Reading - Students who ARE big readers

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Reading - Students who ARE big readers

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Can we add more?
Kristi in GA wrote: I was just wandering if y'all think it would be possible to add in more literature (my daughter loves to read), or do you think that would be overkill?

My son is a HUGE reader so I often add in good books but I very rarely add too many "scheduled" books. Could you just get her good, quality books or classics and then let her read them on her own. We have quiet reading times before bed that is perfect for this type of reading. I usually have a list of "classics" that my kids pick a book off of every week or so to read on their own.

I think if it were me (my oldest is going into 7th so I'm not there yet) I would just try the curriculum first and then add in books if it's necessary. Let us know how it goes though, I'm always interested in those that are going into the high school years!
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Re: Can we add more?

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MFW highschool program actually recommends that the kids read a book a month, I think. They list a few time period related recommendations in their curriculum book. We have also taken book ideas off the SL list.

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Re: Can we add more?

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Agreeing here with Dawn. I'm thinking my dd's going to have PLENTY of required reading and other work to do between her history reading and analyzing, reading through the entire Old Testament and study guide that goes with that, literature assignments (part of which is portions of the Bible), writing assignments (argumentative papers in 9th grade), and high school level science and math. Not to mention whatever electives we choose for her, and some sort of volunteer work that she needs credit and training for, learning how to sew and cook (better)....
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HS-Questions about MFW & child who loves to read

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ShelleyM wrote:We are using MFW RtR for our younger two and need to choose a Highschool program for our soon-to-be 9th grader. I really like the look of MFW (as does my oldest), but she is very drawn to the number of books in another curriculum (because she loves to read) and I'm curious, since this will be our first year using MFW, are there any key differences I should be aware of?

I'm looking for personal experiences. I would like to make an educated decision based off a variety of info. (so that I can apply that to her particular needs and obviously, leave it in God's hands to lay it upon our hearts as to the final say). Thanks in advance for your 'two cents'. Looking forward to your suggestions!
How do the programs compare in Bible and English too?
you can see the whole list of materials in AHL on page 6 of the sample

Here's the other side of what isn't obvious from that sample....

In MFW's Ancient History and Literature --- students will read the entire Old Testament. When's the last time your child read the entire OT? Additionally, there's the apologetics side in the program and encouraging students to do something with their faith. Also, time is encouraged to do service every week. you've got to see Teresa's post the other day. It is so encouraging! ... 789#p59789

How much reading other than the stuff shown? Well, one of the differences is there is reading in MFW that doesn't always show up in samples or packages. MFW encourage library use to keep costs down.

so the sights unseen in high school....
MFW encourages as part of English reading time to read other books as well and selects things that should be easily available in library and it doesn't have to be the exact book either in order for the program to work. 2 tracks are listed in the AHL daily lesson plans (dlp): 1. is to use books specific to "ancient history" -- some of which were in CTG advanced book basket. and it gives you approximate times to read them. 2. The other track is to use books listed on the SAT prep book that MFW sells. That's Stobaugh's prep book. And that book has lots of classics in high school literature and it's listed by grades 9, 10, 11. I think there are 150 books listed in the SAT prep book? So even if your daughter reads one of those books per week for the next three years, that's a lot of reading! the SAT book is on the electives page and is highly recommended to start in 9th grade.

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Re: HS-Questions about MFW & child who loves to read

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This isn't a super detailed response, but it might help a little. Before purchasing MFW high school, I did have an email conversation with another mom whose opinion I respect on these things, about what other options were out there for me. I knew I wanted a comprehensive curriculum, but not something "textbooky." The only other thing I was aware of was Sonlight. She had some knowledge of the Sonlight curriculum and told me she was not always thrilled with their book selections from a Christian perspective. I wasn't really that serious about considering anything other than MFW, but got a little nervous before making that HS plunge, since my daughter was going to be our first high schooler.

If your daughter is really into the lit. selections, you should see what MFW offers over the first 3 years of HS for lit. They also recommend the student is reading an additional lit. selection of their choice along with the curriculum. It can be related to the historical period or not. This would give your daughter ample opportunites to pick the books she is most interested in.

We are almost done with our first year of HS and have been extremely pleased. It has suited my daughter well and fit into what I wanting for a well rounded education with a biblical worldview.
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Re: HS-Questions about MFW & child who loves to read

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I'm just answering because I did use one year of SL with my older dd for her high school American history (i.e. one high school credit). I am about to begin AHL with my youngest ds in the fall. Here is a post I wrote last summer, comparing SL to some of the earlier years in MFW, but I think some of the points probably would also be comparisons to AHL (minus the cooking and such). I could think about it further if you had more specific questions. ... 794#p54794
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Re: HS-Questions about MFW & child who loves to read

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I just read a bunch of the posts in the archives someone had suggested!!
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!!
This is exactly what I was looking for to just 'hear' some feedback from the experiences of all!! Great stuff!
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Re: HS-Questions about MFW & child who loves to read

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I believe AHL has the student choose lit books occasionally. Maybe she could do AHL and then add in some of those interesting SL books as her free-choice selection. Best of both worlds?

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