Math Topics - How do I teach NOT to count???


Math Topics - How do I teach NOT to count???

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mommyintraining wrote:We have Singapore 1A now. How do I teach her NOT to count? My daughter is still counting to find the answer. I don't understand how to teach her to NOT count. How do I do that?

I don't want to just rush through and lose what it's all about. I really need some hand-holding here..... Math is such a struggle for me and I really want to help my children understand it. Thanks for any advice you can offer!
Hi Terri,

I wanted to mention that some counting is not all that bad because addition is just a fast way to count. Some children need more time to reach the shortcuts of addition (which is where they know the answers by memory).

Here's one thing I've done with my girls. We start with one number and just count the other parts. We do it over and over with different objects. Then we together reach the idea that "every time I start with 4 objects and put 3 more objects, I get 7."

Then when you are working in Singapore, try to see if your child will start at one of the numbers. Let me try that better. 4 + 3 and you have picture of a set of 4 objects and a picture of another set of 3 objects. Try to encourage your child to start by saying "4" and then just counting the 3 objects to build the foundation of what addition is.

Singapore also encourages the use of "number lines" to do the same thing. That's the picture in 1A textbook (page 34). start at first number and count on next numbers.

So, some counting early on is still ok. You will need to eventually "wean" them from that method. But the patterns will form in their minds and they will see the short cuts.

Hope some of that helps a bit.