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Re: Singapore math help

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Woops, I see Kathy posted while I was typing. I may be repeating something!

If you have level 2 there for your younger student, you can look through the textbook and see whether there are important concepts in 2A, or whether you want to start in 2B, which might be fine if he passed that placement test, too.
Mom2theteam wrote:You can skip or minimally cover the sections he already knows and hit the portions that are heavy on mental math and the couple other things he was weak on. Just keep in mind that MFW recommends finishing 5B by the end of 6th grade. With that in mind, he will need to go a little faster through to get there.
I agree with Heather that there may be some areas you can skip through. When I started my son in Singapore (after public school), I skipped over a few of the early lessons on topics like money because he needed no help with that. Then in other areas I just taught the lesson, emphasizing the "Singapore way of thinking about it," and skipped the workbook if he seemed to get it already. Those adjustments are easy in level 2 and somewhat in level 3. I wouldn't recommend skipping anything once you get to level 4 and above, but you could go a little faster at times, as Heather mentioned.

Don't forget math facts drill, as well :)
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Re: Singapore math help

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Well, I think I am a little too familiar with Singapore and so I feel anyone could just jump in. ;)

Julie and Heather have great advice. It makes sense to start at a level that would build confidence and just move quickly. Skipping the sections your ds already knows would work!

Also, I was writing earlier from my personal view. I don't do well when I feel behind in something and my ds balks at doing multiple lessons (even when they're easy). He is my "outside on the trampoline, climbing trees, organizing football games with other kids" child who can't wait to get his school work done. :-) I am so thankful to homeschool him so he can do those things.

And...what Julie the math drills. It really helps to have those down.
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Re: Singapore math help

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Thanks everyone! I went ahead and ordered 3A to start him in. I think that the couple things that he is missing from 2B will be easy to cover ourselves or will be built on in 3A and I can just handle it then. Looking back, it was very little from 2B and most of it was mental math. Thankfully, I have a Singapore mental math book for 3rd grade that covers most of the things he couldn't do on the placement tests. I'll use that until our new material comes!
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