Math Facts - When to start

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Math Facts - When to start

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singapore ?
afelton wrote:My son is in 2nd grade doing Adv. We are on day 4 of Singapore. My question is when to start drilling math facts and when I do start, how? Is there any certain order that might be best to practice them? Should we start with the 1's and work our way forward? Any advice or ideas is appreciated! Thanks.
Yeah, I would start now. I thought there was a recommended order somewhere in the lesson plans, maybe in the very front?

+1, +2, doubles... I would show them with blocks or some other manipulative first, and then drill them.

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Re: singapore ?

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I thought it told us when to start in the Lesson plan, if I recall right. Flash cards are useful for doing this. I found it useful to them in families, ie: all the facts of each number and then move on. I have generally done addition 1-5 first then started the subtraction facts for families 1-5, but my 3rd child has just learnt them all together and grasped them fine. Just take it slow, there is lots of time. Better to get the facts down properly than rush it. Lots of repetition, keeping it fun and adding variety to your drill, not only flash cards, can go a long way. Have fun!
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Re: singapore ?

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I love the flashmaster for drilling math facts. We have a few apps on the iPad, flash cards, and the flashmaster. So far we all prefer the flashmaster. Expensive, but we are finding it worth the cost.
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Re: singapore ?

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Flash cards are simple and no fuss...but they pay off. However we like variety - so sometimes I have my kids 'write' the facts in copywork form. We also use math games that encourage them to use their facts and other skills. The more we 'play' the better their math skills are. Some of my favorites (or should I say their favorites): Allowance game (I found it at Toys to Grow On), simple easy to make domino games & dice games for place value, or adding / subtracting games.
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When to start learning math facts?

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Miriam wrote:My daughter is starting grade 2, and I was wondering when she needs to start memorizing math facts. When do I need to start doing drills with her.
Are you using Singapore?
Miriam wrote:Yes we are using Singapore. We are just at the point in 1A before addition/subtraction up to 20 happens. Should I work on math facts up to 10, getting those down, before learning math facts up to 20? It takes a long time for her to memorize.
In the lesson plans for Singapore by MFW it says to start addition flashcards on day 16. This is for problems with a sum of ten or less. Subtraction facts start on day 22. Do you have the lesson plans? If not, what page of 1a are you on?

Also, it says to use the flashcards daily for five minutes. Then when they have the addition and subration memorized to mix the addition and subtraction together.
Miriam wrote:I do not have the lesson plans, but I do have the home instructors guide. She is on page 95 or lesson 40 of the workbook. I'm not sure if I should just take a break from the workbook and make sure that she really understands addition and subtraction up to 10? Make that will help her memorize the math facts easier.
It is really your call as to whether u take a break from the workbook. However, I would start her on memorizing math facts. Start with the 1s and work your way up. There other threads on here about math games and free websites for math fact practice. I hope this helps.
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