3-year olds - Lots of activity ideas & experiences

Using MFW Preschool & Pre-K Packages, as well as occupying babies and toddlers while teaching
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3-year olds - Lots of activity ideas & experiences

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I recently ordered the Hazell's cd on Occupying Preschoolers. This week we've been utilizing a couple of them and I'm seeing the joy of it.

We are using ECC. We involve our 3yo in our bible time, geography, read-aloud, and science. Then during math and grammar I give him little games to play or he will play on starfall (I love that website!). I have given him his own "school" notebook.

My oldest is doing Apologia General Science while my 4th grader, the 3yo and I do ECC science. Then if the oldest has a science experiment, we come in and watch her do it. So a couple of days ago, the oldest did an experiment to see the movement of the atoms in boiling water versus cold water by dropping food coloring in it. She does lab report with drawn pictures, etc. Well, after she was done, the 3yo got out a jar and filled it with water, then dropped in red and blue food coloring. It was cute. So later that day, I found his "school" notebook open and he had drawn a picture of a jar filled with water and had colored inside it with a blue crayon then a red crayon. Then he had written a bunch of letters beside it, his lab report. It was so sweet!!

We have also taken an idea from Mr. Hazell to color a bunch of craft sticks different colors to teach math concepts.

I took it further and will hide a certain number of them throughout the living area, in open view. I have him do some movement like marching or crab walking into the living room to find the sticks (large motor skills). He has to bring them back to me and count them. The ideas are endless. Teaching them at that age can be so effortless and fun.

I'd love other ideas here for what you do to teach a toddler and 3yo while homeschooling. I can see how we can do some of these fun thing while working on different areas of development, large and small motor skills, hand-eye coordination. I have different colored beads and have him pick up beads with tweezers out of one container and divide them by color into baby food jars. There is a website with these types of ideas...I need to find it. Sorry so long. I'd love more ideas!!


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The preK basic package that MFW sells includes a small booklet [now Activity Cards] of ideas to use with those toys that MFW sells.

One idea from over here (even if it doesn't involve large motor skills): if you are reading a preschool story to your child, make a list of words or repeated phrases from the book, have the child cut the word list (it's ok if they don't cut it perfectly) and make a collage of the words on construction paper. My daughter did that a few days ago with the story The Very Quiet Cricket, by Eric Carle. The list included all of the different ways that the different things greeted the cricket. Then we tried to have her say some of the greetings each time she saw us (she has autism and struggles with language and greeting people, so it was good for her).

She loved cutting the list and gluing it onto another paper. I couldn't believe how long she sat doing that. Wow! Very minimal prep work.

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I love your ideas!! Here are a couple that I have found helpful if you are looking for more...

http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/prescho ... vities.htm

http://www.triggermemorysystem.com/activitybags.html (other good stuff on this website as well)

Making the Most of the Preschool Years by Valerie Bendt (this one is really good)

Slow & Steady, Get Me Ready by June Oberlander

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I like the Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready book.

I've gotten some great ideas from this website: http://www.hubbardscupboard.org/ - My littlest wanted to learn his letters/names/sounds last year so I printed off the little songs, letter fonts, and pics from the website and he made his own "flashcards" using the pics and construction paper then we covered with contact paper. He is very pleased with his cards and loves to sing the little songs. I also like their days of the week song and my little guy has learned the days of the week from it.

I don't have the pre-school activity booklet from MFW - but I have most of the products they use from previous kids and my little guy loves using those for his school time.

I also wrote out numbers and letters onto paper and we scatter them around the room and he hops or runs or whatever to the letter or number when we call it out. We make a scavenger hunt for him with various toys, shapes, colors, letters, etc. and he has to try to follow our oral directions or look at pictures that we draw to find the treasures. We play "Mommy says" and I give him instructions like pick up two yellow bears, etc. I have Mudpies to Magnets and More Mudpies to Magnets and I use them when he wants to do his own Science then we take a pic of him with his experiment and glue it on a sheet of paper and he narrates to us for his "notebook". I also give him letter pages each week with a sheet of clip art that begins with the letter sound and he enjoys cutting and pasting all over the paper and then placing in his notebook. I do the same thing with numbers and he glues objects onto the number sheets. He sorts peas, seeds, beads, strips of ribbon, etc. and places the in egg cartons. I set him up on the screened in porch or the patio with water colors or finger paints and let him paint on paper, color pages, rocks, sticks, leaves, whatever he wants to try. For just about every story we read I try to come up with a game, craft, food, or etc. that ties in with the story ----www.dltk-teach.com usually has some fun ideas ---like I'm pretty sure that's where I got print outs for stick puppets for Very Hungry Caterpillar which ds loved. Light Brite - in a controlled area! - is great for fine motor skills. Also a sensory box is wonderful.

Outside time -Going on a nature walk - even if it's just to the mailbox can be fun - we use baggies to store our treasures for a while and sometimes we place them on construction paper and cover with contact paper and use for dinner conversation during the week. Laying at the top of the drive and exploring the clouds during the day and the stars at night. Sidewalk chalk - drawing shapes, letters, numbers, hopscotch, walking a line, etc.

While doing ECC I used the Geography Songs CD and my little one loved it and colored in the coloring book while the big kids did their map work. I also always tried to include some easy readers or simple stories from the areas we studied that he could listen in on. I added the Animal Encyclopedia and One Small Square books to our science and he loved those and considered them his school books - our library also has baskets of books that are designed for pre-schoolers that cover various topics/animal habitats, etc and I would always check those out just for him (of course I have to admit my older ones would snag some of the books or videos during book basket).
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Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:47 am

Let's review what you can be doing with a preschooler.

Read to her
Sing with her
teach her how to clean and cook
do fun things with her like going to the park
Find some books at your library that are all about preschool games and do some of those.

Can she read, write, and do crafts? That is fantastic!!! Great --- now ask God how that talent and gift of hers can be put to use for His kingdom. Do some service projects with her or something. But..... the academics need to wait. Your daughter did not pass the first readiness for MFW K in Marie Hazell's recommendations --- she is not the right age.
susieinms wrote:My dd will turn 3 in July and I know she is young, but she wants stuff to do.
Since she wants to "do stuff" then get her thinking of doing stuff for God and His kingdom.

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Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 4:46 pm

My dd was a self-taught sight-reader with a natural understanding of phonics. I read to her many times a day, always moving my finger under the words that I was reading. Once she started reading on her own, I would help her sound out the words she didn't know. I believe her skills in language arts are a gift from God. Hopefully I have helped nurture them.

She had a grasp of numbers from playing with my measuring tape. We mostly just had fun with whatever we did and didn't consider it "school."

We've always been involved in various church groups and did the majority of our crafts with them. If you're gonna make a mess, make a big mess!
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Unread post by Ariasarias »

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:59 pm

I just wanted to share a website that has free PK lesson plans and lots of activities to use with little ones. The author actually wrote it for her oldest child. It is http://www.hubbardscupboard.org/index.html.

It is a Christian curriculum. She uses lots of books like MFW. It has helped me have something else to do with my littles that wanted a little extra.

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my son loved them

Unread post by Heidi »

Christine in TX wrote:Can anyone tell me how the booklet is laid out that comes with this program?
Posted: Fri May 02, 2008 3:31 pm

My then 3- now 5 year old ds loved having these for "his" school. These were so helpful to me to not only give him something quiet to do to occupy him - but, since he has motor delays - it has also been very therapeutic to supplement his OT.

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Suggestions for a (very active) 3 year old?

Unread post by dhudson »

rtlmom wrote:We're doing MFWK with my oldest, and I'm trying to include my 3yo when possible, especially during the activities/projects.

But there are some times when I need him to be doing something quietly so that I can teach my K'er. This is proving to be a struggle, getting him to do something solo for a few minutes. Any suggestions? I know this is an age old question, so I'm sure lots of you have been through this already.
I bought the MFW pre-school set and a timer. I explained the activity set a timer and the expectation that they were (I had twins) to play quietly until the timer went off and then I would be back. I was sure to be back when the timer sounded and while it still was distracting it did give me a few moments. I would start with 5 min and work up from there.
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Unread post by microcarter »

After just the first 2 days of school I thought I would pull my hair out in frustration. However, I am blessed to be surrounded by many veteran homeschoolers and one of them happened to call me that first week. She said that she would often get her 3 year old involved in a preschool computer game when she needed him to do something quietly.

I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of this since I had my oldest two playing educational computer games at this age. My little one caught on very quickly and now loves to spend part of his school day on the computer. Of course, some keep him more involved than others and you do have to make sure he knows how to work the mouse but I found out that my ds learned very quickly. Of course, the bonus is that my ds is learning quite a bit. He can already recognize his name, sing new songs, recognize some letters & numbers, etc.

I have also bought some alphabet and number place mats/books that use dry erase markers. He loves to sit and try to trace these or simply just doodle with the markers on the charts.

I did buy the preK educational toys and puzzles that I only bring out during school time but these don't seem to keep him occupied by himself very long. They are great if I have time just to spend with him though.

These other two things I mentioned seem to keep him occupied the longest but I can't wait to hear of more suggestions from others that I can try too!

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Unread post by Fenni »

things our 3 yr old boy likes...

books on tape
crayons and coloring book (new to him helps!)
small chalkboard and chalk
paint with water books
magnets and magnetic board
flannel pieces and flannel board
crumple waste paper and toss it in a small trash can
kick a small ball
draw a picture for ____

what really helps our 3 yr old is not sending him off first thing, but rather including him for a bit and then setting him up with his own activity nearby.
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Unread post by baileymom »

my 3 yr old does the bible/character/science/arts and crafts with us, then i do the "teaching" (reading/math) with my Ker when my 3 yr old is napping.
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Unread post by my3boys »

As we all know, each kid is different. My middle child could be easily occupied by playing with building toys in his room at that age - it was his 'room time' while I did school with his brother. Fast forward a couple of year to boy #3, he was so 'busy' that he would quickly go through all the toys in his room and then move onto pulling the plaster off the walls, ruining the curtains, etc. The day he actually unlocked the window and crawled out, I knew he was never going to be a 'room time' kid - he requires far too much supervision. The only thing that would occupy him for any length of time was the computer and a few TV shows - that was what allowed us to do school last year.

To encourage you though, that was just a year ago and now I have a 4yo who is very interested in doing school activities with us and even will sit for stories (picture books of course, but it is a good start) - honestly, he's a completely different kid.
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starting MFW with 3 yr olds

Unread post by dhudson »

aktwinmom wrote:I have twin boys who turned 3 Oct. 08. I knew I wanted to homeschool from the start. I came across MFW and loved the whole aproach. My DH surprised me by buying the MFW K. I've been doing it with my boys since they turned 3. Their Sunday school teachers were suggesting putting them in preschool a few mornings a week. I did not want to do that.

We usually start our school time while they are eating breakfast. We pray, then review the Bible verses we are learning, sing songs, review days of the week and the planets. They have planet placemats. Then we sing songs, spend about 4-5 min. on that day's reading activity in MFW then we read a few books about the topic. After that I have them draw a number card and they have to count out that many almonds, raisins, etc. We go for a walk or play outside then read for as many books as they want. Then it is time for playdoh or some activity related to that weeks lesson. This week we used stickers, glitter, scraps of paper and their hand prints to make ocean murals. Then have lunch. After lunch is free time.

We started in Sept. and are only on lesson 9 so as you can see, we are not moving very fast. I guess the main reason I started was to help me with getting them in a more structured day. They are much better behaved all afternoon. The time actually spent on the curriculum is maybe 10 min. a day. I've just read some of the other posts re starting early. For me, the whole idea of starting too early gets confusing when most of their friends are in preschool working on letters, numbers, etc. I am open to ideas. I'm avoiding workbooks since I've heard those can burn kids out.

Thanks for any wisdom/advice
I always added in manners training (A Little Book of Manners for Boys: A Game Plan for Getting Along with Others by Bob Barnes, Emilie Barnes, and Michal Sparks ) for that age and spent a lot of time play acting it with them. Learning how to open doors for ladies, sitting still ( try it as a game - sit still for 1 minutes and you'll receive a prize and then keep upping the time - especially for my strong-willed active daughter) learning self-control hands(hands clasped and mouths quiet) how to greet a guest at the door, how to introduce a person, shake hands, how to obey the very first time etc. Like I mentioned we did academics as well but we spent far more time on these kinds of things, which has held in good stead when they did start formal school and in places like Sunday School.
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Re: starting MFW with 3 yr olds

Unread post by cbollin »


I think you’re right that you’ll end up repeating the Kindy lessons before starting first grade when they are older and the Bible lessons will stick longer. Even if it is fun and good now, it might stick with them more if you do it again. I can remember with my oldest how much fun we had with stuff at that age and then she just forget it all as if it never happened.

When you repeat K with them next year, be sure to check the Kindy Ideas forum for some new activities and books and stuff like that to do. Oh, also, I should note, that in Preschools it is common to do all of the same themes again the next year. That was my experience with my girls who attends outside preschools. Here's the link to the ideas forum for kindy

I’m not a big fan of using any company’s Kindy curriculum with a 3 year old. So I’ll be upfront with my bias on that. I’m not against early learning activities with preschoolers but I save Kindy for Kindy. I want to try to give some ideas of early educational ideas for preschooler while you gently use Kindy and then do it again. I'm big into the camp that is more about process over product, and learning skills, at this age.

I’m glad that you’re already realizing that there is no rush to start 1st grade with them because of their age and writing. You’re going very gentle and including outdoor play and story time.

You might consider calling MFW and seeing if you can buy the activity guide for the Lauri toys. It will give you fresh ideas on ways to use the toys that you already have so that you can work on thinking skills, and fine motor games, and new ways with language. But it is also about getting to learn to follow detailed instructions (learning to obey and follow instructions is good.)

I’ve had my youngest attend one special preschool and one “normal” school. Neither school focused on numbers or letters, but on readiness, and skills, and fun. So I think you’re doing the right stuff. No need to rush the numbers/letters thing. Do chores and cooking and cleaning.

I noticed certain patterns to group preschools in how they structured their school day and it seems to be a lot of the things that you describe that you are doing.

30-45 minutes of free play with educational toys that had some theme going. And the kids had choices to move between stations. (they could do the water table, construction areas, sit and look at picture books, playdough, art work free style.)

Circle time:
songs together (you could use the Bible songs in the MFW preK package)
Move around together
Bible story (or other story at the one school)

Structure art/craft related to the story

Snack time

Clean up

Go play outside or in the large motor room (indoor gym)

Pick up time.

If you need fresh ideas for active activities for little learners, perhaps you could find a book at your library for Games for 3-4 years that you can have some themes each week. You might ask the librarians, or check the catalog under something like Preschool activities, or Education, Preschool Parent participation Handbooks, manuals,

For suggestions of stories for circle time, you might consider the book collection that MFW was selling. I have several active activities to go along with that book if you need ideas for it, just ask.

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Re: starting MFW with 3 yr olds

Unread post by aktwinmom »

Lots of great ideas, Crystal. Thanks. I do check out the kindy site for ideas. My boys loved the hot dog octopus! We probably read anywhere between 15-20 books a day. During our singing time, I try to do a variety of songs letting them choose some as well. We do silly toddler songs, Sunday school songs, etc. Just have a schedule for them that is fairly consistant in the mornings makes a big difference in their behavior all day. We don't do anything for more than 5-10 min. except reading stories and going for a walk or playing outside. Things like playdoh or painting also take longer. They are naturally very outgoing and will talk to anyone anywhere so they have learned basic greeting/conversation skills very early. i'm not in a big hurry for them to learn the kindy stuff, just have fun with it. When we did S for sun and M for moon I got them each their own flashlights so they could takes turns being the sun and moon. They have already forgotten about the moon not having it's own light but they love using the flashlight when they sing This little light of mine. They finally understand the importance of NOT hiding your light! I do have a number of books re toddler activities. I try incorporate different ideas and games into the day. Right now they are fascinatied by knights so we have dozens of books about them and we bought them toy armor. I figure whatever they are interested in...

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Sensory Bins and Lapbook Components (K year)

Unread post by Erna »

We are going to be starting our second round of K in our household and I am thinking of adding sensory bins to our program for interest/play/exploration and to keep my 3 yo busy. I imagine my older children might join in but I know my son enjoys sensory-type play.

I guess I should give an example of what I mean when I mention sensory bins. This site is the one that got me on the brainstorming band wagon for K: http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.net/tag/sensory%20bins/
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Re: Sensory Bins and Lapbook Components (K year)

Unread post by Missy OH »

I love this idea!! I only saw the bird seed you listed in the link and I will have to go back and look at the other sensory tubs.
I'm sure you realize you can use the bird seed for Q-Quail.

Moon- a very large batch of homemade white playdough with things to make craters. ( I would add some space stuff like astronauts and shuttles, but this might not be a correct thing to do with sensory tub.)

Yellow-(focusing on different colors) bowls of different colored water (food coloring) they can mix together and experiment with. Maybe adding in droppers, tubes, etc.

Nest- dried grass, straw, twigs and brown clay or playdough to mix together to make animal homes. Maybe you can add in small plastic animals?

Thinking ahead

Unread post by cbollin »

MommaK wrote:I have been busy ordering curriculum for next year already, and I am super excited as I stalk the front door for boxes! ;)

I will have a daughter in ECC (3rd grade), and a son that will be 3 in Sept. He seems to go by the beat of his own drum....he is barely talking {29.5 months}, but did just surprise me by counting to 10 for the 1st time all by himself!

He likes to be involved in our school time, and gets really excited when I prepare/plan things for him to do 'school' with us! I was looking ahead to preschool programs for when he is ready, and I am in need of direction! If he will be 3 in the fall, and we will probably wait until he is 6 to do MFW K, I have THREE years to find something else to do!!! I am a planner, and I have found that it is better to plan things for him to do {and him completely reject my plans} than him want to do 'school' and nothing is planned at all!

I bought him the toddler package for this current year, and he plays with the toys. Where would I go from here? The MFW preschool package would only take up one of those 3 years!? Just curious how other Moms would handle 'school' up until MFW K at age 6.....if you did anything at all!
I'm sure there are wide variety of ways to do it.

the MFW preschool is not "a year" of curriculum. It's all about skills and repeating those skills and improving. when my youngest attending preschools I noticed that they curriculum they used was the same stuff each year and used in multi age settings in 3-5 years old. Now the 4 and 5 years old children could do more and cut more and all of that... but the children didn't mind repeating the next year.

One way to think about it is to include and involve your preschooler in the family cycle program. There are crafts, worksheets (if they scribble - mine didn't, but other children do), songs, etc.

Have you been able to hear David Hazell's workshop on Occupying, Educating, Involving Preschoolers? you might find some tips there.
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Re: Thinking ahead

Unread post by Jami »

I have kids that are the same way...they want to "do school" at an early age. When I did ECC with my then-third grader, my middle son was in first grade and my youngest son was three (turned four in November) that year. Both my first grader and my three year old did as much as they could with us which mainly included the passport with stickers, "flying" around the room with our arms out, what he could with the crafts from Global Art, coloring his own country flags, and also whatever was fun that he could do with the science and cooking in both ECC and first grade. We didn't get a preschool program for him although he did have a big preschool workbook (mazes, counting, etc) because he is a worksheet-loving kid and he would do that whenever there wasn't anything else for him to do in ECC or just whenever. He loved being included in ECC though and it was very easy to include him.

I haven't been great with updating my blog lately, but the year we did ECC, I blogged quite a bit. Here's the link to my posts about our school year... http://wehearthomeschooling.blogspot.co ... 20Cultures They start with the end of the year and go backward.

You can see my little guy (then three/four) and how much fun he had participating with us that year. Looking at those blog entries makes me remember how much fun ECC was. It really was perfect for even my young son.

BTW, we are planning on using Before Five in a Row with my two and turning-four-in-May daughters which I think is like MFW Kindergarten without the reading/writing lessons....just reading books to them and doing crafts. We also have the MFW preschool and toddler toys and they do like those a lot too. They want to be included in our "real" school but we are doing RTR this year which isn't as easy as ECC to include them toddlers. I'm pretty good about thinking about the little ones' school as not mandatory, but just fun and giving them something fun to do.
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Re: Thinking ahead

Unread post by mandolin »

I agree with Crystal, I thought the workshop by David Hazell was life changing thinking for me and my family of five sons.
(The one about Occupying, Educating and Involving Preschoolers!) It is highly recommended. In fact, I think it is good for any younger siblings who are tagging along with the older cycle. They always want to keep up with the older kids anyway.
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Re: Thinking ahead

Unread post by Ruby »

i think working with your son will depend on where he is developmentally. i think before 5 in a row is a great "readiness" program, if your son can sit still through it. my youngest will also be 3 in sept. and the way she is now, she could very well walk out on me as i'm trying to read to her! lol!

another great book to investigate is by valerie bentd-"making the most of the preschool years." great book for activity ideas using household stuff, to help your son with independent play. and it's not just a book of time-wasting activities.

then there's also the two books called "preschool activities in a bag," vol. 1 and vol. 2. labor intensive (to me, that is) readiness activities to make ahead of time for your son to pick out and do during school time.

and the "busy book for..." series by trish kuffner has 365 ideas geared for toddler's, preschooler's and children (ages 6-10). i really like this series-many great ideas. except the one about letting the little ones play in a kiddie pool of cooked spaghetti, cooled and oiled, of course, but still!
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Re: Thinking ahead

Unread post by MommaK »

Thanks ladies for the suggestions!

I picked up David Hazell's workshop cd, so I am eager to get that and hear what they have to say! I desperately want to include him in ECC with us, I hope he is willing! I have tried a few time to get him involved in Adv....key word being tried. :~

Thanks Jami, for the link to your blog! I do believe I have stumbled across your blog before! I loved looking at your homeschooling journey {and your kiddos are adorable!} I have had my eye on BFIAR since we started homeschooling, too. I want to make sure he is at an age where he really enjoys it. It is such a lovely program, so I want to make sure he gets as much as he can out of it! That is on my list of things to do with him in the future, though!

Thanks for the book suggestions, Ruby! I have seen these busy bag ideas all over Pinterest. I have tried a few with great sucess! The problem is I don't really have a lot of time to sit down and create tons of busy bags! Hopefully over the summer I will have more time to get more stuff like that done! They seem to be activities my little guy enjoys when I do pull one together!
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