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Tracey in ME wrote:I'm looking in the "The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!" Solutions and Tests book and see that these tests are not scored as with the other solutions and tests books I have (General, Physical, Biology, etc.). Now I'm not quite sure how many points to count each question for (as)? One point per answer?
I wonder if MFW office has any ideas? or have you contacted Apologia offices and asked them?

thinking out loud... what would I do if I had the book and had same problem and no one in cyber land answered...

I'd look at the type of questions.. probably assign most questions as 1 point per question, or at least if I thought something could be 2 points on something... that might be an exception. I'd compare with how the biology I tests were counted and do something close to that.
partial credit, etc...

hmmm... I don't have that book, we're in physics.. but your post looks too lonely. ((hugs)))


Re: Question about Advanced Biology tests

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Hi Tracey,

This one is set up differently because it is the 1st edition. They have not made a 2nd edition with those changes you have seen in previous courses. I had to do this for the for the first few years since 2nd edition was not available at that time. When looking at the test answers give 1 point for each vocabulary question, 1 point for each letter, if there are several answers required in one number (ie 3. a) b) c) d) ), and if a written response has 2 underlined answers you will count each of these as one point. Some of these will have the entire answer underlined, when checking look that the student has given the key ideas mentioned. I often gave 1/2 credit if they answered part of but left out a main point. When giving the grade, count up the total number of points earned and divide that by the total number possible (example: 21.5/23=93=A).

If you have further questions, please let us know or contact us at 573-202-2000.
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Re: Question about Advanced Biology tests

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Page 2, 2nd paragraph labeled (3) of "Solutions and Tests for The Humban Body" give precise instructions on how to grade the tests. ;)
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Re: Question about Advanced Biology tests

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Okay, I guess I'll just stick to that, then. That's what I did, anyway. Thanks! Doh on me for not reading that!
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