1st & K math - Everything is incorporated into the curri

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1st & K math - Everything is incorporated into the curri

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I want to say welcome and I will also be teaching MFW1st and MFWK this year to my two children!

MFW1st grade has math incorporated into the curriculum. The basic package comes with addition and subtraction practice charts. There are also two other items in the deluxe package (but if you are not purchasing the whole deluxe version you can buy them individually.) One of these items for 1st grade is called "The Complete Book of Math". It's colorful and it has some games and activities in it, not just worksheets. From what I understand, it is scheduled into the MFW1 TM now (I think that's new and it might not be in older editions of the TM). The other item is the Animal patterns book and the wooden pattern blocks. Both look fun to me and I think we are going to try these out, too.

For both MFWK and MFW1 there is also math every day with looking at the calendar and the 100 chart. In K there are also measuring activities, making charts, counting coins, lots of informal math activities.

Two other items that we used last year and will continue to get out this year are from the preschool 3-4 yr old package. They are the "number puzzle boards and pegs" and the pegboard. We used them a lot for lots of different math activities last year and both my PreK'er and my K'er loved them.

Just some other ideas to consider for children that are the same age as mine. ;)

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Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:24 am

MFW first grade math is very complete and is so much more than the Complete Book of Math. In fact Marie will tell you that the other activities are really more important than doing all the worksheets since they give a hands-on and real life approach to math which not only makes it fun but very concrete for a young child. So I would go with the math that is in the first grade and add the Compete Book of math(not doing every page but just a few) and other deluxe items if you can afford them to the program. I would move away from the workbook approach this year and wait to start Singapore next year.

I hope this helps you.

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Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:41 am

Just agreeing with Lucy's comment that the hands on approach in this age group is really good and should be the focus at this age because it helps to build concepts early.

But then there are people like me who just have to have a workbook. sigh. LOL. Things that I really am glad that we did with Complete Book of Math: found it a good workbook for reinforcing early story problems, we liked the colorful pictures, it felt more like a fun style of workbook, it really encourages hands on informal activities and provides ideas all the way. I really like that it has a lot of those other math related topics --- measurement, time, money, graphing, etc.

But I was glad to use the book secondary to the ideas already in MFW 1st grade instead of the other way around. My goal wasn't to finish the Complete Book of Math, but was to provide a quick way to reinforce first grade math skills. And it was nice too that MFW math pages in the teacher's manual referred me whichever pages in CBOM for that week. and it emphasizes that you are expected to do all of the pages each week.

Then after my dd's 1st grade year, we did some more of the pages from there to "keep in shape" then started in Singapore in her 2nd grade year.

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Should I start Singapore?

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Homeschooling6 wrote:I plan to use MFW1 with ds. He will be 7yrs old. He has an early Oct. B-day. So most dc who are in 1st grade are usually 6.

Should I start him using Singapore or just go ahead and use the MFW math schedule? I'm thinking of going ahead and using Singapore 1A but would like to hear what you all think :)
Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:53 pm
My oldest is 7 and in first grade (his b-day is in the middle of October). We began MFW-K last December (after trying a different curriculum for preschool and to start K). Other than what was in MFW K my son had not had any formal math, yet all of the MFW 1st grade math is easy for him!

My opinion is that it is better to have it too easy(to build confidence) rather than too hard(and discourage)esp. for oldest children/perfectionistic children(that's what I have:)

Hope you find what works best for you and your son.
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Unread post by Lucy »

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:41 pm

Just in case you were not aware and since it has not been mentioned yet the levels in Singapore are not grade levels. Students in Singapore do not begin with 1A until they are 7 or 8 years old.

MFW 1 math is very hands-on as well as using lots of math literature(listed in the TM) to teach the math concepts. There are also games and daily activities as well as the Complete Book of math. So it is not a traditional workbook approach to math for MFWK or 1st. You could always use the Singapore 1A test to see if he is ready to begin and decide based on that.

Also as Lori mentioned you may be able to use both.

I do agree with Linda that if you have any doubt it would be easier to wait and build a firm foundation. Most kids after finishing MFW 1 move into 1B or 2A.


Help me discuss the benefits of MFW math

Unread post by cbollin »

homemommy83 wrote:My son and I finished MFW K over the summer because I knew I was going to busy with a new baby in December; which we loved. Then a friend of mine got into a bind and she couldn't homeschool her little boy who is only 6 months older than mine; so I decided to do them together and continue into the winter. I didn't go into MFW 1st grade because it would have been to much for the other little boy. I just decided to spend most of my time reading aloud to the boys, teaching the other little boy to read, and his mom had a math program so this was free for me. Well this little boy jumped right into reading within the first week of lessons and now is reading a solid 2nd grade reading level fluently.

So we decided to go ahead and do MFW 1st grade with both of them (they are loving it), but I would really like to use MFW 1st grade math as well with them. I have noticed that neither child is learning anything (not saying that it is bad, just they are way beyond this), and I see that MFW is customizable to where they really are. Does anyone know all the differences between MFW and Saxon math, so that I could discuss this better with his mother? Both boys are really bright, and are 5 years old. Thanks again!
Hi Brenda,

I’ll just try to describe some of MFW 1st grade math and maybe that will help a bit on your end to see if it is worth it dropping Saxon for 5 year olds.

Given their ages and stages, one of the biggest advantages of a program like MFW 1st grade for math is that it is hands on activities and working on concepts. That is very important at this age in math education. Even children who are "beyond" a math program are not "beyond" their physical age for math. So, you want to use a math program at this age that is suited for their age not how much worksheets they can do, or whether they are "grades ahead". I have found there is no long term advantage to being grade levels ahead in math when you have a child who only has a single digit for their age. (background on me: I finished calculus in 12th grade and received college credit via AP. My husband finished calculus in 11th grade and chose to take university level math (sophomore level differential equations) in 12th grade. He was always smart in math, but didn’t go advanced classes until jr. high years. No advantage to rushing when the kids are only single digit age.)

The math in MFW’s 1st grade includes lists of literature books that will allow a child to learn new concepts and new applications. They will get lots of opportunities to play with math (Sunshine Café for example). They will work on foundational stuff with place value and expanded notation. Lots of hands on stuff. Work on some fun basics of math drills. And if you want to use a workbook, the Complete Book of Math is a 1st and 2nd grade math workbook. But, don’t forget to the use the logic and critical thinking skills books in 1st grade too. Those skills are important too and in my opinion are probably more worth it to do those instead of dealing with 3 digit addition for a 5 year old boy. Thinking skills in math are important and that pattern animals book has so much thinking skills in math and science, that you don't want to miss it if you don't have to miss it. It feels like fun to the kids.

Here is a link to a very old thread where someone (Joan from MN) used MFW’s math in K and 1st and had really good results. It dates back to 2004 which was before MFW was recommending Singapore Math for grades 2-6, so that’s why she mentions some other programs. http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=456
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Re: Help me discuss the benefits of MFW math

Unread post by 4Truth »

homemommy83 wrote:I also completed Calculus my senior year, so maybe there is a commonality among those given a few years of concrete material before advancing and producing higher mathematical ability.
Here's an article that might be of interest to you which talks about the necessity of hands-on and "living" math before about age 10, as opposed to a traditional workbook style of math. It's titled "Research on the Teaching of Math":
http://www.triviumpursuit.com/articles/ ... g_math.php
homemommy83 wrote:I want to customize MFW to teach both boys at their individual levels, and I feel with Saxon customizing is impossible. Since MFW 1st grade is put into weekly topics, I could expand his understanding using manipulatives instead of wasting his time on worksheets. I need encouragement to bring up the topic of changing math curriculums to his mother since she supplied this curriculum. Is there anything that isn't covered in mfw math?
I haven't done MFW 1st (yet--plan to next year), but I did notice a lot of similarities in MFW K to the Saxon 1-3 programs. I've tried those levels with all three of my girls at one point or another, and I end up ditching it everytime. MFW's math is far less time consuming but teaches all the same basic concepts. Marie is/was a classroom teacher, so I trust that she isn't going to let anything slide that's necessary, which *I* might miss by not using a "complete" program. In fact, I like the math in MFW better for all the reasons Crystal listed... critical thinking, the living books, etc. I'd have to go to another resource to come up with that stuff.

And besides all that, the cost just isn't worth it when MFW provides all you need. There are some moms who like to add something else, but it really isn't necessary. Esp if you use the "traditional style" math workbook that MFW recommends to go along with 1st. That provides enough "cushion comfort" for me. ;o)
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Re: Help me discuss the benefits of MFW math

Unread post by homemommy83 »

Thank you 4 truth, I really enjoyed reading information off of the site you listed. Isn't it amazing that up until modern times people let children be children and taught all they needed to know in a shorter time frame later. My desire is for my children to understand and love the Bible, to have good character, to have a broad knowledge of many interesting things, to love learning, to look back and feel they had an enjoyable childhood. I feel with MFW all of my goals can be met. I desire my children to be close to one another, something I also feel that MFW will lend itself to.

Re: Help me discuss the benefits of MFW math

Unread post by cbollin »

homemommy83 wrote: Is there anything that isn't covered in mfw math?
adding on a tiny bit to what Donna (4truth) has said, Marie makes it easy to cover the important stuff.

The goals for 1st grade math are listed in more detail in the manual. But, for quick info:

Math: All typical kindergarten goals are taught including
counting objects,
writing numerals,
preparing and understanding charts and graphs,
ordinal numbers,
fractions (whole/half),
coins, and
an introduction to addition and subtraction.

MFW 1st grade math
Topics covered include:
counting, reading and writing numbers to 100,
understanding greater than/less to 100.
Count by 2’s 5’s, 10’s.
Ordinal numbers.
Addition and Subtraction facts to 18.
Addition and subtraction two digit numbers without regrouping.
Place value.
Expanded notation.
Money, time. Calendar.
Word problems.
Charts, graphs, and tallies.

and I probably left something out.
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Unread post by homemommy83 »

Thank you. I like how MFW says, these are the goals and these are the best methods and activities to reach the goals stated; you see what your purpose is.

Re: Thank you again.

Unread post by cbollin »

4Truth wrote:I'd have to look again, but MFW includes the holey cards for drill practice in either the K or 1st grade packages (or both?). We're instructed in the TMs to do drill practice every day in addition to what's included, so you're on the right track there. :o)
When they were still being made, MFW sold Math Windows. But that publisher discontinued the item, so they haven't been included in the packages for some time.

Good thing is, you don't have to use Math Windows or Holey Cards for drill work. You can do all kinds of drill stuff. Here's a 2 page thread in the Math archive for some ideas
you can do something as simple as getting flashcards or making your own.
You can find some online worksheet generators.
You might even call MFW and ask if they happen to have some of the 1st grade math windows still around :-)

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Starting MFW K, but already have Miquon books and rods

Unread post by mamacastle2 »

JENinOR wrote:Hi all! This is my first post here and I'm so excited to begin my home school adventure with MFW. My situation is that I have a young five year old and an older six year old. I'm doing MFW K because neither know how to read (learing their letter sounds though) or has had any 'formal' handwriting or math lessons. I've had health problems and we've basically just been getting though the day here.

My problem is that I already ordered Miquon a bit ago and it goes through grades 1-3. I have wanted to do MIquon for so, so long...I already have the rods and I'm just thinking that Miquon will fit nicely with MFW! My thought is that after Miquon we could take the singapre test or Saxon and see where ds places and just go from there.

The thing is...if I do Miquon with my oldest, where will that leave him in MFW first grade? We could just do both math programs? Would it be best to just do MFW math? The problem with that is while my 6yo is at the K level for reading, he really could and want more challenge with math. If I did just MFW K math this year and then first grade math next, won't that leave us a bit behind as far as where he would need to be by 6th grade? Sorry for my ramblings! I'm a wee bit stressed here. :-) Thoughts would be so appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
I believe the math in K and 1st is age-appropriate. Sometimes as moms, we tend to push the oldest a little too hard because well, they are brilliant, aren't they? We sometimes forget than K and 1st grade should be fun and isn't necessarily the time for workbooks. I did this with my oldest (*blush* - confessions are hard) and now that my 3rd child is coming up on Kindy age, I see I pushed where I should have relaxed and did workbooks when there were so many other "fun" choices out there. However, if you want to use the math books you have, then adding them in will definitely not stress you out too much time-wise.

MFW K and 1st grade really do have strong math included, but because it is hands-on and fun and not producing a lot of worksheets that we can measure, we think we're not doing enough. However, a lot of children who finish those math programs test really well into Singapore for 2nd grade (1B or 2A). Doing age-appropriate math won't put you behind in later years and may avoid a lot of what you read about on homeschool boards where both the mom and child are in tears every day over math. Remember to breathe, relax, and let math be fun. Play games. Read library books. Let your child help you with your every day math (counting socks in the dryer, organizing things by size, shape, color, etc., telling time, working the microwave timer and counting backwards, looking at how much things cost in the grocery store) and you'll be shocked by how much they learn and how much they enjoy learning it. Plus, if you let them play some computer math games (JumpStart, Reader Rabbit, etc.) they learn a lot, too.

If, however, you are still antsy and worried and feel like your child is bored, then certainly add in a separate math program. That is truly a benefit of MFW - use what fits for your family. I can tell you that asking to use a workbook never happens in our house. If I offer a math facts worksheet or a dice or card game for math facts, my kids always choose the hands-on learning game over the worksheet. But every family differs. You can probably spice up K math for your older son by doing some of the above-mentioned things if you want to keep them at the same level. But if you want to do 2 different levels and don't have the MFW 1st grade manual, then using your Miquon stuff plus maybe some flashcards and card games and stuff you find at the dollar store will be enough.
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Re: Starting MFW K, but already have Miquon books and rods

Unread post by cbollin »

JENinOR wrote:Thanks all! I think I failed to communicate that my oldest will be in second grade this Fall. So, if I did K then 1st MFW math with him, he would be behind even MFW schedule. Is that clearer? Sorry for the confusion!
one suggestion.

Teach your child on the level he/she is for math using whatever program you want to use.

There are things in the 1st grade program that you might use with this student, or might not need to --- but that will be determined only when you are there in 1st.
If you use Miquon, and like it, get to the end of it. If the child is still in elementary years, and you want to use Singapore, take the placement test from Singapore. If the student places "behind", then follow MFW's recommendation for working longer in math, and all of that.

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Re: Using Saxon with MFW-1st?

Unread post by gratitude »

I can not answer to Saxon, but I can answer to using different books for the complete book of math.

This year I used Singapore 1A during the first 1/2 of MFW1 for my young first grader; we also did most of the MFW1 math. We will be continuing this fall with a different math program entirely and MFW1 for everything else.

The first time I did MFW1 I used Horizon K (he was in Kindergarten at the older end) for the first half of the program, and Singapore 1A or 1B for the second half; I can not remember now. I think he placed into 1B went quickly through 1A and started 1B at the end of MFW1. He did not do any of the MFW1 math.

So yes, you could use Saxon instead of the Complete book of Math or you can follow Marie's schedule with it exactly in the TM.

I hope this helps.
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Using Saxon with MFW-1st?

Unread post by afelton »

kimber79 wrote:I have a friend who has passed down her Saxon 1 Teacher's Manual for me to look through. I don't have the workbook to go along with it and haven't started it yet. However, I like the structure of the layout and how it progresses. Yet I like the hands-on activities and games that MFW-1st includes. We have yet to start 1st as we will in September so I'm wondering if anyone has used Saxon before for 1st grade and if you think it would work well to supplement the MFW activities with Saxon instead of purchasing the Complete Book of Math? (which I don't have yet.) I compared the concepts learned from both the Complete Book of Math and Saxon 1 and they are pretty similar as I would expect it to be in 1st grade. Any thoughts or ideas?? Thanks!
I used Saxon 1 last year along with MFW 1.

Can u use Saxon as a supplement to MFW 1? That I don't know.

What I do know is that it would be too much to do both Saxon and MFW 1 for a 1st grader. Saxon is a very thorough program, however, it can be a little dry. My daughter will be starting 1st this year and I have decided to just stick with MFW 1 for math and the complete book of Math as a supplement. One word of advice, don't use something just because it is free. Use it because you believe it is right for you and your child. HTH.

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Re: Using Saxon with MFW-1st?

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

kimber79 wrote:Thank you! Yes, I was trying to determine if I should use it because it is free :) but I read great reviews about the Complete Book of Math as well. I'm still leaning towards following the MFW math outline but wanted to get feedback on Saxon. Thanks again!
Hi! I am just starting 1st with my dd and we are loving the MFW math! I was tempted to add Saxon 1 but this is proving to be enough so I'm not going to add anything else. :-) Having used Saxon in the past, I was surprised to find some of MFW math to be similar (actually my favorite things!) - for example, I love having a calendar time, using the penny/bean cup and she's enjoying the hundreds chart. All things that Saxon has on some level, but maybe not that different. I also like how MFW has three "cycles" - starting easy, then going back around again a little harder and then again even harder. I think MFW provides a very thorough math for this level and the chart makes it easy to see the scope or layout for the year. Hope that helps. :)
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