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Re: Extra lit for AHL?

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Thanks Julie. My dd is actually in a book club this year too, so I haven't had to worry about 'extra' reading for her. But not sure that is going to pan out for next year so I want to make sure I have a plan in place so I'm not scrambling around all year trying to find decent books for her to read.

I think the problem is, I just really miss that nice little booklist at the back of the younger guides broken down by grade level. I have used that so much this year for my 5th grader! Would love to find something like that for high school.

quick high school question

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joyfulmom wrote:Does the high school curriculum have book lists like the earlier years do?

quick answer: Yes,

longer answer...
for those using the SAT prep book -- that has 150 general classics listed.

AHL: part of English credit includes "free reading" time. Several historical fiction titles are given to match time frame being studied. These will be "lighter" than the package books. It's ok to have something lighter to still let them enjoy a book.

WHL: during the weeks of the research paper, there is an optional reading list. Also, there is something closer to book basket list. as well as movie list. lists in the back of planner.. not listed by week, but more by subject.. although subjects are listed in order done.

US1: "an enrichment optional list" for more history reading is given in certain weeks. so far I think my oldest has ignore those. She's getting plenty to read in the ALS (american literature supplement) and history book and Am. Lit. book.

US2: the English credit has a list of 18-20 novels for first semester to select. and you pick about 9 of those. A movie list is given as well.

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Re: quick high school question

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Thanks - that was very helpful!


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