Placement - Grades 2-6 don't automatically include math

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Placement - Grades 2-6 don't automatically include math

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On the fence due to Singapore
rodenburgal wrote:I am new here having just started MFW K with my 5 year old son. But, I have to say, my son LOVES it! We have used and tried countless different curriculums with him and my 9 year old daughter that were less than engaging and just didn't make for a fun first year of homeschooling. But, MFW has totally been wonderful leading me to look into ECC for my soon to be fourth grade daughter.

I am on the fence on ECC for my daughter due to Singapore, she has been in public school until this year (3rd grade) and I started the year off with a singapore placement test that ended in tears, so I quickly shelved that idea, tried math u see which was a complete bore to her as she has always excelled in math in public school. We ended up "settling" on Mathematical Reasoning" by the Critical Thinking Company as she really enjoys the colorful non crowded pages and the challenging problems. I would really like to switch her to a more robust curriculum, but fear as soon as I pull out Singapore placement tests, we will be done before we start. So many boards comment that it is impossible to switch after grade 2, so any thoughts or anyone else in same boat?
ECC is a wonderful program. I am doing it with my 3rd and 6th graders this year. You are not required to use Singapore with any of MFW programs. It is merely their recommendation. You can use whatever math program works for your dc. If she was doing well with a traditional approach, I wouldn't change it necessarily.

I do want to address the comment that it is impossible to switch after grade 2. That is simply not true. My dc were in ps until mid 2nd grade and mid 5th grade. I started both of them with Singapore and yes they both placed "behind" what one coming from ps would expect. However, this is typical. My 5th grader started at the end of her 5th grade year in level 3A or B (can't remember right now). She is poised to finish 5B by the end of this year, her 6th grade year. It can be done. We just made a commitment to work a certain length of time each day and she is progressing nicely. Singapore is cementing her mathematical knowledge and understanding. We are loving it for her. Now, my younger one didn't do as well with Singapore. We are using something else at the moment (something more traditional) because that is working better for her. But, I am not closing the Singapore door on her just yet. We may use it for her in the future if she is able, maybe even just for some extra practice in the summer. It is a good program but you are not required to use Singapore in order to use ECC. The grid just says "math" not Singapore so you can fill in your own program if it suits you better. HTH!

Also, you may want to repost this question on a separate thread to garner more responses.
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Re: On the fence due to Singapore

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Thank you so much! I just realized I had tagged onto this stream. I need to get this message board stuff figured out! I thought ECC was like the K where the math lesson plan was more inclusive, so you just helped me out by explaining it just says "math".

And thank you for giving me hope that I just might still be able to implement Singapore with dd, she would be fourth grade, so I'll see if I can't just introduce 3A for "fun". My ds just loves the K program and wow, so do I! Thank you again so much for the great insight.
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Re: On the fence due to Singapore

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Hi Amy,

I just wanted to agree that it is NOT impossible to switch after 2nd grade. I switched kids at 4th and 6th grade and it was the best decision I ever made for both of my very different math kids.

I would not recommend introducing 3A unless this is the level she has tested into. If this is not the correct level for her it may overwhelm her. I know you mentioned above that you tested her before but in ended in tears. My first thought is you may have started testing too high.

For a 3rd grader we usually recommend starting off really easy at around 1B. We want them to get close to 100% on the first test. Then each day you move up a level until the student scores under 80% or you think based on how they have completed the test which level they need to begin at. It is always better to start slightly lower and move through the book at a faster pace than to start to high and get frustrated. This only helps kids to have a better understanding of the way that Singapore is teaching how to think about math and numbers.

If you have any questions, call the office and we will be happy to talk with you too. Thanks to all you gals for giving such wonderful input.