Academics - Have MFW students gone on to college?

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Re: High school success!

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Congratulations, Dawn! :)

I became more convinced than ever of MFW's ability to prepare a student for college level writing when I attended a conference session last year on this topic. The speaker was a seminary professor, very well educated with a stellar background, and *clearly* experienced in this area. He started with "how to prepare your high schooler for college level writing" and "this is what we do at college", and then moved to "how to prepare your elementary student for high school level writing". I was smiling while taking frantic notes because I kept thinking, "This is EXACTLY what MFW does!" ... Yes, even at the elementary level with its "laid back" CM-style introduction to writing using the skills of copywork, dictation, and narrations, and then gradually working more formal grammar, composition, and literature study. He also emphasized the importance of good quality literature... not twaddle. (He didn't call it twaddle, but that was Charlotte Mason's word for it.) The KEY is to stay the course and not get distracted by thinking it's "not enough". ;)

I would have to look for my notes from that session or else I'd share more detail, but I couldn't help but be reminded of it when reading Dawn's post. :)
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Re: High school success!

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Congratulations to you and your son! Thank you for sharing. Those high school years can be a bit intimidating but I am so thankful that we have MFW to help steer us through it! :)
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