Lauri Toys - Safety, Contact Info

Using MFW Preschool & Pre-K Packages, as well as occupying babies and toddlers while teaching
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Lauri Toys - Safety, Contact Info

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snickelfritz wrote:I am considering buying the preK program and the k program for my oldest dd.

Are the manipulatives in the preK program choking hazards? Will my youngest dd (she just turned 1) be able to play with them (anything in the set or the whole thing)? Is the preschool set any better (as far as choking hazard) and would it be redundant to get that also, for my youngest? Or, do both sets need to be kept away from her? If she's awake, she will want to participate. We would have her afternoon nap when we could play with them without worrying about her.
According to the company that makes the toys, Lauri, the toys in the Preschool package are safe for 2 year olds. There are some pieces in the PreK package that are too small to safely have around a teething toddler. I'm specifically thinking of the inserts with Fit a Space.

With any toy you want to supervise closely for safety and choke hazards. I personally wouldn't let a teething toddler (1 year old) use them for long without my constant paranoid watchful eye. And they can tear from too much in the mouth. It's not like there are tiny Lego pieces, but you still need to supervise (but, you know that because you're a good mom)

My youngest, who is now 4.5, is autistic and she was ok with the toys during her very extended time of mouthing everything due to sensory integration issues.

You know your child and her/his preferences. It might be a time to have an age appropriate set of school toys that are out just for school time until she gets a little older for some of the Lauri pieces.

Another thing to consider....
You might at some point want to hear a MFW workshop called (something like) Occupying Preschoolers while HomeSchooling older children

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Thanks for the info.

I hadn't found the text info, but that was kind of what I gathered from the pictures. It seems like it would be beneficial to add on a few of the toddler items.

Lauri Toys - Contact info

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Buttercup78 wrote:I need some replacement parts for my K alphabet puzzle and when I google searched Lauri Toys, I could not find their website. I did find the instructions on the puzzle for mailing in to get replacement pieces, so I will try my luck with that. Would still be interested if anyone has any info. THANKS
Lauri Toys has been bought by a larger company, Patch Products. You may reach them at (800) 524-4263 to find out where to send your request and money for replacement pieces. We have been assured by the new company that they will continue to replace pieces.

We suggest calling to verify the correct address as it may have changed since you bought your product.

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Re: Lauri Toys - New contact info

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Buttercup78 wrote:Ahh, thanks, Lucy. I'm calling now. Ok, I spoke to a very nice lady there and told her the pieces I needed. She took my name and address and said they'd send them out! She did not ask for a replacement fee or postage or anything!
Just wanted to update and let everyone know I received my puzzle pieces in the mail today at no charge.
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lauri abc puzzle for K

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cbollin wrote:I know in the Lauri case it is very hard to google that info. Here is a post from the board moderator, Lucy Robertson, regarding new contact info on Lauri Toys [above]
Postby jaley » Tue Jan 05, 2010 6:22 pm
I owned this puzzle long before we began using MFW (maybe even before MFW began). My envelope was returned stating that the address does not exist. I tried a google search. Thank you.

I received my missing pieces and all for no charge. It took several weeks but well worth the wait. I am using the puzzle for MFW K. Thank you.
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