Math Facts - Keeping track of a big family?


Math Facts - Keeping track of a big family?

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sandi wrote:Anyone have any great ideas how to drill math facts and keep it all straight with each child?

I need some kind of system here! I need to drill add, sub, div, and multiplication for each child! How do you keep up with the number families and what you have drilled and what you have not?

You can keep a little notebook with a chart for each child. I use the online drill that Math U See offers, and I just wrote down the same thing that was on the screen on that drill and kept notes for each of 2 children.

Worked for us, simple, quick to do. Not that much work from me.
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Math drills

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We have used Calculadders very successfully. Then it is very simple to check their results.

When they master each page, I just exchange it for the next level. I don't have to keep track of where they are at anywhere else.

Just a thought! 8-)
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Drill Records

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Crystal's idea of doing it in a notebook would work just fine. You just need to break it down so you know what skills/levels you are going to drill.

Something like this.

Addition +1 (10 problems):
Addition +2 (10 problems):
and so on...

Then each time you drill, you just need to jot down the time taken. And when the goal has been reached, note the date at the end of the line & that line is complete.

Addition +1 (10 problems): 25 seconds, 15, 21, 10 (mastered 3/5/06)
Addition +2 (10 problems): ...

If you come up with something else that works well, let us know!
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