Science - Is it college prep?

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Science - Is it college prep?

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jtcarter14 wrote:Is there some issue with MFW science not counting as credit for colleges b/c it's "young earth"? That is just something I read on another forum. My kids are nowhere near high school yet, but I'd like to know if that's going to be a problem.

Hi Jessica,

MFW High School Science is not intended to be "dual enrollment" nor "AP" or "college classes". So I'm not understanding the point that your friends are making? apologia is high school credit and college prep! They can probably take Apologia courses and do a CLEP test in some of that.

\Are you friends saying that b/c apologia is "young earth" that children will not receive any education about other beliefs? Well, that's not true. I think Apologia really tries hard to educate the kids on both points of view. If they are saying that somehow using apologia science means a kid will not be admitted into a college -- that's beginning to sound more like urban legend, or maybe one college with one kid.... It does not match at all with the real life experiences of many of my friends.

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Re: Science - Is it college prep?

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Our oldest has been accepted at two colleges (public) so far (one in-state and one out-of-state), and there has been no problem with Apologia Sciences which he studied 'almost' exclusively from grade 8 on up. Just finishing up Marine Biology this year, so that he had his 3rd laboratory science to fulfill The Citadel's requirements.
Hope that helps!
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Re: Science - Is it college prep?

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Apologia Science.
This was the only science we used 7th-graduation. One child in college as a nursing major and the other headed to the Navy in a science field. It counted as credit and they both well prepared for their studies and future careers.

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Re: Science - Is it college prep?

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Hi Jessica,
Just agreeing with the others -- I have known high school homeschoolers and read of others on several high school forums who have gone on to college after using Apologia or other young earth sciences, so I don't think you need to worry yourself about that.

The important thing is that they enter college knowing about the common scientific viewpoints, and all high school creation science programs I've seen will explain that viewpoint -- as well as a bonus viewpoint about God creating the earth :)
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Re: Science - Is it college prep?

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I have not read through all these posts, but after using MFW 1st twice, I would say it is plenty difficult. I will end up stretching it into 1 1/2 years for both kids that have/are doing it. We throw in a few pages of Explode the Code here and there to review concepts they are struggling with. I think there is plenty of writing and spelling as well. I too have heard people say that maybe it is a bit ambitious or rigorous for their child.
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