* Singapore 5B and then IF TIME 6A/B

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* Singapore 5B and then IF TIME 6A/B

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Myhandsfull wrote:Hello, everyone. My name is Dana, and I am in my 7th year with MFW. I have used all of the years except high school, and loved something about every single one. We start back over in ECC next year. I have a 3rd grader who is a bit behind (strong 1st or weak 2nd grade reading level), a 6th grader, and a 7th grader. I have posted on here a few times, but it has been a while.

My oldest son is a strong student, but not overly academic. He went up through 5B in Singapore, and finished it on time with no real issues. He is doing Saxon 8/7 this year which, after some adjustment, is really working for him. It's forcing him to think about some things he just sort of did, and I think he is much stronger in his foundational work than he was before we started. We intend to place him in Algebra 1 next year, as he is finishing all his tests with well above the 80% benchmark.

My second son is the one I question. He is an excellent student who would certainly be in all accelerated programs in public school. He loves math, and is zooming through 5B. This year, he has really hit his stride and is enjoying all of his school work. He is on track to finish 5B in a couple of weeks, even with me slowing down his pace. My question is, what should I do with him for the rest of the year? I have always just headed into the next book when we finished one. He wouldn't have time to finish a whole year of Saxon from February through June, and I don't really want to stop him mid-book. I can do some review activities for a few weeks, but then what? Does MFW recommend heading into 6A if he gets there? I certainly don't want to let him just be done with math until August. He wouldn't even likely remember how to add 2+2 with that long of a break! :)

Yes, certainly just keep going through Singapore. I know several people whose dc have done either 6A or 6B or both in 6th grade. My dd is on track to do the same thing. I definitely wouldn't recommend going into Saxon 8/7 this early. I wish I had the board skills to find a link for you . . . hopefully Julie will come along . . . :-)
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Re: Math Question - what to do after 5B

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Yes, Singapore 6A and 6B are good and I'd do them if you can. MFW sells them, along with lesson plans/answers (cute new covers, by the way).

Another good thing to do is to continue drill with fractions and such. But I'd do Singapore 6 if at all possible, too.

MFW guidelines are just *minimum* of 5B, not maximum. From https://www.mfwbooks.com/products/M50/60/0/0/1#2nd-6th :
  • The goal is to complete at least Level 5B by the end of the 6th grade. (Some students may easily be able to reach 6B, and should be encouraged to do so.)
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Re: Math Question - what to do after 5B

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Actually, MFW recommends completing Singapore through 6B before doing Saxon 8/7 in 7th grade. The minimum is 5B, but that is for those students who can not finish Singapore 6A/B before 7th grade. My oldest ds was in that category. He did not finish 5B until end of Oct. of 7th grade year so we just headed into Saxon 8/7 at that time. My next ds (6th grade) is on track to finish 6B at the end of this year, and will start Saxon 8/7 in 7th grade year.

So, yes, I would keep going in Singapore with your ds and get as much of 6A/B done as he can before 7th grade (it is my understanding that the last two books are mostly review), but you would not hold him back from starting Saxon in 7th grade if he doesn't finish through 6B.

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