Ideas: Teaching Left from Right

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Ideas: Teaching Left from Right

Unread post by LoveBaby »

One trick i teach my kids is if you hold your left hand up your forefinger and thumb make a capital L. L for left! is what we say.

when my daughter did a toddler dance class the teacher had a tape that had a left/right song on it. "Tap your left foot, left foot, left foot. wave your left hand, left hand, left hand," and so on. she's much better at remembering than her brothers are. mmm...i wonder if i could get a copy of the song and find out the title.
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Re: Teaching Left from Right

Unread post by JenniferF »

The problem with the "L is for Left" is if they also cannot remember which way an L goes!!!
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Unread post by Michelle in WA »

I tell them every time I help put on shoes or clothes. I always (or try) start with the left. "let's put your left arm in your sleeve. Now your right arm. Where's your left foot let's put it in your shoe."

You might also write with a marker L and R on the respective hands. Or put a bandaid on one.
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Unread post by kellybell »

For us, we just drill, drill, drill. We talk "left right" all the time. ("Okay, church is on the left" or "I need to turn right" or "Oooh, you skinned your left knee.") It eventually sinks in.
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Unread post by Mom2MnS »

Hi there! I agree with those who suggest drilli, drill, drill :) We work on this riding down the road in the car. Who is sitting on the right? If you are sitting on the right, which is your right hand, right foot, right ear? What do you see out of the left windows? etc... It's just one of our car games, and we always have fun playing.
Also, anytime we are dressing - esp putting on socks and shoes.
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Unread post by CharleneHoell »

Just a thought...another things you might try is playing Simon Says using left and right, i.e. "Simon says raise your left foot..." and playing the "Hokie Pokie". Both os these helped my ds when he was in preschool.
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Unread post by lyntley »

I always just remembered which hand I write with (my left hand)...
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Unread post by GoodCat »

I've taught all my children left from right with a little song.

It goes something like...

This is my left hand, I'll raise it up high.
This is my right hand, I'll touch the sky.
Left hand, Right hand, roll them around.
Right hand, Left hand, pound, pound, pound.

We did gestures with it and did it almost every day.

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Unread post by momof6 »

When our kids are toddlers we try to constantly be saying left or right, in the bathtub, "give me your left foot"; in the highchair, let's wash your right hand, & etc.

There is a game our family enjoys called "Left Turn, Right Turn" everyone follows a sequence of lefts & rights and whoever finishes correctly first wins that card & the person with the most cards wins. It's a fun little game & really helped my children (and me), although one child found it really frustrating until he finally started getting his left, & right straightened out. We don't allow daddy to play anymore because he's to fast for the rest of us! :) You can find it in the Rainbow catalog for $6.75
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Left Hand / Right Hand Confusion

Unread post by Lorelei »

The thing that has worked for all of my RIGHT-handed children is that they WRITE with their RIGHT. I hope this will be helpful for anyone else with the same dilema.
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