Math Facts / Drill - Many ideas!

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Homemade Triangle Flashcards

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I've hand made those triangle flashcards. I made triangles in a photo-editing program (only 2 to a page - I made mine rather large). Print them out onto cardstock, then hand write the numbers. (We're using MUS, so I made the numbers the same colors as the blocks for those numbers, and then used red for the + and - signs.) Then I used contact paper to cover the pages (front and back), and then cut them out. When we were working on a specific "set" (like all the +1), I would use masking tape and tape them to the door in our school room. Every day we would go through them. (1 + 1 = 2, 2 - 1 = 1; 1 + 2 = 3, 3 - 1 = 2, 3 - 2 = 1; etc) all the way to 10. Then, I would cover the "answer" and we'd say the problem. So, I would cover the "2", and say "1 + 1 is" and my dd would answer. Then I would cover the 1, and say "2 - 1 is " and my dd would answer. We would do this every day. We would try to say them rythmically (spelling is probably off there) so it would go quicker.

I also did the same thing for multiplication/division - only I had bought a laminator by then, so it wasn't so tedious as covering them with contact paper.

Yeah, I probably could have bought them cheaper, but my dd helped with making them, so I thought it was good spending of time and money.

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Online Games

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There are a bunch of online games that you can use to practice math facts I would try some of these things. It sounds like she is really doing great so please don't stress about it. Now is a great time to just go through and make sure she has the foundation and no gaps but I think you have done a great job so far. Here are some game/drill sites.

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Cool Math Drill Site-esp. for lefties

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Someone just forwarded me a new math drill site. What I like about this one is the left-handed blank multiplication tables your student can fill out. We've got a lefty at our house :-)

There is a section of ads right above where this site's "stuff" starts so make sure your scroll down.

Have fun!
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Re: Cool Math Drill Site-esp. for lefties

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That's a great find!

Here's another one. I just found this today & it even has algebra virtual manipulatives :)

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Re: Cool Math Drill Site-esp. for lefties

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My dc love Timez Attack to drill their multiplication facts. We have the free version. They like it because it is like a computer game. I like it because it keeps repeating the ones they need to work on until they master them.

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