Singapore - Errors in books / Errata lists

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Singapore - Errors in books / Errata lists

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Try this list of errata. Jennifer Hoerst (author of the Home Instructor Guides) also graciously answers e-mail when you find something not listed.
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Thank you, Julie! I have been using the answer key for 1B-3B and I have found mistakes in the answer key. I've bookmarked that site so I can check back when my answer differs from the key's. ^__^

Singapore Math question

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Winkie wrote:I need a little help. :~ Textbook 4A, page 18, Practice 1A, problem 8c. Round off each number to the nearest hundred and then estimate the value of 3948+208. My ds gets 4100 for the answer and I agree with him, but my Answer Key says 4200. Who is right?

The website for Singapore errata only lists the 2008 printing of the Answer Key, while I have one with a 2003 copyright.
With estimates, don't get too worried on it. yeah, typos happen on little stuff.

b/c it's 3900 + 200

my 2003 edition had it wrong on the answer too. I know I didn't even look at the answer key when we did those problems.
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Re: Singapore Math question

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We have found some errors in the answer key book. When there is a discrepancy between the answer my child gets and the answer in the book, I check over his work. Sometimes he is wrong and we work through it so he can see where he missed the problem. But sometimes he is correct and the answer key is wrong so I tell him that the answer key has the wrong answer and that he actually got it right. The only problem is that now every time he gets a different answer than the answer key, he thinks the answer key is wrong. We still look over his work, though, to make sure.

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Re: Singapore Math question

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Thanks ladies! I was feeling a bit brain-dead that day to solve the problem myself. Probably why I use the Answer Key most of the time to check their answers ;) Besides I find it much faster to skim a column of numbers than to think through the math myself, even when it's easy. I have caught a few mistakes here and there in the Answer Key but I don't think it's rampant. I do write the correct answer in the key, for when my next student comes through that level.
Amy C. wrote:The only problem is that now every time he gets a different answer than the answer key, he thinks the answer key is wrong.
Funny - my ds is the same way.
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Re: Singapore Math question

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I have used the few times I have found mistakes as moments to show my ds that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. He is easily discouraged when he makes mistakes so I look for these types of opportunities. I do correct the errors when I find them b/c I don't think my dd will have the same problem. (She sometimes needs a dose of humility. :~ ) BTW, my ds has grown quite a bit more confident this past year since he has been out of ps. :)
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