* Welcome to the High School Archive

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* Welcome to the High School Archive

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Welcome to the High School Archive!

Parents thinking about high school can:

1. Post high school questions and other conversations over on the Main Board at viewforum.php?f=6

2. Read and share high school experiences on the Share Your Experiences Board at http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewforum.php?f=34

3. Read past high school conversations here, in the High School Archive below

4. Learn more on the MFW website, Declare page, including links to the "Suggested Four-Year Course of Study" and "Planning Guide" - see the black bars here https://www.mfwbooks.com/wps/myportal/c ... ategory=14
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High School Group

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schoolmom2 wrote:I have been searching for the High School boards, but I cannot find anything like what I am used to for the grade school/junior high boards. Are there high school boards for each week or topic of study? Or am I looking in the wrong place or simply having a case of "Mom brain"? I have been away from this group for quite a while, but with high school starting for us in the fall, I am feeling the need for the support of those who have gone before! =)
It's not separated out by weeks. Here is the link to the High School Archive: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewforum.php?f=21 But, I think that is it.
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Re: High School Group

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Hi to both of you!
Yes, high school is a little different than K-8. There isn't time to add interesting extras, as a full credit has already been scheduled in each subject.

Of course, some folks do sub things or go a little more slowly here or quickly there, so the High School Archive does have 100 threads, about high school in general and each individual year - mostly the first year, since that's the year of the big adjustment :~

Feel free to post questions here on the Main Board. Some of us like to chat :-)
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