Summer - Do you do math?

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Summer - Do you do math?

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Would it be awful to continue a math program through the summer? Maybe every other day or something like that. They lose so much in the summer anyway? What do you're homes look like during summer (in regards to math)?
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We have been doing math drill over the summer. No teaching but student practicing. No more than 20 minutes a day, & often much less.

With his basic facts getting so solid now, I am also not afraid to race thru some of the math "lessons" if he's already got it. So I think the time balances out.

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math in summer

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We will continue to do math this summer, at a gentler pace, probably, depending on the child. I find they lose much during the summer, so we will especially keep on drilling!
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We will do Math 2 days per week in the summer. Probably 1 day of each.

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