Placement - What if 1A is too easy or child says "babyish"?

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Placement - What if 1A is too easy or child says "babyish"?

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My kiddos are actually really enjoying Singapore and never liked math before so I'm happy with that.

I started them both in 1A. DD9 was not happy and said it was for babies. SO I told her she is making a Teacher's Manual for me. She then gets a red pencil to correct her brother's work. I want her to start there to get to know the method from the beginning. It's working! She's enjoying it and she's learning in the process how to teach it. I may need her to do it one day.
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Singapore Math -- zipping through 1st grade

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kidswife wrote:Should I start my 6-yr-old girl on Singapore 2a & 2b?

I'm going through MFW 1st right now (Day 111 today... I think) and my daughter kept wanting to do more Math worksheets, so I bought another 1st grade math workbook (Wal-Mart), and she did all of the "Complete Book of Math" from the MFW package, as well. So I went ahead and ordered Singapore Math, 1a & 1b, (because the 1b test online looked too hard). And she has zipped through that. I also got her that Flashmaster gadget and I make her go over her addition and subtraction tables.

But she's just about another week or 2 from finishing the 1b SM book, and I'm wondering if I should press on with 2a & 2b. It looks hard! But at the same time, I don't want too much of a time-gap between books. We homeschool year-round, because we take a lot of time-off throughout the year...

thoughts? ??
The biggest risk is going to be that "mom" gets excited and forgets to watch dd for signs of overload :) Remember that you might move ahead for a while, and then all of a sudden need to hover in the same place for a while.

You might be a good candidate for getting the Singapore Home Instructor Guide and playing the games in there etc. That would stretch things out a bit and insure that your dd doesn't race ahead too fast, memorizing without understanding. Also doesn't the CBOM have lots of game ideas? One of my kids had a kindergarten teacher who said her class was full of kids who could count to 100 but didn't understand that the symbol 3 represented "more" than 2.

And be sure to use the textbook in depth, even if it looks easy. That's where new ideas are presented.

Hopefully you'll also get some BTDT experience from other moms.
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Re: Singapore Math -- zipping through 1st grade

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I say move on if she is ready. That's the beauty of homeschooling--you can individualize your child's education. I do agree with Julie--be aware that she may reach a point where she may need to stay a little longer on a concept or even mature more before moving on, etc or maybe not. This happened with my middle child...started out "ahead" of schedule but we have definitely slowed our pace, as needed.

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Re: Singapore Math -- zipping through 1st grade

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Singapore Math also has what they call Intensive Practice books for each level and Challenging Word Problems. I would suggest those. I school year round as well and what I have done is when my child is doing the b workbook they work on the a Intensive Practice. This makes it spiral so the concepts stay fresh. Over the summer we work on the Challenging Word Problems.

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Re: Singapore Math -- zipping through 1st grade

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In addition to the 1a/1b extra books already mentioned, I would suggest doing a lot of the games and literature in the mfw 1st grade manual to help "stretch" out the time between end of 1st grade year and beginning of your "next" school year. That way you do more without getting too far ahead.

You've been on this board long enough to probably know I speak in analogies some times.....

Is there any chance you have a Wii system with Wii Fit? there's this "running game" on there where you run in place, but your character (your Mii) has to follow a leader on the path in order to move ahead. Oh, sure, you can "run ahead of the guide" and all of that, but you end up having to slow down at some point and wait, so that you don't burn out your Mii on the run. That's when you get a chance to look around and make sure you counted all the flags for the quiz and how many dogs, and if it was the mushroom or Mario that you saw.

It's a lot like that with math and Singapore. There's no need to rush too far ahead with a 6 y.o just yet. Just like in the game I was describing, there are times you get just enough ahead that it is a very brief slow down; other times you have to really wait for the guide to catch up so that you can proceed to the finish with maximum effect.

not sure that makes sense..... but I would probably do more in 1a/1b in some fashion for a little while before heading straight into 2a/2b just because of her age and you want it to stay doable and not frustrating in the long run.

just an opinion from someone whose oldest child finished through 6B in the middle of 6th grade and learned to let her wait for several months before starting saxon 87.....

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Re: Singapore Math -- zipping through 1st grade

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Agreeing with Crystal & Julie.

My oldest son zipped through Singapore 1A & 1B at age 6 (last fall). It had been easy, BUT my opinion was that he really didn't understand the concepts. I gave him the practice test for 1B and some of the more complex thinking that was being asked for was clearly more than he understood even though he had easily & already finished the book!

It was more important to me that he understood math, then zipped through math. So I actually had him do the Horizon books last winter & spring. They took more of a rote approach, but filled in some gaps for him. It made him stronger with numbers.

Then believe it or not I had him re-do 1A & 1B this fall for 1st grade. Interestingly, he has gone more slowly this time. Although in January he is already at division in 1B. This time though he is clearly really & truly understanding the concepts. He asks me periodically throughout the day what is ___ x ___ = ____, or he will tell us some addition or multiplication problem and the correct answer that is harder than the ones he has done in the book. In other words, he is applying the concepts he is learning beautifully and I think has a good solid foundation to launch him to the next level.

It is amazing to me I decided to do this given my personality. It is though one of the really good decisions I have made in home schooling my oldest. I guess I did learn something in those 8 years of teaching piano.. SLOW... SLOW.. SLOW 8[] (my ds7 just walked in and added the red to slow 8[] ) I learned it because I tended to let race horses rush, and then I would wind up with a 3rd grader who was in the intermediate piano and didn't know enough of reading music, or anything, to move forward... back we would go. One of my main goals as a home school mom is to prevent that situation. Or as one mom told me at my first home school convention, who could clearly see my 'rushing' tendencies: Go slowly at the beginning with children who can race quickly, and then you will be able to go fast later; or you will end up back-tracking (experience). I found her advice to be true in piano, so I have decided to follow it.

Watch her, and let her guide you of how much she really knows.
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Re: Singapore Math -- zipping through 1st grade

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Another vote for slowing down and letting her work where she's at for a while longer. When my dd was zipping through 2B I called the MFW office and spoke with David. He stressed to me the importance of not letting her go beyond 3B at true third grade age. The concepts just advance too quickly from there. So -- do you want to go slowly now and do math games and make math fun while she is young, or hit a brick wall when she's 10 and end up with her hating math? Drastic question - but just something to think about. My dd only does math about 10-15 minutes each day, but it's enough for her to be using the concepts she knows and furthering her understanding of math. (You asked for opinions, right?)
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