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Current Events - God's World News, more

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baileymom wrote:Our DD, 13.75 yrs, reads God's World News (the one for year, she'll just read World) as her only Current Events right now.

I've looked into a few different online resources for her, but I'm not really happy with any of them. DH is a daily 'Drudge Report' reader, but I agree with AO, in that it is NOT family friendly. We would really like to DVR something, maybe once a week, and watch it with her on the weekend. But again, what? Media (esp TV) is so biased.

Where does your high schooler get their current events? ...Just World, any blogs, or news online?
Hi Kathi,
I really liked using GWN, like you are doing. Are you needing more? I tried buying the New York Times once, but my son found it dreary with bad news and over his head a lot of times.

We did use some sort-of current things at the end of 1850MOD when studying modern times.

- We got some John Stossel educational videos (free), which do have a definite slant but my son thought they were fresh ideas & even his friends in public school had watched at least one of them. [Some of his materials are used in the high school economics credit.]
- We used C-SPAN for info on presidents, and they have great stuff at election time and really throughout the year. Things like comparing campaign ads and speeches. They have lots of video clips and some worksheets in their educational area. They try to be pretty neutral politically, and I think they achieve that as well as any of us really can.
- When we studied the stock market, my son got interested in following the stock of the company his brother worked for (before that, he started following the stock of Target). At stock market sites, y\You can find links to recent news that might affect the stock and more. If you scroll down my long post here, you'll find some of the sites we used: ... 969#p57969
- He also developed an interest in following the national debt.

But really for general current events, we did the GWN. We mostly delved further on specific topics of interest to my son or to us as his parents :)

I think now in 9th grade I'm almost ready to try the "news" again with ds. It seems like all the news lately about Egypt should tie in to our study of Egypt in AHL somehow, but it's such a big topic it gives me a headache so I don't watch it myself :~ I'm gonna give it some thought, though, because it may be time to look at current events at a new level pretty soon here. For sure I plan to revisit this again in 11th & 12th, but haven't gotten to it so far in 9th.

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Re: What do you use for Current Events?

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my high schooler and husband like World Mag.

my high schooler likes to follow news stories on K Love radio

and we let her read headlines and selected stories that are on foxnews and yahoo news. For a little while we recorded some news on BBC (it was a suggested activity in AHL for something). then, there's the headlines from local news tv and print. We're all trying to follow the local news about the school merger/non merger. charter surrender and just so happy to be homeschooling. I know that not everyone will approve of what we do (secular sources). oh well. it's our kid. we'll take the blame. :) LOL

I'd forgotten about this resource.
It's a link from the World Mag site and is affiliated with them somehow. you know the drill... supervise the internet with children and teens...

and remember to check the mfw website under
language arts
for a discount on God's World News and World Magazine. ... #Magazines

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Re: What do you use for Current Events?

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KLOVE...great idea! Didn't even think of going there!

Thanks for the link Julie. We do LOVE, LOVE GWN...I just thought it was probably time to be a little more 'mature' about it...but I do have to be careful about the war news. With DH being Army (engineer...and not the building kind), I don't want her overexposed, just to cause extreme worry if another deployment comes in the future...when she was in PS, 2nd grade (when DH was in Afghanistan) I had to constantly remind everyone to watch what they shared with her...such anxiety...News was NOT on...EVER...for those 16 months.

I'm rambling.

Thanks for your ideas ladies!
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World Magazine subscription

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treepuppy wrote:Will my 12th grade student need the World Magazine Subscription during the first week or two of U.S. History 1877 to the Present?

I'm not in reaching distance of my US2 lesson planner to confirm this.hopefully someone else will confirm or correct my information. I'm going from memory...

I think you need access to current events from the start. Don't worry if your subscription to World hasn't arrived. You can use local newspaper, online news, or other until it does. Also, if you prefer to use other current events sources, you can. World has a bit more Christian flavor and commentary than other sources.

You might even be able to access some articles on World website without subscription. and it would probably be enough to hold you over for time to order, or wait in the mail. Here's a link that I think will work to access a few articles.

I hope that helps get your started for the year. and if my memory is wrong about it, hopefully someone will chime in, or eventually I'll get closer to that box with US2.

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Re: World Magazine subscription

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I can't answer your main question, but I second Crystal's suggestion to go to and access articles there. I have it set as my computer's homepage, and there are lots of articles available that could hold you over until your first issue arrived in the mail. :)
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Re: World Magazine subscription

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Thanks, ladies. That is a big help.

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