Babies - How do you home school with them in the picture?

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homeschooling with a new baby

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graceandjarrod wrote:I am wondering how you all have adjusted your mfw schedule while being pregnant and having a newborn? I will have a second grader, kindergartner, and 2 year old and newborn. Any advice?
Hi Grace,
The best advice I can think to give is to relax and not worry so much about keeping on track with schooling. I always shoot to end the same time every year, but find that's not always possible, and that's okay. I say use paper plates, make easy meals, do whatever you can to bring down the housework. I've found some of our best learning happens on days when I just sit and read to the kids. That's easy to do while nursing a newborn! When my youngest was born, I planned to take 2 full weeks off from schooling. But, when the time came, I ended up taking off a week or two beforehand because baby was overdue and I couldn't focus on anything else! Then after he was born, I was ready after a short week to get back into a loose schedule with the kids. It helps to do some school whenever the baby is napping. If the 2 yr old and newborn can sleep for even an hour at the same time, you'd really be able to get a lot done! :-) Haha, right? That didn't happen too often at my house. Best wishes to you and your sweet family!
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Re: homeschooling with a new baby

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Congratulations Grace,
I think you don't have much to worry about at the beginning. I agree it is easy to nurse and read at the same time, and newborns sleep a lot. I should put in a disclaimer that I have never had a colicky baby and I imagine that would be much harder. The real challenge usually doesn't come until they are mobile. I predict that the two year old will be your challenge.

I try to really focus on reading because the better they can read the more independent they are in their schoolwork. Also, if your second grader can read picture books or even book basket books then reading to the two year old is a great activity that keeps the two year old happy and gives the second grader lots of practice. MFW literature package for younger kids looks great and could provide lots of reading practice.
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Re: homeschooling with a new baby

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Hi Grace,

You are a busy momma!!

What a blessing. Congratulations on number four. Last year I had a 10 yr. old, 8 yr. old, 6 yr. old, and a newborn (well, 4 months old when we started school in September).

My advice is to be intentional about doing what you can every day. Whenever the baby sleeps, do math and language arts. If you can read while rocking holding the baby, great! I had to be intentional because I felt so much better every day that I didn't skip school. ;)

Also, set a time during the day for the kids to do a quick pick up. We always did this before dinner and before daddy came home. I would set the timer for 15 minutes and we would put on fun music, run through the house and do what we could. It was a fun way to spend some energy and the kids didn't mind to work only for fifteen minutes. Whether the house was done or not, we would stop. By doing this I could devote my earlier hours to school alone and not picking up.

Some little tricks for me:
Worked in the bathroom while toddler played in the tub with a Popsicle or other fun messy thing like jello.
Opened the dishwasher door and let the toddler paint with pudding while we worked. Close the door, start the dishwasher, and presto, mess cleaned up.
Of course my older kids were able to help more, but whenever the could play or distract the younger ones, I could work one on one with someone.

Well, that is how my year looked last year. Most of all, I try to make sure we stay upbeat and fun. I want to enjoy these hard but wonderful years of having little ones.

Take care,
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Re: homeschooling with a new baby

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Thank you for all of your suggestions! They are helpful.
I am a planner and it helps me to hear from other moms how they have done school with a baby.
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