8th Grader - When to start high school?

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Re: "1850 to Modern Times" or High School?

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sbbrown425 wrote:This is why I so love this discussion forum. I am in a similar situation. While attending Christian school my dd was skipped from 1st to 2nd grade after one month into the school year. We started homeschooling when she started 4th grade. I believe it was just in time (God's time) because we soon started running into educational difficulties for her. Not bad but she did need more time to learn some concepts. I realize even more now that we will likely need that year back. She is now 13 yrs old and starting "9th grade" but she too want to complete 1850 plus with her 11yr old brother. I do not believe she is ready for the level of independence that the MFW High School requires. I even discussed it with the MFW consultants and they suggested that she start high school MFW at age 14 yrs. This may mean an extra year of high school and we (dd and I) are okay with that... Have to see how the hubby feels about it? She will be doing high school science, math (algebra 1), language, and electives.

Anyway glad to know that its okay and the learning and maturity is more important than the age at graduation. We love MFW.
You know, I think it's pretty typical for most high schoolers to begin at age 14. I know I was, and both of my older dd's have been 14 when they started as well. Even if they can do some "high school level" work at age 13, in my experience there seems to be a big jump in maturity level between 13 and 14. Since girls tend to mature faster than boys, this is even more true for boys, I think. (Generally speaking.) But girls, too. I did see a big jump in both of my girls during that year.

My oldest dd and I were talking about a friend of hers yesterday (a boy) who's the same age, and who's very, very smart. He's a strategy thinker and engineer type like his Vice President of a large company dad, and he's an only child so he's received a LOT of 1-on-1 attention over the years. (Yes, he's always been homeschooled.) He got a 32 on the ACT the first time he took it without even trying. 8| But my dd was surprised to hear that even HE struggled with Algebra 1, and found Algebra 2 much easier. I pointed out that he's always worked a grade level or two ahead, so it's very possible that even though he could do the calculations in Alg 1 at age 13, he may have struggled some with the abstract concepts and had to "think through" it pretty hard, perhaps with help from his formerly a Special Ed teacher mom or his engineer dad. So by the time he got to Algebra 2, he was more mature and ready for the higher thinking skills at that level.

Anyway, all that to say that there is value in waiting until they're 14 to start high school. ;) In fact, I find it strange that so many 13yo's ARE doing high school level work these days! Not that they shouldn't be able to, but just thinking about the type of society we live in, what with being inundated with temptations of sin and an "entertain me" lifestyle and attitude so prevalent today.... To me, being "academically" ready for higher level work just doesn't mean that much. I think I'm becoming the oddball in that way of thinking, though. :~
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AHL or CTG for my 13 y/o

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MomBecks wrote:Hi all!
I'm using CTG for my 7, 9, & 11 year olds this year and just wondering if you all think AHL would be too hard for my 13 year old? I don't like the thought of going through ancient history this year then repeating it next year :/ He's really advanced but I'm worried he'll be overwhelmed with the work load. But I'd love to have all my kiddos learning the same time period. Any thought?
I was told that is was more about mature content than ability. :-)
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Re: AHL or CTG for my 13 y/o

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I think Vicki hit the nail on the head with the major consideration in using AHL with a student younger than 14 or 15. You might call the office on this one, because I think even the Hazells tried it with an advanced dd, and didn't find it a good fit.

My own ds went through major changes at that age, not only in independent academics but also in independent faith -- what does faith look like without mommy and daddy directing me? How does what I learned at home mesh with what I'm hearing out in the bigger world? Those just weren't issues for him before that time. And those are what AHL is about, to me.

Here is a group of threads discussing the topic of 8th graders starting high school. Maybe something in there will speak to you. Otherwise, I might call the office, just to get a full view of the "other side."
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 520#p71528

It sounds like you have an advanced student on your hands, and in that case I recommend immersing him in the higher level maths and sciences and grammar and such. He can even go at a faster speed in those and get more time to do some cool topics later on in high school -- my youngest ds is registered for a Bioethics course at a college this fall, and I think it sounds fascinating.

I would also try to use those other subjects to join the family together, rather than worrying about history togetherness. They can do science experiments, math facts games, oral readings of their English assignments and Bible verses, etc. Maybe some of the history projects such as cooking could be a nice together-time and either preview or review for the student(s) not on the same page there.

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Re: AHL or CTG for my 13 y/o

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Thanks so much for your input! I'm thinking I'll just keep him in the family cycle this year and add more literature and history books to his list. He's a great reader so the AHL literature doesn't seem to be an issue, but the Bible topics may be past his maturity at this point. Hmmmm... Decisions!
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Re: AHL following CtG

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leann wrote:My second oldest children (twins) have done the whole middle grades cycle and I am temped to put them into high school early. Thoughts? They will be in seventh grade. My other thought was to have them do [another program]. I guess perhaps it is me who wants to move on to something new rather than repeat ECC again, but I will be doing ECC with three of my younger children next year anyway. When we started MFW we skipped CtG because we had just done ancient history so our rotation was ECC, RtR, Ex-1850, 1850-Mod, and now CtG.
I would not put 7th graders into AHL. There is a certain maturity level needed with some of the materials. Some options:

1. Repeat ECC, with your 7th graders doing the 7th/8th grade supplement. My oldest repeated ECC and it was very different for her as compared to my younger two (twins) doing ECC. She had to do independent research on countries to write country summary reports, then do one larger country summary report, and then the extra literature reading. It was a big step up in the English, Science and Math areas too, that year, so it was nice for her to have the geography part of things be a bit easier for her.

2. Go back to RTR with everyone.
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Re: AHL following CtG

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Hmmm, thank you for your thoughts. It is probably just me wanting something new. I will be going through the cycle again with my youngest children when they start school, so three times in all. I guess I need a longer attention span:) On the positive side maybe I will do a better job on the second and third times through.
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