Choosing - Have you chosen MFW math for K-6?


Choosing - Have you chosen MFW math for K-6?

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Have you chosen MFW math for your family?
SuzanneK wrote:Hello friends!
Now that I am peacefully settling into MFW my attention turns to Math. :-)
(I have to have something to research and obsess about!)
I know that in MFWK Math is informal and integrated and in MFW1 The Complete Book of Math is brought into the picture.

My questions are as follows:
Have you chosen the MFW Math for your family?
Does it mesh well with MFW?
Do you supplement?
Did you use a different program and switch to what you use now?
Do you think you will use your current program through the rest of your childrens school years?

I thank you in advance for any information you choose to share.
:-) God bless ~
Hi Suzanne,

I know you enjoy reading through archives. Thought you might like to see this one while you are thinking on math topics. It represents one person's experience, but is a good read.

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I like the activities in MFWK and MFW1. We purchased MFW1 before they recommended The Complete Book of Math and later Singapore. DD-5 is just doing MFWK math things and we practice things like skip counting or whatever.
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I supplement our math program with Singapore. Challenging Word Problems 2 covers addition, subtraction, and simple one digit multiplication and division. My dc are a little slower in word problems than in computation problems so I didn't want anything too difficult.

The singapore problems are more difficult than the ones in MUS. I occasionally have them do Singapore workbook pages to see if they really understand the concepts and can do it in a different format.

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When we started with MFW, we made the switch to Singapore Math. I was so thrilled with everything MFW recommended that I was to encouraged to reconsider what we were using for Math.

We've been using Singapore since Fall and I am happy we made the switch. I have 3 children using Singapore at two different grade levels. The amount of teacher time is very reasonable.

We use daily drills and review concepts as needed. I don't think supplementing Singapore would be necessary, unless your child is struggling with a concept. Singapore does offer a variety of extra practice workbooks if you need them, but you can also just review in the basic books you have. That's another reason I like Singapore, nothing is left out. I like the simplicity of that.

I think it is a solid program and I am happy with what my children are learning. At this point, we plan to continue with Singapore until the child reaches junior high, then switch to Saxon as the Hazells recommend.
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Hello again!
I actually called MFW this afternoon and spoke to David for about 1/2 hour. I asked him - Why Singapore? among other questions. He explained from his heart how he felt about the curriculum, how he believed it was the best etc. His passion for education in general really impressed me. This was the first time I had spoken with him and I look forward to meeting him at MassHope (Yay! Only 39 days away!).

I too will be looking into Singapore at length at the convention. Though David really cautioned me (as did Crystal) that I shouldn't use anything additional to MFW before 2nd grade. He felt the K and the 1st grade curriculum were more than sufficient. He also said that children coming out of 1st test very highly into other math programs.

He gave me LOTS to think about. To be honest I hadn't really considered Singapore - I didn't know much about it... I had been leaning towards MUS or Bob Jones. Now I am not sure. :-) Thank goodness I have time.
God bless ~
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You will see from my signature that my kids are older. I used another math program for 6 years and it served us well but I felt my son needed a challenge in application. He finds Singapore more challenging. My daughter asked to switch (whose best subject was not math) and I have been pleasantly surprised at the results, some of which I must credit to MUS and our just working on those basic functions. My kids are not perfect in math but I really see them growing this year. If you talk to David again he may remember how reluctant I was to move at first and he was not pushy. You are right about his passion for and knowing about education and especially math I would say.

I am glad we made the switch.

Update - Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 5:02 pm
When we started Singapore I kept my Delta and Epsilon books and DVD's just in case I needed them. I never used them.

Singapore improved my kids math skills greatly and both improved the following year on standardized test. One of these kids is not a natural math kid. So from my personal experience I do not think you need both programs.

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