Math - Saxon Lesson Plans, DIVE CDs

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Math - Saxon Lesson Plans, DIVE CDs

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cbollin wrote:just something to keep in mind with Saxon in jr. high and sr high.... There are DIVE cd's that are a video based instruction for math.
Another thing to note: MFW has written Daily Lesson Plans for Saxon Math. The point was to get rid of the unnecessary repetition that Saxon is famous for which eats away so much time - the student does an appropriate number of problems, not all of them. When you combine the work MFW has done in creating these DLPs with the DIVE DVDs, I can honestly say I'm not dreading middle/high school math!

Anyway, that's just something else to consider for the future. MFW seems to always be looking for ways to make homeschooling MORE joyful and LESS stressful!

Re: Anybody have to start older children at the beginning in

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TurnOurHearts wrote: Another thing to note: MFW has written Daily Lesson Plans for Saxon Math. The point was to get rid of the unnecessary repetition that Saxon is famous for which eats away so much time - the student does an appropriate number of problems, not all of them.
Some fun notes to tag on about the Saxon plans...

* there is a note in there that some students may need to do all of the problems and it gives guide lines to figure that out. But most students may only need to do the "important" problems. I like that MFW is looking out for all learners with that plan. It will make sense when you read the lessons :)

* they give a materials list for things you need to have for upper levels of math!!!! and tells you when you first need those things. I love the little reminder that happens about 2-3 days before that lesson. (Remember you need to start having graph paper on day 46....)

* there are extra notes for explaining things that may not have been on the DIVE CD!!!

And..... MFW wrote these plans in consultation with a man who has a lot of experience with teaching high school level math. I really am liking our Saxon Math Lesson Plans from MFW. Thank you JD Smith of MFW!

I have been waiting for a thread to mention more of the Saxon plans. They look great!!!!

Saxon Lesson Plans - Reviews

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Sweetmom wrote:Can someone explain in more detail what the MFW Saxon lesson plans are like? I know they choose select problems. What does that mean, how is a decision made about which problems are "important," and about how many problems are assigned each day? I've read the info on the site as well as in the archive, but it is very general--I'm not getting a feel for how Saxon is handled. I've read reviews on both sides about doing or not doing every single Saxon problem.

Welcome to the board! I am using MFW’s Saxon plans and can help on that. We did the 8/7 plans last year and are in Algebra I this year.

Those plans were developed in consultation with a high school math teacher. The plans list his credentials as having a BA in Mathematics and Accreditation in Secondary Education from University of Missouri, St. Louis. That gentleman has taught in public school in high school math (and also taught his children their math at home).

The guide is designed for the average to above average student in math. The goal of pace of those plans is to give practice on the newer material while including an appropriate number of review problems each day. There are some days where the student does all of the problems. Some days, it’s about 20 or so out of the 30 problems. There is a note how to evaluate if your student is one of those students who needs to always do all of the problems in the set. So there are some students who use the MFW plans who end up doing all of them. It's based on the specific set and combined with the experience of that math teachers' work with many students over many years of what it takes.

I know that since my daughter is consistently on the unit tests getting grades of 90% and higher, I know that she’s doing fine with the amount of work on the problem sets.

The plans do assume the student is using the MFW recommended DIVE CD for the plans, but also lists notes for those not using the DIVE CD.

Some lessons have even extra notes with them in the plans that share the wisdom of the math teacher who developed them.

The structure of the plans is a day to day list and help my daughter stay on track. Some weeks are math 4 days a week, but many of the weeks in Algebra are 5 day a week plans. Space is provided for recording the test scores and parent to sign off on them. My daughter writes in her daily score for problem sets next to the day’s plan. This helps us at a glance to see if she is struggling on a lesson and needs to go over it more with dad.

A friend of mine (who has kids all older than mine) suggested to me to let my daughter grade her own daily problem set and study missed problems on her own. This is working in our family. I grade the test with the help of the detailed solutions manual in the homeschool packet. She’s getting 90% and higher on tests so I know her daily “homework” scores are right.

If that brings up other questions, I can try :)

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Saxon Lesson Plans - Review

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We have the Saxon Advanced Mathematics Schedule (Gr 12) and it is VERY helpful.
I'm sure all the others must be, too!
Less planning for me, so more time for teaching... :-)
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Saxon Teacher dvd vs. Dive cd

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TNLisa wrote:My son (10th grade) is going to be doing Saxon Algebra II. Before I order, I'd like any input on using the Saxon Teacher dvds vs. the Dive cd. We used the Dive cd in the past (thru Algebra 1 when he was homeschooled before) without much trouble.

Anyone have experience with both? Thanks so much...
I'd take DIVE over Saxon teacher. It literally just reads the book and shows the same problems as in the book on the whiteboard. It's basically the textbook talking.

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Re: Saxon Teacher dvd vs. Dive cd

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The Dive CD's teach the lesson on a "white board" and equip the student to do the practice problem set in the book. I think they're easy to listen to and follow. Each lesson last approx. 15 minutes. The exact lesson as presented in the "Lesson" section in the math text is not presented, but very similar problems & examples are used. The Dive CD's do a great job of helping you to understand vocabulary and new math concepts in order to prepare you to do the math assignment.

I have never listened to the Saxon Teacher materials, but it is my understanding that you can look up any problem from the textbook and watch it being worked out on your screen. The exact lesson that is in the book is presented so that you can watch it instead of just read it.
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Re: Saxon Teacher dvd vs. Dive cd

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We have only used a little of both and have been trying to compare.

In the DIVE CD the teacher presents the lesson using different practice problems than the text. The lesson is not very long.

On the Saxon Teacher CD, the teacher presents the lesson using the same practice problems from text. The Saxon teacher only covers the essentials in the lesson to be able to do the lesson; she does not read exactly as stated in the text.
The voice on the Saxon Teacher was irritating to my ds. The advantage with the Saxon Teacher CD is that you get all the solutions to everything on a Solutions CD. With the DIVE, you have to use the Solutions Manual for the that.

Of course, this is little experience with both.

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Re: Saxon Teacher dvd vs. Dive cd

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Thanks for all the replies! My son is "used to" the format of the DIVE cd - so we ordered that - but I wanted to have a backup option for when the DIVE cd doesn't explain it well enough.

Well, we have ended up with every available resource except another live human being. DIVE cds, Saxon Teacher dvds, as well as Art Reed's dvds. We use the Saxon Teacher dvd when there is a specific problem he's missed or doesn't understand - we like being able to go directly to that problem. My son enjoys (prefers) the Art Reed dvds, I think because he can actually "see" a person, not just hear him. He focuses better that way.

Homeschooling a 10th grader has been very challenging for all of us this year. Each day is an attempt at his heart - putting academics on the side burner. Another reason to be gratefully using MFW curriculum that puts it on the schedule to read God's Word. Otherwise, he wouldn't.

Sorry for the sidetrack -
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Saxon DIVE vs Saxon Teacher cd's

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rjsmomma wrote:Has anyone used both of these? I know the Saxon Teacher cd's are a bit more costly, just wondering if they are worth it or if the DIVE ones' work fine. I've not struggled to teach math as of yet, but I know my time is coming where I'll be of no help to dd at all:) So I want to make sure we are using the best resource that we can for her.

Dear Shannon,

Thank you for your questions. It is hard to know with all of the choices out there which is the best for your family.

MFW choose the D.I.V.E to use along with the Saxon text and solutions manual, before Saxon provided any kind of DVD instruction. Once these products were released we did take a look at the Saxon DVD instruction and found that the cost and amount of time taken for instruction per lesson (about 50 minutes) did not warrant a change from our current choice. D.I.V.E. teaches every lesson from the Saxon lessons.

Both of my kids have used this program and both are very different kinds of learners. They enjoy the teacher's voice and have found the lessons to be very helpful and easy to return to if they need to watch a lesson again for review at a later time. They like that they can easily see him work each problem on the "board" in front of them.

If you have other questions keep on asking or you can give our office a call at 573-426-4600.


Re: Saxon DIVE vs Saxon Teacher cd's

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My oldest used DIVE and it worked great for her. I look forward to it next year especially with the CLEP option.
She's the type of personality who gets easily distracted on a video teacher.
My oldest watched the Saxon teacher thingies and said "let's just stick with DIVE" and using MFW's lesson plans written by a career math teacher with years of experience with saxon stuff.

What a blessing to have many good options to select from to be able to use Saxon materials! Hurray!
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