Singapore - Schedule and moving too fast?

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Singapore - Schedule and moving too fast?

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Going through Singapore too fast
kugoi wrote:My fifth grader is almost done with Singapore 5A. I'm worried if we keep at this pace he'll finish them all half-way through 6th grade, if not sooner. Is that too early? I'm thinking of doing math only 3 days a week with him. I counted it up and that would have him finishing up 5b at the end of this school year, then I'll have to make 6a and b last through all of 6th grade so he can do Saxon 8/7 in 7th grade. What do you think?
As long as he is understanding it then let him go at it his pace. The only issue is if the topics start building on each other faster than he has time to process them.
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Re: Going through Singapore too fast

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It is nice to be "ahead" of where you feel you need to be in math. I agree with Missy that you should just go at his pace. You can relax a bit and let him take a day off from math now and then without feeling that he will fall behind. Also, if there are some topics coming up that your ds maybe needs some extra time on, you can give him that extra time without feeling like he is falling behind. It certainly doesn't hurt to start a new book in the middle of a school year and pick up where you left off at the beginning of the next school year. My youngest is like that. She started Singapore 2A last year toward the end of her 2nd grade year. We just picked up where we left off after our summer break at the beginning of her 3rd grade year this year. She will finish 2A soon and start 2B. I'm thinking she will finish 2B before the end of the school year, and I'll just start her in 3A. I like the feeling that she is "ahead" of schedule, so we can take more time with topics or take a break now and then without feeling behind.

If you're son is able to start Saxon 8/7 early, during the last half of his 6th grade year, maybe that would be okay. It would give him extra time to get used to Saxon and how it works. It is a bit different than Singapore. The assignments are longer, so you could start out giving him 2 days to do each lesson and let him work up to doing a lesson in a day. Just an idea for you.

Since the Reviews in both the textbook and the workbook tend to be a bit long in Singapore, I often break them up into 2 days. You could consider something like that with your son, too. However, I will say, that in doing that (cutting down the assignments in Singapore), Saxon 8/7 came as quite a shock to my oldest dd when she started it this year...the amount of work and the amount of time that is required in Saxon. It is quite a change from Singapore. I think I would have prepared her for that a bit better if I had asked her to complete some of the longer assignments in Singapore in one sitting during her 6th grade year. Just something for you to take note of. Saxon is a great program, though, and my dd is really understanding her math and doing very well with it!
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Re: Going through Singapore too fast

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I agree with the others to go at his pace. A few rare kids do math at double-speed. My oldest was in a special program and did Algebra 1 & 2 during 8th grade. I think the Hazells have one son who was like that.

If you go at his pace, you may even find, as the others mentioned, that Singapore 6A/B takes a little longer, because it has so many reviews and such, and things may naturally work themselves out.

However, if you do find he's getting too close to Saxon (and to Algebra before 8th grade, which I don't recommend), there are other things he can do to beef up math at his level. My youngest did a lot of math facts types of things with fractions in 7th grade - fraction drill and practice is something you can spend lots of time on. Ds also was on a little math team which entered a couple of competitions, and even if you don't find a resource like that, those competition problems can be found online as a challenge for an advanced math student. Here are a few resources if you get to the point where you'd like to try something additional to slow him down:

MathCounts problem of the week: ... f-the-week

MathCounts previous competitions: ... mpetitions

AMC problems - scroll down to "Preparing Your Students for the AMC 8" (8 is 8th grade)

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Re: Going through Singapore too fast

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Dear Kugoi,

We recommend slowing the pace so that he will be able to begin Saxon 8/7 at the beginning of 7th grader. My Father's World does not generally recommend beginning Saxon 8/7 before 7th grade. Most of this has to do with cognitive development and the introduction pre-algebra in Saxon 8/7. In our experience students are better able to grasp these more abstract concepts with a little more cognitive development. If you are using our lesson plans you only need to complete one day at a time. If he completes 5A before Christmas you may let him take break until after Christmas and then begin with 5B and normal pace.

With that said I do like the ideas that Julie in MN and Poobee have laid out. You could slow down 8/7 if you start it in the 2nd 1/2 of 6th grade so that he is not reaching full blown Algebra before 8th grade. They are also right that 6A and 6B may take the entire year next year since they include a number of Reviews.

Also be sure that time is being spent in areas that need additional strengthening such as writing on reading. Sometimes kids love one subject and spend extra time working on it but then do not want to do other lessons that need to be completed. Not saying this is your case just mentioning it if there may be other areas that need some work to balance out his time as well.

If you have more questions or would like more information for your specific situation, please give me a call at the office, 573-202-2004.

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Re: Going through Singapore too fast

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Thank you Lucy :) That was my biggest concern, doing Algebra before he's ready.

Also, thank you to whoever (sorry, I took care of a screaming baby between when I read and now ;) ) mentioned being able to ease into Saxon if we start in 6th grade. My 9th grader is in Saxon 8/7 (thank you public schools for getting her way behind) and it is quite a lot of work compared to Singapore. My 5th grader already complains about the amount of work when he has to do a textbook practice. I split the reviews up into 2 days and he doesn't do well with that either.

I'll discuss these with DH and pray about it, thank you for all your wisdom :)
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Re: Going through Singapore too fast

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Hi Kugoi,

If you son is complaining about so much work I do not think I would rush through to get to 8/7 faster. He will mature a bit over the next 2 years at which time you can expect him to work longer but I would not move to that before you need to.

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