Singapore - Schedule and daily amount of time

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Singapore - Schedule and daily amount of time

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How long should we spend on Math?

The following with-a-grain-of-salt advice goes for Math, English, writing, music practice, working on a project:

What you might want to do is start with a 20 minute timer and see how much she can do in that period of time. Is that amount enough to keep her on track or will that put her on a pace to only finish half the program in a year?

If she can stay "on track" with 20 mins. a day, then stick with that, adjusting as needed as the work gets more complex. If she starts lagging behind, then either add more time to her math time or get rid of some of the problems.

I guess that too depends on which camp you are in: the Do-It-All Camp or the It's-Fine-To-Skip-Some Camp. I used to think if we skipped a particular problem the kids might just be math-crippled for life. NOw, I've gotten to the point that if they can do a TYPE of problem consistently well, then I can safely assume that they can do most of that type just fine and there's no need to kill them with too much work.

I'd jot down in your planner or even MFW TM what lesson you should be on so that you'll finish the year at the right time. Keep an eye on whether or not you are hitting these goals.

We do the set-amount-of-time approach for math as long as the kiddos keep up with their work. I've got a "secret" goal for them for the different subjects and I up their time on a subject if needed or have a "long chat" if attitudes (dawdling, etc.) are involved.

Hope this helps.
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How long does Singapore take to complete every day

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annaz wrote:How long does Singapore take to complete every day.

And MFW starts using it after MFW1st, correct?
Yes you use Singapore after 1st in MFW. We use it all the way through because we love it here.

It takes about 30-40 minutes a day to complete -- doing textbook, work with me, and workbook. If they know what they are doing, then it takes even less time -- 20 minutes to do the pages and mental math.
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Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:45 pm

With my dd who just finished 1A and 1B, we spent about 20 minutes (maybe it is less) on math with her and that covers the text lessons, the workbook, drill work, and any extra practices that we do. Given her age and abilities, I don't go more than that. But I don't know if that's how others experience it.

The individual lessons in the textbook don't take too long which is nice for us.

I'm guessing we'll do about the same with 2A. They are short lessons by design.

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Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 1:06 am

Yes, about 20 minutes here, too.
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Mom time?

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Mercy wrote:Does Singapore take a lot of "mom time?"
Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 9:14 am

I don't usually spend too long teaching a concept in Singapore before the child can go and work independently in the workbook. By "not too long" I suppose I mean, on a regular day, I only spend a few minutes with each child -- maybe 10? I don't really time it, but it isn't long.

My oldest (5th grade) can often do the work with little to no teaching from me. By the time I get to him, he is usually already off and running. Of course there are exceptions to this (namely: new fraction concepts).

My 3rd and 1st graders need more help, but still not usually past 10 min or so. And honestly I wouldn't expect to find a good math program that requires no teacher time (not that you were saying that is what you are looking for -- just saying that Singapore meets my expectations).

Of course they all occasionally hit a snag when they are working through that day's exercises... but that happens no matter what program you are using so I guess that doesn't count.

My kids all learn differently, but Singapore seems to "click" with all of them. And I can fit in enough teaching time to utilize the program even with all the craziness of having one dc still learning to read (iow, he can't just get out the book and read the directions to himself), one toddler running around, and a baby tagging along too (ok, she is almost a toddler too -- they grow up too fast!).
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sewardmom wrote:How much time do you spend doing Singapore each day?
Mom time and student time....
Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:18 pm

I just switched 2 students to Singapore about 2 months ago. It is NOT time intensive. A lesson only takes about 10-15 minutes of my time. We have been spending a little extra time on it because my children also tested "way back". So we have been able to do 2-4 lessons a day... and still it isn't taking more than 30 minutes of my time.


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Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:00 pm

and with the simple check box daily planner that MFW gives with Singapore, it is open and go. I don't even have prep time to factor in. There are the occasional times that I might need to grab some coins ahead of time to practice money problems. Last week in 2B, I spent 1 minute tracing 4 triangles and cutting them out to help teach the geometry lesson.

When my oldest was in Singapore (she did 4B, 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B and is now in Saxon) I usually spent about 5-10 minutes (she's a sharp math kid) teaching. Then she'd spend 15-20 minutes on workbook. For the really super long review pages in 6B --- we'd break it up and take two days to do those pages. Still, it was 30 minutes tops and that was in 6B.

3rd grader -- I choose to work alongside her. I teach for 5-10 minutes from the text book, and she works for 10-15 minutes in the workbook. I sit with her while she does the workbook so that I can help her think about word problems. That, and I need to make sure she is thinking about the problem and not just drawing mermaids on the page. We drill basic facts for 2-3 minutes.

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Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 7:02 pm

We schedule math for 1/2 hour a day. About 10-15 minutes to explain and then 10-15 minutes of workbook. When we were using something else, I used to cross out 1/2 of the problems because he didn't need that many to "get" the concept, Singapore has just enough without being overkill.

How long does math take?

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mlbuchina wrote:I just recently got Singapore 1a and b for my dd6 (will be 7 next month). We are currently using Saxon, but I'm not sure that it is a good fit for my dd6 as many days we both end up in tears.

I have started using the Singapore with her, and she likes it better. My question, though, is how long does a lesson in 1a usually take? We can finish what the lesson guide has for the day in 10 to 15 minutes. Surely there is something I'm missing? There are many times when we do 2 days worth of work, and that may take 20 minutes. (Dd6 finds these lessons very easy, as she knows most of her addition facts by heart.) Should we continue on like this until we get to something she actually has to think about?

I have also ordered the homeschool guide from Singapore Math because I'm not comfortable with the format, and I think I am not teaching it correctly with just the textbook. I don't really know what they are asking us to do a lot of the time when there are just pictures on the page! :-) Coming from Saxon, where everything is scripted for you, to only pics on a page is very intimidating! lol

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
For the age she is, that sounds ok to me to cover the lessons with a child who is catching on quickly.

The other things to "add" (can't resist that pun when talking math) would be some kind of drill with number bonds (fact families). That way she is beginning to see and learn those subtraction facts that go with the addition. example: 4+6=10, 6+4 = 10, 10-6=4, 10-4=6. You can do drill in any format that works. Flashcards that are fact family (number bond), or games, or whatever. It can be race against the clock for accuracy. or not. maybe 5 minutes a day on that?

Look for ways to do math in everyday life and talk out loud naturally about math. If you still have your MFW 1st grade manual, you can go back and look for math literature books again, and/or those math games.

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Re: How long does math take?

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I also wanted to add that it is OK to skip things that are too easy for her. Every page doesn't have to be filled in! There were some places I did that with my son when we started Singapore. That is great that she already knows all her math facts by heart. Way to go! Now, can you come and teach mine? :-)
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Re: How long does math take?

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Agreeing that not every workbook page has to be filled in all the time, but try not to skip the teachings in the textbook as some lessons will be building on each other even if it takes you very little time. Some of the harder concepts are taught in the text.
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Re: How long does math take?

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cbollin wrote:Agreeing that not every workbook page has to be filled in all the time, but try not to skip the teachings in the textbook .
just chiming in to agree to not skip the textbook lessons due to the mental math and other "how to work with numbers" concepts you might miss.

As far as how to deal with the pictures in the textbook, I would just verbally go over the picture with the child:
"He started with 7 eggs, but now he took one away, what number is 1 less than 7?"..... or when they have the thinking bubbles above the kid's head I might say " The problem is 65+2, look, they're showing how this girl is thinking about that problem to make it easier- she's breaking up the 65 into 60 and 5, so she just adds the 5 and 2 to get 7 and then adds that to 60 to make 67.
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Re: How long does math take?

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I started my dd (at 6yo) in Singapore 1A after completing MFW1, and had the same experience. You're not "missing something." :-) I love that Math became her favorite subject, even though she is more "talented" in LA, because Math was so fun for her.
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Re: How long does math take?

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Thanks everyone, for your thoughts and encouragements! I really appreciate you taking the time!
joy2BAMom wrote:That is great that she already knows all her math facts by heart. Way to go! Now, can you come and teach mine? :-)
That is too funny. I have to give credit to Saxon for that one! lol
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