girls wrote: My 1st grader cannot sit still and has a shorter attention span. I am finding that reading the bible stories to her from the teacher's guide is not working. I've been trying to summarize as quickly as possible and just get to her reading her bible. Any ideas on that?
Well......she doesn't have to sit still to listen. My more active kids actually listen better when they were moving a bit. I have found that a big exercise ball that they can sit on and bounce does the trick....keeps them moving but not so distracted that they can't hear what I'm saying. My oldest ds liked to walk around while I read to him. If I asked my active kids to be still then they spent too much energy focusing on sitting still and couldn't hear.

I have found that it helps my short-attention-span-kids if I pause more frequently and ask questions while reading longer passages. It may be that a question or two after each paragraph is what she needs.

A few little adjustments can help you feel more successful.
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Re: Having a hard time knowing if MFW is still for us?

Unread post by momsflowergarden »

melissamomof3girls wrote:Thank you for your replies. Also, I have another question. My 1st grader cannot sit still and has a shorter attention span. I am finding that reading the bible stories to her from the teacher's guide is not working. I've been trying to summarize as quickly as possible and just get to her reading her bible. Any ideas on that?
First off HUGS! There is nothing that takes me down faster than being sleep deprived.

One of the things I still do with my ds who loves to be read to but doesn't like to sit for any length of time is let him draw, color, even play with legos. I am amazed at how much he is getting from what I read. I have read that sometimes it actually helps them concentrate on what is being read or taught.

There are many ladies here that have much greater experience and some have chimed in. They have helped and encouraged me so much. The main thing is give yourself some slack, allow yourself to rest when the opportunity is there and most importantly listen to the Holy Spirit for direction.
Be Blessed
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Re: Having a hard time knowing if MFW is still for us?

Unread post by Amy C. »

Hi! I can so relate to your exhaustion. I have 4 boys (6th, 4th, 1st, and a 5 month old). My baby is much more demanding of my time than the others were. I am old and tired and some days just plain worn out. The first couple of months after his birth (and some days still now) I have had serious doubts whether or not I can do it all. Right after his birth was the first time since we started hs'ing 6 years ago that I had serious doubts about homeschooling and really it is not even the question about homeschooling itself as much as it is questions about my ability and strength. I have really had to do some heavy duty praying, that is when I can stay awake and find the energy to pray.

With God's gentle reminders and encouragement, He has reaffirmed His call on our lives to hs so that issue has been settled. I have (briefly) wondered if there was an easier or better way to do it. Maybe another curriculum or something, but we came to MFW from another curriculum plus I have heard what other hs families have to do with other curriculums - all this is enough for me to know that, in my opinion, for us, there is not a better curriculum. I have come to realize that maybe we need to streamline our schedule more and nip and tuck and tweak here and there, but changing curriculums is not an option for us. I know God led us to this curriculum, and He has been so gracious to reaffirm that in small ways, like when we were learning about heiroglyphics, that day's "Go Fetch" episode taught about hieroglyphics or the week before we were to study about Hatsheput, we "happened" upon a biography special about her while visiting my MIL or just this last week when we had checked out some library books about Indians that I did not think had anything to do with what we are studying and then it just so "happened" that we were learning about ancient North American life and how the earliest Americans came to be and how they lived and found that those "unrelated" library books aided us in our study. Also my oldest son was able to teach the rest of us some things about all of that because of what he had learned in boy scouts. Can I just say God is so good to connect the dots for us? I know He wants to do that for you as well. I pray that He will show you and that you will see and hear Him clearly.

As for my 1st grader who has a July birthday, I have even questioned should we have started him in 1st grade. He is very intelligent in many ways but still immature in many ways. We are doing what we can, when we can, and what he is able to do. I have finally come to peace about the fact that we may be continuing in 1st grade into next year and maybe even starting 2nd grade midyear next year. This may not apply to you in any way, but it is something I have been dealing with.
So my encouragement for you is to pray a lot and asked God if you are using the right curriculum, the one He wants you to use and look for His answer even in small everyday ways. And then however He leads, pray that He will help you flesh it out in your hs. That is where I am right now, "Lord, show me what this is supposed to look like in our home and our homeschool. Show me how we are to flesh this out in our home. How is this supposed to work for us? And, please grant me the sanity and strength to see it through!" I am also praying that He will fill all the holes I am leaving, that He will connect the dots for my kids when I just don't have the strength to do so or even know what holes I am leaving.

I will say that I can't imagine life without my MFW TM, the open and go, everything planned out for me TM. Takes a lot of pressure off of me.

I will pray for you and pray that God will lead you in the paths He has for you and your children.

Gotta go start supper. HTH in some way.
Amy C.
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Re: Having a hard time knowing if MFW is still for us?

Unread post by melissamomof3girls »

Well can I just say I have tears in my eyes from your generous responses! Thank you for taking the time to encourage me! I will reflect on your answers and try to give myself a little slack. :)
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I just had to say

Unread post by lisaha »

that ECC is perfect for a year with a new baby! It has been awesome to be able to just open the teachers manual and teach. It's cool to have it laied out for us so if we have to stop for a cring baby, we can just pick up wherever we left off and on good days when the children beg for anouther chapter or more and Emma is happy we can do two days worth of work so on the harder days with cring babies and tots we can do less. I love how full it is so when we miss music or an experiament it doesn't feel like they missed anything. It was really good that it has so many wonderful books that when we couldn't get to the library for a few weeks after having Emma, the kids still had a full and fun cirriculum and everything is so fun it sticks. (Ok, so Property of Ecosystems gets groans, but they do listen and learn! ;) LOL) They even want to look and reread some of the books after we are done with school for the day (Joshua, 7, "Can I please keep "Living World Encylopedia" out so I can keep looking at it, I promise I'll put it back when I'm done!") Alot of times all of the children gather around and enjoy listening to Bible, science and social together! It's sweet memories! Even my 3 year old is learning new things! :) This cirriculum is a blessing!
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Re: I just had to say

Unread post by beastgal »

Thank you for posting this!! We are just weeks away from starting ECC and I am nervous about it!! We have LOVED Adventures and hate to see it end! So glad to hear that it is going well for you!

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Re: I just had to say

Unread post by jhagberg »

Thank you, Lisa! We are doing Adventures right now, we will start ECC late summer or early fall, and my baby is due in October! I'm so glad to hear that ECC is perfect with a newborn. :-)

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Re: I just had to say

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 »

What an encouragement! We're another Adventures family that has enjoyed our year immensely, but you've just given me hope that next year will be equally as wonderful. And although I won't have a new baby next year, it will be my first year to teach two separate programs (ECC and K). I'll just think of K as my baby and know that ECC will allow me to take care of it just fine! :)
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Re: I just had to say

Unread post by lisaha »

My biggest advice to homeschooling with losts of little ones is to cuddle up and read all of the good books that are not optional, skip what is optional and you don't have time for (if you have time for it, do it. Some weeks we do one or two pages out of the book of animals and other times we go weeks without touching it), do what you can skip what you can't get done or don't have time for and don't feel bad about it bc with the nonoptional books, geography game ex.. alone they are getting sooooooo much! Somedays we get done with everything optional and non optional and many days we only get done with the non optional stuff, even missing music and art and they are still doing awesome! Keep in mind what your kids can do and can't do-Abby can do dictation and Joshua and James can not. :) I encourage you to keep going even if you have to do math and lang arts in the morning, then the baby cries and your morning is shot and you read Bible, science and social at 6 pm! (we have done that on some days!) They love listening like it was a great bedtime story! :)
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Re: I just had to say

Unread post by MelissaM »

Great post! We are loving ECC as well - even though I don't have a newborn ;) . I actually am finding school more difficult with a 1 yo than last year with a newborn - so I too am very grateful for the user-friendly teacher manual, etc.

And for Jennifer (beaglemamma) - I'm doing ECC and K this year, and finding it immensely doable! Don't worry - it's all good. ;)
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Re: I just had to say

Unread post by asheslawson »

We are loving it too! I am a first year homeschooler & doing ECC w/my fourth grader, age 10, & MFW K with my 6 year old. She's already finished K, but we're moving a little slower through ECC, but having fun. I have so many volunteer activities that I'm involved with that it has been a big help that the TM is able to 'open & go' to some extent. I shopped so many curriculums & I definitely think we made the right choice this year!
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Adventures with a Baby?

Unread post by lea_lpz »

Kelly Marie wrote:We started our "Adventures" school year at the beginning of July, and are still trying to muddle through Week 5. Ack! I know part of our problem is my lack of time management (a.k.a THIRD trimester tiredness!). In a few weeks (or less!) we will be adding a new baby boy to our family.

I'm doing Adventures, with Saxon Math 2 and BJU 2nd grade Lang Arts (already owned). Those two subjects take up most of our time. We skip over or greatly modify a lot of the hands-on projects. I have the PreK Pack for my 4 year old, and she joins in with us for other things when she's so inclined. I'm also trying to give her a good slice of time, knowing she'll be a middle child soon. :-D

Any words of wisdom for me? Been there, done that? How did you handle homeschooling after a new baby? I don't want to let my kids down because I can't keep us on track. I'm planning on taking a few weeks off, but I'm scared that we won't get in our 180 days until next July if we take off too much time.

Blessings and Thanks!
I am expecting and due in March, so by that point we're hoping to be a good 3/4 done with of curriculum.

I don't have a plan so much because I don't know what will happen. I think there might be weeks we do a standard 5 day week easily and then weeks we're I am really burned out and won't get much done or only do half days most of the week, but my hope is by God's grace it will average out so we can complete our year by the traditional start of the school year. With 54 weeks to complete 29 weeks of school, it's probably doable. If we plow right through (well, still taking a Thanksgiving, Christmas break and Federal Holidays) and finish before baby is born, awesome :), but I am not going to sweat it if we still have 6+ weeks to finish and we need to break for a couple weeks before or after baby's born, and if we end up moving at half pace when we pick back up. We'd still have at least 4 months to finish:)

I had conceived back around Christmas and lost the baby at 3 months along. During the pregnancy there was a good six weeks where I could only muster the energy to about an hour of school a day. I decided to make a monthly newsletter of sorts giving the high lights of our learning and what we learned in different subject areas. It helped me realize that I was in fact doing plenty with them and even if at that life stage our K units were 2 weeks +, they were learning a lot the whole month.

Now with this pregnancy, I feel pretty much the way I normally would energy levels wise so it's not impacting my ability to teach a full school day at all. I think you just never know.

I had a couple responses asking a similar question a couple weeks ago.

Now what I am worried about is next September with a baby old enough to start making a mess and pitching a fit for attention :), but even then, babies do nap, lol.
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Re: Adventures with a Baby?

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

I have a 10 month old. So, I did this last year. :-) Honestly, we do homeschool year round so we can be more relaxed. Our year is July 1 - June 30.

Other than that though, having a baby hasn't really bothered our homeschooling much. It's not that difficult with him. I did have learn to school on the couch while nursing or nurse at the table with the kids. It wasn't that big of a deal though. Babies, especially newborns, sleep a lot. It's actually much harder to school with a toddler or young preschooler than with a baby, in my humble opinion. Keep in mind that I had 2 sets of twins prior to this single baby. I think one healthy baby is a breeze. ;) Still, my 3 year olds get in the way of us doing school more than my baby ever did.

For me, it was much harder to get school done in the last 2 months of my pregnancy than after. My brain just could not do it. All I wanted and all I could get myself to do was clean and organize and clean some more. LOL!! I thought I was going to need a month off after the baby, but it turns out I was really ready to get back to it after only 2wks and we did. So, don't assume it's going to be difficult. Sure, it could be, but I wouldn't assume it will be. It might be a very smooth transition.

We were doing 1st last year and are doing Adv and K this year. I started K with my older twins when my baby was about 4 months old.

BTW - Because of how many littles I have, I skip and modify activities a lot too. We do the easy ones and skip the more in-depth ones. We are fine. My kids are still having fun. Oh, and I do a different science because we just can't do all those hands on experiments. It isn't that I don't want to. It's that I have too many little kids for that to work. Last year when I had the new baby, we ditched the science too. We just checked out a lot of library books on science and watched Magic School Bus DVDs. My kids loved it. Do what you have to do. It will be fine.

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Re: Adventures with a Baby?

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Hi! Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. We are working on Adventures as well. :)

I had a baby boy in early February. I have to agree with Heather who mentioned that newborns are pretty easy to school with, IMO. Now, of course that depends on the baby and if there isn't any colic or difficult thing going on. We took off more time before the baby than after, because I too needed time to nest and I was so "antsy" I couldn't focus on school. We took our time after he was born getting back into a routine and found that getting back to school really helped all of us!

I also agree that babies, even 6-12 months are not too bad in general when you're schooling, because it hasn't been too hard to entertain them with some toys, or they nap, or you can nurse whenever and wherever you're reading or working with the olders. It's when they start walking and getting into things that it gets harder. As far as those toddlers go, I try to keep my 3rd involved as much as possible in what we're studying. There are lots of printables you can find for little hands. I just printed out a free Lego themed set of counting cards where you use Legos and put the right number on a number card. Genius for boys. I'm going to laminate those today. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my laminator? :-) :-)

My suggestion with the baby is to get back into school as soon as you feel up to it. School while the baby naps and nurses :) Have fun with him...we all know the time flies by so fast. ;(
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